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Superhero Sundays: Nov. 16–20

The Danvers attempt a Thanksgiving, Jim nearly crosses the line, S.H.I.E.L.D infiltrates the ATCU, Barry fights his personal demons (and a giant gorilla), Ollie's not afraid of the Darhk, and Jessica begrudgingly becomes a hero. All that, plus this week’s comic recs and newsworthy links.

Superhero Sundays: Nov. 16–20

We welcome Jessica Jones to our roster of shows today, and hope you're ready to chat! Let's do this.

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 1x05: Livewire

Be ready to get hit over the head with “shock jock” puns as the DJ-with-an-attitude-turned-supervillain Livewire makes her ELECTRIFYING debut! (Couldn’t resist that one.)

Before her career as a villain begins, Livewire is radio DJ Leslie Willis, who pulls in a big audience for Cat Grant. She’s known for pushing the line between appropriate and inappropriate rants, but when she goes after Supergirl, she earns the disdain of Cat Grant—and gets herself a demotion as a result. When she’s struck by lightning that travels through Supergirl’s body, she’s transformed into Livewire—and ready to get her super-powered revenge on both Cat and the Girl of Steel.

Cat Grant finally acts more like an actual human being this week, as she feels remorse for not being a proper mentor to Leslie and wants to take responsibility for it. She also shows a real interest in Kara for the first time as they share a little bit about their families and their pasts. Cat and Supergirl work together to take Livewire down.

Meanwhile, the Danvers family Thanksgiving gets SUPER awkward as Mom Danvers learns the truth about Alex’s job with the DEO. It turns out that Alex’s dad, Jeremiah Danvers, died under mysterious circumstances while secretly working for the DEO himself. This is mostly tragic because I NEED some more Dean Cain in this show, and it sounds like he’ll only be in the flashbacks. Bummer. (Kelly)

Gotham 2x09: A Bitter Pill To Swallow

The aftereffects of Barbara’s attempt on his life are still bothering Jim—and worrying Lee—but he carries on with the investigation into Galavan, meeting Capt. Barnes at Galavan’s penthouse. Before they can get any solid evidence, however, Jim is nearly killed in the elevator by an assassin, sent thanks to Tabitha and her deal with The Lady (hello Michelle Gomez!). When the first assassin doesn’t succeed, The Lady sends another wave, who stab Barnes and kill a CSI guy, but leave Jim standing. The Lady finally resorts to sending Eduardo Flamingo, a terrifyingly psychotic assassin with a taste for human flesh (literally). But even he can’t take down Jim. During their battle, Jim realizes he’s thisclose to crossing a line he doesn’t want to cross, but he stops himself.

Meanwhile, Edward tends to Penguin, who seems to have lost his lust for life (and villainy), but quickly recovers. (I sense an odd partnership brewing.) Bruce tries to get information out of Silver, but is hampered by both Alfred and Selina. And when Tabitha visits her brother in prison, he reveals that the plan is still on. When a bunch of hooded guys appear on the Gotham docks, and kill a guard, it turns out to be very true.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x08: Many Heads, One Tale

Coulson invites Rosalind to visit S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, and then plans an infiltration of the ATCU base while she’s out. The whole team’s involved—for the most part, but more on that in a sec. Daisy hacks into their system, causing an alarm (on purpose), Bobbi and Hunter pose as an FBI team sent to investigate (Hunter’s persona was delightful), and May (and Lincoln!) are the getaway drivers. When Bobbi finds a whole lot of fish oil, and the remains of non Inhumans, Coulson confronts Roz and reveals that he knows (or “knows”) that she’s Hydra. Roz continues to play dumb, but eventually Coulson realizes that she really was in the dark, and that Gideon Malik had been playing her for years.

Speaking of, Malik meets with Ward, and then tries to kill him. But because Ward can’t die (unfortunately for us all), he escapes, and then meets back up with Malik in a Von Strucker bunker somewhere in Russia. Malik reveals all, including the fact that Hydra’s true leader is whatever that thing is on the planet Jemma got stuck on, and that the group has been around for much longer than anyone thought.

And therein lies the rub. While the rest of the team was off investigating the ATCU, Fitz and Simmons continued to work on the Will Problem, and realized that the ram’s head symbol, the space mission emblem were both iterations of—you guessed it—the Hydra logo.

Oh, and they kissed. It was in a moment of frustration and heightened emotions, but THEY KISSED YOU GUYS. And damn, if Fitz isn’t dead sexy when he’s taking charge of a situation. I feel horrible that he thinks they’re cursed, but I’m still holding out hope that Will’s not just a pawn; that he’s totally a bad guy. It’ll just make everyone’s lives easier.

The Flash 2x07: Gorilla Warfare

Barry is still smarting from Zoom tossing him all over Central City like a wet noodle, and he’s struggling both physically and emotionally to recover. Jay Garrick is not on deck to say, “I told you so”, but Harry is suitably chagrined; Barry could have been killed by Zoom. Iris puts in a call to Henry Allen, and he obliges by coming for a visit and giving Barry a father-son pep talk.

A gorilla has been sighted in Central City (cue Joe peeing his pants), and Team Flash know that Gorilla Grodd is back in action. Grodd brought such a sense of sadness and loneliness, with Caitlyn’s kidnapping/time with Grodd providing a nice King Kong homage. Harry tries to pose as Wells/Reverse Flash in order to fool Grodd (shout-out to Tom Cavanagh for that master acting class with Cisco), but they underestimate just how intelligent he is. They still manage to save the day by transporting Grodd to Earth-2, where giant talking gorillas are apparently a thing.

Barry gets a fail on the love front because he STILL hasn’t told Patty his secret (I mean, I’m hard pressed to find a single reason why he SHOULDN’T tell her at this point). Cisco wins all the heart emojis with his wooing of (and dating, ditching, and subsequent making-up with) Kendra Saunders. His vibe powers let him see just how amazing her future is going to be, and I can’t help but be a bit sad that once she leaves for Legends of Tomorrow we won’t get more moments like a date to see The Princess Bride, or an “I’m sorry” expressed via Lloyd Dobler and Peter Gabriel. I love that romantic doofus. (Amanda R.)

Arrow 4x07: Brotherhood

Malcolm comes to Star City and suggests that Thea might be feeling the effects of the Resurrection Pit again and also suggests specific pedophiles that she might murder to tamp down that aggression. She declines, only to assault some random jerk while out on a date with Alex.

Damien Darhk shows up at Ollie’s campaign fundraiser and suggests he might want to lay off his “revitalize Star City Bay” project. Never one to follow a bad guy’s suggestion, Ollie doubles down on his plans, holding a press conference where he solidifies his support for the issue.

The good news is Diggle’s brother is alive! The bad news? He’s one of Darhk’s “Ghost Army.” The gang (including Ray in his special metal suit) heads in to rescue him. Darhk gets hold of Thea and tries to put the magic whammy on her but—to his interested surprise—it doesn’t work. Even more interesting? Thea realizes that his attempt made her bloodlust disappear. She reconciles with Malcolm in the hopes he’ll find a way to make that solution permanent. After the rescue, Diggle’s brother admits to him that he did have a criminal past. (Amanda K.)

Jessica Jones 1x01: AKA Ladies Night

Although all Jessica Jones episodes are now available on Netflix (for your binging pleasure) we’ll be recapping one episode (or so) per week (for our own sanity). And, you know, avoiding a TL;DR situation.

Our heroine Jessica Jones is a snarky private eye in the grand hard-boiled tradition. The big difference? She’s got super-strength which she is not hesitant about using when tracking down lowlifes for her clients. Her work for clients is on point. Her personal life? Not so much. She’s got PTSD from being held prisoner by a scumbag with the powers of mental compulsion. She tries to obliterate the memories with whiskey and work, but it’s clearly getting to her. After a one-night stand with the hottie bartender she’d been (literally) stalking, she sees a picture of a pretty woman in his medicine cabinet and runs away as fast as she can.

A pair of Midwesterners hire her to find their daughter, a formerly stable NYU track star who met a man and went off the deep end, dropping out of school and stopping contact with them. Things go from bad to worse when Jessica realizes that the man the coed had shacked up with was Kilgrave, the very same scumbag who tortured her. She rescues the girl! Unfortunately, Kilgrave has the last laugh, having previously compelled the girl to kill her own parents if she was rescued. Jessica considers running away, but changes her mind, heading back to fight. (Amanda K.)

Hero of the Week: Jessica Jones, Jessica Jones

No one would be more hesitant to call Jessica Jones a hero than the woman herself. But as she tells the young woman who was also held hostage by Kilgrave, nothing that happened during her time with him was her fault. She faces some serious demons when this monster comes back into her life. I would run. You would run. But Jessica Jones? She stays to fight.

Honorable mentions: Cat Grant, Supergirl, Harry Wells, The Flash, and Alfred, Gotham

Villain of the Week: Eduardo Flamingo, Gotham

There’s a limit to my overlooking of questionable behavior from villains. Blackmailing? Fine. Kidnapping? OK. Murder? It happens. But cannibalism—particularly when you get such pure glee from the act—is downright despicable. And really, really horrifyingly gross. Officer Parks deserved so much better.

Honorable mention: Kilgrave, Jessica Jones

Biff! Bam! Pow!

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Pull List

Top Titles

Spider-Woman #1 by Dennis Hopeless with art by Javier Rodriguez:

“Why aren’t there many mom superheroes?” is a question I’ve asked more than once, and to my delight it looks like there’s going to be one Marvel mainstay joining the mom ranks: Jessica Drew, AKA Spider-Woman. The first issue of her relaunched solo series has Spider-Woman sidelined during the last weeks of her pregnancy. Like any hard worker about to go on maternity leave, she’s getting her replacement trained and ready. The most heartwarming part of the issue is the support and friendship of her BFF, Carol Danvers, who is definitely going to be the galaxy’s best godmother ever. (Kelly)

Secret Six #8 by Gail Simone with art by Dale Eaglesham:

Black Alice is channeling all the power of all the mages in the known universe, and looking like a total BAWSE while doing so. If The Six save her, humanity dies, and if they save humanity, Alice dies. What a conundrum! Thankfully we have Aquaman and Catman to distract us with all of their sexy, underwater wrassling. What I love about Simone is she never forgets her female readers; I once heard her say, "If there's going to be cheesecake, we're going to have beefcake." AMEN. (Amanda R.)

Pretty Deadly #6 by Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by Emma Rios:

Pretty Deadly is a title that I came by purely because of my obsession with Kelly Sue via Bitch Planet and Captain Marvel. It's amazing that all three of these stories are in her wheelhouse because they could not be any more different. (You definitely want to read issues 1-5 before delving in, because the world-building and characterization are rich and dense.) It's this amazing mash-up of a ghost story/Western/post-apocalyptic/Sandman, with dreamy art by Emma Rios, full of redemption, hope and sorrow. (Amanda R.)

Pick of the Week: Ms. Marvel #1 (2015), written by G. Willow Wilson and art by Takeshi Miyazawa and Adrian Alphona

Kamala Khan has survived the end of the world and come out the other side as an Avenger! She’s juggling Avenger-ing, homework, and the life of a (somewhat) average teenager, but when she stops to take a breath, she finds things are more different than she realized. Her relationship with her best friend Bruno is strained, and her neighborhood almost isn’t recognizable anymore. Ms. Marvel may be an Avenger, but Wilson continues to focus on her personal life rather than the big flashy battles you’d expect from Earth’s Mightiest, because those are the fights that really matter. And that’s part of what makes Ms. Marvel so special. (Kelly)

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Flash/Arrow double episode crossover

Agent Carter season 2

Good stuff this week, you guys. Anyone start—and finish—Jessica Jones yet?

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