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Pop Quiz! Which I’LL MEET YOU THERE Character Are You?

Find out who your Creek View twin is -- and how one lucky ready can find out what happens after I'll Meet You There ends!

Pop Quiz! Which I’LL MEET YOU THERE Character Are You?

It's the final week of I'll Meet You There month for the FYA Book Club! To cap off the festivities, we're dusting off an old feature to help y'all discover your Creek View counterpart. Plus, we're giving away a handwritten love letter that contains what happens after I'll Meet You There ends!

1.  You see your crush at a party. You: 
A.  Find fault with this question, because you wouldn't be at this hypothetical party. 
B.  Don't do anything different. It's not like you have a real shot with your crush anyway. 
C.  Hope they notice that you're at the party for them.
D.  Are already talking to them.
E.  Don't need to do anything, because they're already on their way over to you. 
2.  Your favourite part of school is:
A.  Social Studies, because it helps you understand the world and those around you better.
B.  Math, because there's always an answer for everything.
C.  Art, or anything that let you exercise your creativity.
D.  Socializing. Hey, it's a kind of education!
E.  Phys Ed, because you can always improve if you work hard enough.
3.  What are you looking forward to the most after graduation? 
A.  Working at your dream job. 
B.  Gaining new experiences.
C.  Getting the frick out of town. 
D.  Building a better life. 
E.  Finding a purpose in life.
4.  You get into a fight with your bestie. You:
A.  Resolve your differences with a mature discussion. 
B.  Hold a grudge like nobody's business. 
C.  Put on a brave face until it's safe to cry alone.
D.  Cool off and get over it.
E.  Drink your sorrows away. 
5.  Someone's been talking shizz about you behind your back. You: 
A.  Take the high road and do not engage.
B.  Talk shizz about them right back. Only among your friends, of course.
C.  Confront them about it.
D.  CLAP BACK. They wanna start something? THEN IT'S ON. 
E.  Let your fists do the talking. 
6.  Your not-so-guilty pleasure is: 
A.  Tabloid gossip.
B.  All things sci-fi. 
C.  Cheesy '80s movies.
D.  Playing matchmaker. 
E.  Rap rock.

Mostly As: Marge

Kindhearted and compassionate, you're always looking out for others. Lest anyone mistake your tenderness for weakness, your indestructible spirit can overcome any adversity.

Mostly Bs: Chris

You're a smart cookie who prefers to avoid the dramz -- even at your own expense. Although don't forget that it's possible to assert yourself without being a complete shit disturber.

Mostly Cs: Skylar

Responsible and sensible, you're someone that can always be counted on. But while you're taking care of everybody else, make sure to take care of yourself, too. 

Mostly Ds: Dylan

Fierce and fearless, you're as direct and straightforward as they come. You don't like to dwell on the setbacks, because you'd rather spend the effort on the things that makes you happy. 

Mostly Es: Josh

Let's be real: you're used to having things go your way, so you're a bit unprepared when they totally don't. As humbling as that can be, it can also help you cut through the bullshizz to discover the cool person that you really are.

Twitter Giveaway

To wrap up FYA's month-long lovefest for I'll Meet You There, we have one last treat for a lucky reader (in addition to our signed copy giveaway (U.S./Canada) -- which is still open, btw!). 

Back when the book was released, there was a promo to receive an exclusive handwritten love letter. (Y'know, juuuuust in case you hadn't swooned enough already.) This letter was only available back then -- UNTIL NOW.

FYA is giving away an electronic copy of this coveted letter to one lucky reader. Even better: this giveaway is open internationally! (U.S.-based entrants will be eligible for receiving a snail mail version as well.) For a chance to win, tweet #FYAllMeetYouThere with something that you're thankful for. A winner will be randomly chosen on Monday, November 30th. And trust -- anyone who loved the book will appreciate the letter! (contest closed)

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Week 2: Cocktail recipe
Week 3: Guest post from Heather Demetrios
Week 4: Character quiz + giveaway of handwritten love letter

Psst -- if you live in the U.S. and own a copy of I'll Meet You There, you can email your proof of purchase to [email protected] for a signed bookplate and bookmark from Heather!

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