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The Official FYA MOCKINGJAY PART 2 Drinking Game

Because if Haymitch taught us anything, it's that alcohol numbs the pain.

The Official FYA MOCKINGJAY PART 2 Drinking Game

Well, tributes, The Hunger Games film franchise has finally reached its grim conclusion. (Because now the studio has more important things to think about, like a theme park. And also because there are no more books--tiny detail.)

Mockingjay Part Two is packed with a lot of action, a lot of turmoil and a whole lotta death, so obviously, the odds of drinking are ever in your favor.

Be warned, there are spoilers ahead.

Take a drink whenever:

- Someone says, "Mockingjay."

- Johanna says anything, because YASS KWEEN.

- You wonder if Josh Hutcherson is standing on a box.

- Plutarch smirks.

- Katniss tells someone that she's going to kill President Snow. 

- Anyone plays a game of "Real or Not Real."

- Cressida does something a little too badass for a video producer, because Natalie Dormer is the shit.

- A Pod goes off.

- A beloved character dies.

- Buttercup appears.

Take a shot when:

- Finnick dies. Dude deserves a drink AND a shot.

- Katniss says, "Good-bye, Gale," because DAMN.

- Katniss shoots Coin.

- Haymitch and Effie kiss!!!

Optional Chug:

- For the entirety of the epilogue scene, if you hated it in the book and just can't handle seeing it on screen.

After you play this game, you'll have a liver worthy of Haymitch. Congrats?

Now I'm heading to the comments to convo about the movie, so if you've seen it already, join me! Here's a few questions to get us started:

- As someone who really disliked Mockingjay (the book), I felt like these last two films did the best they could with the source material. Do you agree or disagree? And having now seen both parts, do you think the last book needed to be split into two movies?

- I hated the epilogue in the book, and I was bummed that the movie included it, but at least they didn't mention the whole, "Peeta convinced me to have kids," thing. How did you feel about that last scene?

- Finnick got a slightly better death scene than he did in the book: True or False?

- Okay, that scene where Katniss is pretending to sleep while Peeta and Gale talk about her--is that in the book? Because it felt soooo contrived. And it reminded me of that tent scene in Eclipse (which is not a good thing, to be clear).

- Why has no one in Hollywood figured out what to do with Peeta's hair?

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