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The Originals 3x08: The Other Girl in New Orleans

Love means compelling other people to commit murder.

The Originals 3x08: The Other Girl in New Orleans

Previously on The Originals: Mikaelson prophecy of doom, blah blah blah. The first rule of Strix Club is nobody cares about Strix club. Aurora and Tristan staked Rebekah and hid her body, and Aurora kidnapped Cami.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

The very tiresome Aurora takes kidnapped Cami to Marcel’s fight club, threatens her with newly turned vampires, and insists that Cami spill her darkest secrets while they wait for Klaus to find her. Klaus and Lucien search the Quarter for Cami, Lucien spends most of the time trying to convince Klaus that a human isn’t worth all this trouble, and that in Klaus’ case, she’s a vulnerability. When Klaus finally arrives to the rescue, he tries to convince crazypants Aurora that Cami means nothing to him. He gets Aurora upset enough that he’s able to pluck Rebekah’s location coordinates from her mind, then he tells her to get lost, and goes to save Cami from transitioning vampires.

Freya has Tristan spelled into a prison circle, and Elijah has solicited Hayley’s assistance for torturing him with wolf venom, in an effort to find Rebekah. Aya informs Marcel that it’s time to satisfy his Strix membership requirements, by rescuing Tristan and staking Elijah (so they can put him on ice, and ensure the safety of their sire line). Marcel tells Elijah that he needs to turn over Tristan, so Marcel can get in good with the Strix and find out more information, but Elijah refuses. So Marcel comes back with a bunch of Strix to take them down. Marcel stakes Elijah and lets Aya get away with Tristan, but then saves Hayley and Freya. Once he shows up to heal Tristan’s wolf bite with Klaus blood, the Strix buy that he’s on their side.

Jackson’s Grandma Mary shows up to try and talk some sense into Hayley, which includes ditching the Mikaelsons and making up with Jackson. Hayley decides that by staying, she’s protecting the people she cares about, and that if Jackson loves her, he can come home and do the same.

Holy Fang

Cami was arrested for assault and battery in college! I kind of like her a lot more now.

Hayley and Elijah still have eye sex! Can you blame her?

Marcel betrayed Elijah and Freya! Sort of.

Winners and Losers

Winner: Klaus. He saved Cami, and she spent the night (though not like that - YET). And he was lucky enough to not be at home when Marcel and the Strix trashed the place and stabbed everyone. Everything is coming up dimples.

Loser: Aurora. Klaus finally shattered her delusions about their grand love, and he got the coordinates to locate Rebekah, the only leverage she had over him. I’m sure she won’t lash out in some spiteful and deranged way.

Original Snark

“Oh Freya, I am obscenely fond of torture. But yes, when I’m entertaining, I like to be the one to choose precisely when and how we violate the guests.” Only Elijah can make that sound sexy and not serial killery.

“Unless she’s violently teething, I don’t recommend this as a daycare.” <3 Uncle Elijah.

“Which one of you takes Hope while I take my anger out on this pompous dick?” Hayley has her priorities in order.

“Drinking whiskey. Chopping wood. Shooting arrows.” Grandma Mary shrugging off Jackson’s bayou pouting.

“Your brother is going to wake up mad at me. When he does, be sure and remind him who his friends are.” Eh. I think he’s still gonna want to kick your ass, Marcel.

“I’ve already compelled some people to go and kill him.” Klaus’ version of a joke is my favorite.

Haunting Questions

- Given the smoking hot chemistry that Hayley still has with Elijah, do we even want Jackson to come home?

- Who’s side do we think Marcel is really on? I’m not sure he’s even decided for himself.

- What does Finn have to do with anything? No one cared about his opinion when he was alive, so why start now?

- Real talk: Why haven’t Klaus and Cami made out yet?! Join me in the comments!

Next episode: Rebekah is back! “Savior”

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