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iZombie 2x07: Abra Cadaver

Major pants (not to be confused with Major's pants) to the person who came up with the idea for Smoke & Meers.

iZombie 2x07: Abra Cadaver

Previously, on iZombie: Things were looking up for Liv and Major to rekindle their romance, until Ravi reveals the bad news. And Peyton gets a visit from Big Bad, Mr. Boss.

Welp, sadly, that didn’t take long. (That being a souring of the relationship between Major and Liv.)

Grey Matters

A magician is murdered at a magic convention, leading Liv and Clive on an investigation into a variety of other magicians. The two eventually discover the truth behind the magic trick that resulted in his death—a little bit of disguise and a whole lot of preemptive vengeance. Meanwhile, Ravi breaks up with his girlfriend, who is a leeetle too intense for him, Blaine hits Liv up to spy on Dale with him/discover what she knows about the zombie killer, and Major and Liv hit a bit of a bumpy patch thanks to the magician brains.

Brain Melt

It’s really not good that Blaine recognized the dog in Dale’s files as Minor … but does he know Major took him in?

The Brain

Budget Cris Angel, better known as Syd Wicked, had his throat slit with a career-appropriate custom Queen of Hearts playing card with a razor-sharp metal edge. Eating his brain brings Liv a decent grasp of card tricks, a bit of a pretentious demeanor, and a penchant for morbidity and white pillar candles.

The Real Monster

Budget Penn & Teller, better knows as Smoke & Meers, had it out for Wicked due to his threat to expose their greatest trick. So, Meers—who, in the act, dressed as a man—disguised herself as a maid and killed him dead. (Or did she?)

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Blaine. I wanted to write down pretty much everything he said this episode in Words With a Bite. And I know he’s a terrible dude, but I just can’t help but like him.

Loser: Ravi. Poor, poor Ravi. You’re really not great with the ladies, are you.

Words With a Bite

“Of course I want to sex you up, girl. You are very attractive, and I very much have a penis. But just being with you is enough. Promise.”—Major

“You don’t dress like that unless you’re a magician, or you hate your parents.”—Clive

“Syd Wicked. I want to change my name to something cool like that. What do you think of Rick Bang?”—Ravi
“I think Rick Bang lives in a one-bedroom apartment in the San Fernando Valley and gets paid to do it on camera.”—Liv

“Aw. Well, Steph told me how to figure my porn name. Sadly, it’s Polly Cripplegate.”—Ravi

“Oh, uh, yeah, she’s rolling hard on death-obsessed magician.”—Ravi

“Help Me, Zombie Wan Kenobi. You’re our only hope.”—Blaine

“I used to be a real wand head until I realized it didn’t help me with the ladies.”—Ravi

“Damn it. We should have gone to with the freezer bags. I’m such a slave to aesthetics.”—Blaine

Picking Your Brain

- Can Major really not get past a little bit of the occult?

- Why is Ravi so enamored of Peyton?

- And who is that woman leaving envelopes on Dale’s porch?


Let’s discuss the blackness of my soul the episode in the comments.

Next episode: “The Hurt Stalker”


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