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The Originals 3x09: Savior

Some wishes come true, and some get stomped all to hell.

The Originals 3x09: Savior

Previously on The Originals: Prophecy of DOOOOM. Lucien kinda broke Detective Kinney's mind with compulsion. Aurora stashed Rebekah at the bottom of the ocean. Klaus rescued Cami.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Rebekah is rescued from the sea just in time to enjoy a family Christmas. But the Strix stake used to knock her out was cursed, and it’s going to turn her ripper, but not before she goes SUPER MEAN GIRL. Freya is able to cure her, but then they decide to ship her off to keep her rescue secret. But on her way out of town, Rebekah realizes the cure didn’t take, and has Elijah put her down until it’s safe.

Cami has been staying at the Mikaelson compound for safety, until she receives an urgent text from Vincent. Kinney got fired because his head is made of swiss cheese and he’s no longer a dependable cop. Cami goes to Kinney’s house to help him out, and Klaus follows because he’s a big ol’ stalker. They arrive just in time to stop Kinney from doing something drastic. Klaus compels him to go take a little vacay, and Cami is very grateful.

Tristan and his Strix have taken over Marcel’s bar, and his music collection. Tristan intends to install Van, (the guy whose mother was murdered by Davina) as next witch regent to gain power over the witches. Marcel is pissed at Vincent for letting Van end up indebted to the Strix. Marcel makes Vincent angry enough that he decides to become regent himself. In order to make sure that Vincent answers to the Strix, Tristan threatens Vincent with being inhabited by Finn again.

Hayley talks Jackson into coming home. She admits her feelings for Elijah are complicated, but reminds Jackson that she chose him. When Strix dudes come after Freya to steal the medallion, Jackson comes to her rescue and gains a little appreciation for Hayley’s inability to stand idly by when others come after the Mikaelsons. Hayley’s blood heals Freya temporarily, while they locate an antidote for her poisonous Strix injury. In her weakened state, Freya channels Finn for power, but he spends the time lecturing her about about their monster family because he’s THE WORST.

Holy Fang

Klaus talks down a suicidal Kinney!

Klaus and Cami - OMG. All that yelling at my TV to “MAKE OUT!” finally paid off.

Rebekah makes Elijah stake her!


Winners and Losers

Winner: The Martels won this round. Tristan has a witch in his pocket, and Aurora’s perceived competition for Klaus’ affections may very well be out of the picture. I hate them both.

Loser: EVERYONE ELSE. It’s a CW vampire Christmas. Everybody ended up threatened, beaten up, broken-hearted, or murdered.

Original Snark

“I compel her to feed me. And to hang the occasional Christmas ornament.” Klaus makes good use of minions.

“I don’t need some white knight trying to protect me.” Lucky for you, Cami, he’s no knight.

“Well, to be fair, I am the prettiest urgent problem you have ever seen.” Rebekah’s modesty is my favorite.

“Tomorrow will be better. The day after, better still. You will go on.” Who knew Klaus was such an optimist?

“You know, we need to talk about your sartorial choices.” Vampire sister-in-laws! They’re just like ours.

“You said you wanted a happy, family Christmas. Your family is all here.” Jackson made my eyes leaky.

Haunting Questions

- Uh, how long is Kinney going to be in “Baton Rouge” for?

- Why is poor Rebekah always getting the short end of the stake?

- Cami can’t be dead, right? I mean, SHE CAN’T BE.

Next episode: The Originals returns, and moves to Fridays, beginning January 29.

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