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Open Thread: Thanksgiving Weekend Edition

Eat and chat and eat and chat and eat and chat and shop and eat and...

Open Thread: Thanksgiving Weekend Edition

Happy (American) Thanksgiving, all! It is only the greatest holiday in the known universe, you know, if you disregard the history of racism and genocide, and those awkward "what I'm thankful for" games when what you'd actually be thankful for is to eat already, and it does help if you like the people you're celebrating with...

...which is why the open thread is open a day early! Come chat with us while you wait for the food to be done, or while Aunt Bertha fondly and loudly remembers how you used to run around the Thanksgiving table in nothing but your diaper and a smile. Or, if you're possessed of stronger stuff than I, while you camp out in front of big stores for insane deals.

What are you doing/did you do for Thanksgiving? Are you cooking this year? What's your favorite thing to eat? Do you have any traditions that you follow? (International readers, we want your input too. After all, there is no better topic than food and annoying relatives, except for perhaps books.)

And let us not forget that Thanksgiving gave us the greatest The O.C. episode in its entire run. We're all thankful for Seth Cohen, am I right?

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