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Superhero Sundays: Nov. 30–Dec. 4

We are barrelling toward some incredible mid-season finales! Coulson is on a mission in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Team Arrow and Team Flash team up for a fun two-part crossover, and more. PLUS another full-length trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. BAM! 

Superhero Sundays: Nov. 30–Dec. 4

WONDER WOMAN, YOU GUYS. *ahem* Kelly here for today's edition of Superhero Sundays! In a BIG week of team-ups and twists, maybe the biggest thing to happen was Wonder Woman saving Batman's bacon in the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Read on for the trailer, recaps, reviews, and news!

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 1x06: Red Faced

After stopping a pair of fools in the middle of a road rage fight by answering with some anger of her own, the media (and Hank Henshaw) question Supergirl’s ability to handle her emotions. Women and their emotions could be called the theme of the episode, or more accurately, people are jerks and Supergirl is tired of their crap.

General Sam Lane and his daughter Major Lucy Lane arrive at a DEO site. They hand Supergirl an executive order to fight the android Red Tornado for a test of its capabilities. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Supergirl takes it on to show that she’s a team player. Carrying the weight of a long week, Kara unleashes her frustrations on the Red Tornado, and it flees to the city when its self-preservation system kicks in.

People continue to act like asses as Sam Lane tells James Olson in no uncertain terms that he’s not good enough for Lucy. Faring a little better on her evening out is Kara, who finds herself hanging with Cat Grant at a bar. Drunk Cat is kinda the best Cat. Cat dispenses life advice and encourages Kara to find the “anger behind the anger,” the real source of her frustration. When Kara takes her advice, she realizes all she wants is the normal life she left behind on Krypton.

Alex tracks down Dr. Morrow, Red Tornado’s creator, who has been controlling the android to go after General Lane. In their final encounter, Supergirl channels all her anger and frustration into one kickass, heat-vision-powered scream (whoa), and Red Tornado disintegrates.

Gotham 2x11: Worse Than a Crime

While Bruce is being prepped for his ritual sacrifice and the hands of the Order of St. Dumas, and being quasi-manipulated by Silver, Jim wakes up in the home of Edward Nygma, and his temporary roomate, Penguin; Alfred escapes Tabitha's wrath, but gets tazed by a beat cop; and Lucius Fox realizes both Bruce and Alfred are missing, and takes the case to Captain Barnes. Roads collide at the GCPD, when Harvey and Fox rouse Alfred from a cell, and the three of them decide to go find Jim and take Galavan down. While they were planning the assault, however, Penguin and Jim were planning their own, which included sending Lee elsewhere until things calmed down. Her bombshell that she's pregnant (is she? really?) nearly gets Jim to go with her, but then the team from GCPD arrives (thanks to a hilarious exchange between Ed and Fox) and seriously motley crew assembles.

The group heads to Galavan's building, and narrowly resuce Bruce—thanks, in part, to Silver finally listening to her conscious. The "good" guys take out the monks, but Galavan escapes to his penthouse. He's about to jump out the window with Tabitha when she finally has enough of his crap, and she takes him out; she and Silver escape to cause trouble another day. Captain Barnes shows up right as Jim is about to take his revenge on Galavan, and talks him into doing the right thing, but then Penguin arrives. He and Jim take Galavan to the docks, and get rid of him, permanantly and brutally. There's no going back from that one, Jim. Galavan's body ends up in that strange morgue, where someone named Professor Strange (?) has some very specific rules. (Was that supposed to be Fish in one of the tanks?)

But all is never peaceful in Gotham for long, and we'll be seeing a new villain for a penchant for cold when the series picks back up in 2016. (Mandy C.)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x9: Closure

After discovering that Roz works for Hydra, albiet unknowingly, one might think that Coulson would end their relationship. But that's not the case, at least for the first few minutes of this episode. And things were looking totally adorable ... until stupid Ward had to rear his stupid head and shoot his stupid sniper rifle, killing Roz. Coulson tries to save her, but Ward's goons try to take him out, and he narrowly escapes with Mac's help. Ward's arrogance riles Coulson to the point of no return, and he plans an off-book mission to finally, finally, take out Ward.

To that end, Coulson takes Hunter and Bobbi to abduct Ward's younger brother, who actually wants nothing to do with Ward, but plays along so that S.H.I.E.L.D. can find him. While they're gone, FitzSimmons investigate an old Hydra base for information on the strange not exactly NASA space program, but are captured and taken to the castle where the portal was activated, and where Ward happens to be. So Mac, whom Coulson left in charge, and May must round up anyone who's left and head to the castle for a joint vengeance/rescue mission.

Meanwhile, at the castle, Ward and Malik attempt to get FitzSimmons to explain to them how to get back once they go through the portal to the other planet. Simmons won't give up the info, even while being tortured, but Fitz can't deal with her screams, and so "volunteers" to go through the portal with the team. (<3 <3) The team, led by Ward and accompanied by Hydra soldiers, enter the portal as the S.H.I.E.L.D. teams arrive. And right as the portal is closing, Coulson jumps from the jet and through, coming to an abrupt landing/crash on the other side. (Mandy C.)

The Flash 2x8: Legends of Today

Vandal Savage has stowed away into Central City, and not without causing significant bloodshed at the docks. He’s after Kendra, better known in her 206 previous lives as Chay-Ara, a warrior priestess of ancient Egypt. Savage crashes her romantic evening with Cisco, hoping to kill her, but Cisco triggers the Flash-signal and it’s Barry to the rescue! At least for now; Team Flash realize that they are WAY out of their depth with all of the “past lives/immortality” stuff, and turn to Star City and Team Arrow for help.

Barry turns up just in time to save Oliver from Damien Darhk, and Cisco turns up just in time to chastise Felicity for not designing the new Arrow Cave to his direct specifications. (#LOL)

Kendra is understandably overwhelmed; she has no memories of her previous lives. It’s only when Hawkman AKA Carter Hall AKA Prince Khufu swoops in (literally) that her memories start to resurface. (Thoughts on Hawkman: nice voice, seems like a bit of a dick, and he’s certainly no Cisco Ramon.) As much as Barry, Oliver AND Carter try to help her find her true self, it’s Cisco that finally gets Hawkgirl to spread her wings and fly (AND give her a fitting super-nickname), and it is AWESOME.

Barry and Oliver return to Central City to look for the Staff of Horus; since Savage is looking for it Oliver figures it must be key to his power. Carter explained that his life and Kendra’s are eternally tied to Savage’s; every time he kills them, he gets more powerful. Barry and Oliver fail to keep the Staff out of Savage’s paws, but it’s Kendra’s newly-sprouted wings that eventually saves the pair of them, as Savage senses Chay-Ara’s return and heads back to Star City.

Caitlyn and Wells 2.0 are back at STAR Labs trying to create a serum to improve Barry’s speed, and Wells underhandedly gets Jay to come in because he wants to use him as a guinea pig. Jay is having none of it, and it’s only when Patty mistakes Wells 2.0 for Wells 1.0 (and shoots him) that Jay takes the serum in order to save Harrison’s life by phasing his hand INTO HIS CHEST and removing the bullet. (Y’all really need to update poor Patty on what is going ON in Central City.)

And finally, Oliver is at CC Jitters with Barry, making fun of him for having a coffee drink named after him (you know he’s jealous), when he bumps into a kid belonging to a woman he got pregnant nine years ago. EEP. (Amanda R.)

Arrow 4x8: Legends of Yesterday

In melodramatic yet good news, Ollie finds out he’s a father to a ten year old boy! The bad news? Felicity finds out that he wasn’t planning on telling her anytime soon. She thinks that means he doesn’t fully trust her, and it hurts enough that she ends things!

Team Arrow/Team Flash/Merlyn/Hawkman/Hawkgirl join forces to fight Vandal Savage (a 4,000 year old immortal being) who has stolen an ancient Egyptian staff. Oliver lets the drama surrounding his love child/breakup get in his head and benches half his team for the final battle. So, they lose. Badly. As in, everybody dies. Everybody, that is, except Barry who runs fast enough to travel back in time twenty-four hours.

Barry tells Past Oliver that he needs to stop being a jerk and focus on the team. It works. They sort out all their ancient Egyptian nonsense before the big battle and this time, they win! Later, Merlyn secretly scoops up the dust they made out of Vandal Savage, presumably to save for a rainy day.

After it’s all over, Barry advises Oliver to tell Felicity about his son. Oliver disregards his advice because his son’s mom makes absolute secrecy a condition of getting to know the kid. (Amanda K.)

Jessica Jones 1x3: AKA It’s Called Whiskey

Jessica begins the episode running her fingers over Luke’s abs, marveling at his superpower. Also? At his abs. They have a very nice couple days during which they discover that while his skin might be unbreakable, his bed is not. But there is a hitch to their romance—turns out Luke’s wife is dead because Kilgrave compelled Jessica to kill her. Dark secrets!

While she’s not testing the limits of super sex with Luke, Jessica’s scrounging around for the surgical anesthetic she needs to take down Kilgrave. She gets it by throwing her junkie neighbor to the wolves, using him as a distraction while she steals several vials.

While interviewing Hope about her story, Trish gets confrontational, calling Kilgrave all sorts of names on-air. Unsurprisingly, the scumbag who has to compel people to hang out with him has an overdeveloped sense of pride. He responds by sending a man to kill her. Jessica manages to rescue Trish and uses Kilgrave’s patsy to track him down.

With her trusty medication in hand, she’s ready to take out the villain, but when he compels a man to kill himself, her hero instincts kick in. Instead of getting the drop on Kilgrave, she just alerts him that she’s on to him. What’s more, he’s on to her. She finds photo evidence that he’s been stalking her for weeks. She heads straight to Luke and breaks up with him, probably to keep him safe. (Amanda K.)

Hero of the Week: Cisco Ramon, The Flash / Arrow

Cisco is the heart of the Arrow and The Flash crossover event this week. Not only does he help come up with a way to stop Vandal Savage (because of course he does, he's Cisco), his affection for Kendra and his pep talk literally save the city.

Honorable mention: Silver St. Cloud, Gotham

Villain of the Week: Kilgrave, Jessica Jones

We finally get a good look at Jessica Jones’s foe, and even though he’s played by ultra-cutie David Tennant, it is not pretty. Not only is he murderous, he’s extremely petty, handing out a death sentence for Trish because she called him a few names on the radio, and forcing a cop to try to commit suicide simply because he finds him no longer useful. He uses our heroine’s desire to help people against her at every turn and uses the citizenry of New York as his army to stalk her. He is in every sense the worst ever.

Honorable mentions: Grant Ward, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Vandal Savage, The Flash / Arrow

Biff! Bam! Pow!

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And we can't forget Wondy!

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Pull List

Top Titles

All-New Inhumans #1-#2 by James Asmus & Charles Soule, with art by Stefano Caselli:

An enormous cloud of Terrigen mist has been crossing the planet, and the Earth's governments and super-people have been powerless to stop it. New Inhumans (NuHumans) have been awakening from their chrysalises, and the R.I.V. (Royal Inhuman Vessel), led by Queen Medusa, is seeking to become a global diplomatic and humanitarian bridge between humanity and the Inhumans. This double-issue provides plenty of exposition about their world, and introduces us to new and familiar Inhumans, such as Princess Crystal, who is already my favorite because she had the foresight to install a cocktail bar at HQ. (Amanda R.)

Chewbacca #4, written by Gerry Duggan, art by Phil Noto:

Phil Noto's art, guys, seriously. The fourth issue in Chewbacca's solo series has so much Star Wars-y action that you can practically hear the laser blasts, beeping droids, and Wookiee growls. Chewie and Zarro are trying to get help rescuing Zarro's father, but have the small matter of a Star Destroyer to deal with first. But they've got a plan--maybe not the best plan, but a plan---and it just might work. 

Mystery Girl #1 by Paul Tobin, with art by Alberto J. Alburquerque:

Trine Hampstead is London's most famous sidewalk detective. She's also London's ONLY sidewalk detective. Trine can see or know anything; she'll help anyone out for a small fee and the agreement that you don't ask her about her powers. A geneticist asks for help tracking down research papers lost from a Siberian expedition; the entire crew froze to death and the only way to get their data on the frozen mammoth they found is if Trine can locate the missing papers. A shady mercenary is in her path, but Trine agrees to help in exchange for a seat on the plane to Siberia. That sounds bananas, right? But Trine knows that the mammoth they found isn't from the Ice Age - it died RECENTLY. Thar be mammoths in them thar hills! I like Trine a lot, she's confident, kind, a wiseass, and ready for an adventure. I'll definitely be continuing with this series! (Amanda R.)

Pick of the Week

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2, written by Ryan North, art by Erica Henderson:

She's fought Kraven and stopped Galactus, but now Squirrel Girl is facing an entirely new and really sort of weird challenge: time travel! Doreen wakes up in the 1960s, with no idea how she got there. Her roommate Nancy is in the present, and she's the only one who remembers Doreen even existed. Squirrel Girl's incredibly clever messages make their way to Nancy through the years, but how will she ever make it back to the right time? If you pick only one comic book series to buy every month, make it Squirrel Girl. It's consistently fun, funny, and (of course) nutty.

As Seen in the Daily Planet


- The first official set photos from the Wonder Woman movie have been released.

- Supergirl will get a full season of episodes.

- Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Panther are on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

- Rachel McAdams talks about Doctor Strange and why she joined the cast.

- Marco Grazzini cast as Tar Pit in The Flash.

- Agent Carter's premiere has been pushed back to January 19 due to the State of the Union address. Thanks, Obama.

- Spider-Man has been confirmed for Captain America: Civil War.

- Creed's Ryan Coogler in talks to direct Black Panther.

- The French/Korean/Japanese CGI show about French teen girl heroes, Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, premieres today on Nickelodeon. It promises lots of Magic Girl, well, magic!

- Why we need Jessica Jones AND Supergirl, and what we can learn from both.

- Pics from the set of Luke Cage show Rosario Dawson return as Claire, and MISTY KNIGHT.


The second trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is dark and jaw-dropping. Superman, you mad bro?

One of the latest promos for Agent Carter shows us we ALL need Howard Stark to design our automobiles:

Wednesday's episode of Arrow is probably going to kill all of us:
On the other hand, Tuesday's episode of The Flash gives us the triumvirate of Weather Wizard, Captain Cold AND The Trickster... as Santa Claus. Mark Hamill is everyone's Xmas gift this year, on screens big and small:
And finally, our look at the Legends of Tomorrow up close and in action:

Lesson of the week: Never piss off a Kryptonian! What did you think of the Batman v Superman trailer? Can you believe we basically have the Justice League on TV every week? Let's chat in the comments below!

Kelly Knox's photo About the Author: Kelly is a freelance writer in Seattle, WA. She spends her days with her family playing video games, reading comic books, volunteering at the library, and making crafts. She’s pretty sure she never really grew up. You can find Kelly on Twitter at @kelly_knox.