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The Originals 3x06: Beautiful Mistake

Mimosas and severed arteries go together like brunch and vampires.

The Originals 3x06: Beautiful Mistake

Previously on The Originals: Prophecy of DOOM, blah blah blah. Tristan, Lucien, and Aurora all arrived in New Orleans, either to protect or destroy their Mikaelson sires. Cami was arrested for murder. Aurora told Klaus that Elijah was the reason for their breakup.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

In this slightly out of order episode, of course the Mikaelson brothers didn’t clean up after their brawl. They calmly inform Freya that things have been resolved and they plan to destroy Lucien. Elijah confesses that the new vamps in town might be a bit miffed about that time they were compelled into being fake Mikaelson bait for Michael for a century or so.

Freya has an astral projection drinking date with Rebekah, who’s on the other side of the world, searching for a way to restore Kol. Aya and the Strix show up and kill Rebekah’s witch body, which causes original Rebekah to rise from her coffin, PISSED. Freya shows up magically, again, to snap all the necks of the vampires Rebekah is fighting. Elijah demands that Rebekah must come home, but she doesn’t listen, and ends up lured into Aya’s trap and daggered. It also looks like she lost her chance to restore Kol. (Sad tear for super hot Kol 2.0.)

Lucien kidnaps Cami before Hot Detective can take her into the precinct. She wakes up in Lucien’s apartment where he’s compelled Kinney to make them brunch and repeatedly tortures the poor guy, until he gets Cami to dig through the police evidence taken from her uncle’s stash and find him a magical medallion.

Strix henchman, Shin Min, tails Hayley in the Quarter and she lures him to an alley, where she bites him, trusses him up, and takes him to Marcel, to find out WTF. Due to this dude’s torturing reputation, Elijah advises Marcel rip his heart out immediately. Marcel doesn’t listen, and Shin Min gets his hands in both of their chests, until Elijah shows up with a well-timed stake. All they’re able to find out, before Shin Min self-immolates, is that Tristan wants Davina to activate a weapon against the Mikaelsons.

Klaus and Aurora spend the day together, maybe getting back together? But Klaus is unaware of everything else happening behind his back. The next morning, after she wakes up in his bed, he’s been updated, and is scary again. She promises that she made sure Rebekah is safe, but it sounds like he’ll be doing whatever Aurora wants, if he wants to see his sister again.

Holy Fang

- Rebekah 1.0 is back!

- Kinney finally knows about vampires! (Again, get that dude some vervain.)

- Annnd, Rebekah is out again.

Winners and Losers

Winner: Lucien. He got Cajun brunch and the magical macguffin medallion that will likely make him a hero to Tristan. And keeping Klaus’ shrink/love interest as a prisoner is probably a nice little side bonus.

Loser: Det. Kinney. Kidnapped, forced to cook brunch and sever his own artery, and learns that his city is overrun by scheming vampires and magical objects? Will Kinney has had one really bad day.

Original Snark

“Niklaus believes that she can be swayed, but his perspective of family loyalty is schizophrenic at best.” Elijah really gets Klaus.

“I took the liberty of texting your nosy friend, Vincent, on your behalf. After leaving police care, without incident, he believes you have a date with Real Housewives at home in your pj’s.” Hopefully Vincent recognizes that as the distress signal it should be.

“I find the Cajun cuisine almost as delicious at its people.” That Lucien can really turn on the charm when he wants to, can't he?

“I don’t care if he’s a Gemini who likes long walks on the beach, Marcel. Why was he following me?” Hayley has no need for your party trivia, people.

“Why would you bring me here? It’s so morbid.” Aurora doesn’t love New Orleans cemeteries? HATE HER.

“He cooks, and he cleans. He’s a real keeper, this one!” Truer words, Lucien.

Haunting Questions

- Who drinks vampire blood without asking if it will turn them into a vampire? It seems like a pertinent question.

- Why does no one listen to Elijah?

- How long is Lucien going to keep Cami as a pet?

- I wasn’t really buying Klaus and Aurora’s reunion, at least on his part. Did you? 

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