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Superhero Sundays: Dec. 7–11

Kara learns what it’s like to be human, Coulson thinks he gets some closure, Team Flash fights the winter weather, Oliver shines a light on Darhk, and Jessica maybe gets one up on Kilgrave. Plus: This week’s comic recs and newsworthy links.

Superhero Sundays: Dec. 7–11

I don’t know if you noticed my sweet Arrow pun in the summary for this post, but I made myself laugh with that one. Although I love many things about superhero TV shows, the fact that the puns just write themselves is at the top of my list.

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 1x07: Human for a Day

Supergirl is taking the gloves off this week.

Remember last week when Supergirl unleashed the full power of her heat vision at Red Tornado? The result is a “solar flare,” as Clark Kent calls it: a temporary loss of superpowers because Supergirl basically used them all up. Kara finds herself suddenly human, and instead of fighting bad guys, she’s fighting a cold.

Disaster strikes the city just a short while later as an earthquake destroys parts of National City. A panicked populace looks to the skies for Supergirl, but with her powers still out, Kara isn’t sure what she can do to help anyone.

Meanwhile, over at the DEO, the facility is on lockdown. The earthquake released an incredibly dangerous alien with psychic powers who kinda just looks like a baddie from Power Rangers. Alex Danvers, already wary of Hank Henshaw because of the role he played in her father’s death, realizes she can’t trust Hank to take down the alien.

Kara, feeling quite vulnerable and helpless, finds herself in yet another pep talk from James Olson. And then she finds herself in his arms for a super snuggle. I want to go to there.

Winn walks in, gets jealous, and confronts Kara, telling her that with her powers she’s not meant for a normal relationship with a normal person, especially a person with a girlfriend. Super harsh, Winn. When James’s life is threatened a short time later, Kara’s powers kick in, and she soars off to help the city.

Back at the DEO, Alex confronts Hank about her father. She forces him to handcuff himself to the wall, but when she's attacked in another room, Hank suddenly rushes in and kicks some alien ass. How did he free himself without a key? Why is he super strong? Why have his eyes been glowing red? Because … HE’S MARTIAN MANHUNTER, Y’ALL.

Twist! (Kelly)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x10: Maveth

While Coulson attempts to find Ward, Fitz and the rest of the Hydra soldiers on the desolate world on the other side of the portal (Does it have a name? I feel like it should have a name.), the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. crew at the castle attempt to rescue Simmons and be there when the group returns from the other world, for better or worse.

All of our heroes make their way to the portal chamber, where they settle in to wait for it to reopen. Mac eventually orders everyone back to the Bus other than Daisy (who isn’t really that helpful in the end).

On the planet, Fitz leads the team to find Will, assuring Ward that they need Will as a guide to the No Fly Zone, but secretly hoping to team up against the Hydra forces. The group stumbles through the desolation, and, during a sandstorm, Fitz and Will make their escape. Coulson catches up with Ward and captures him, and the four eventually make it to the portal in two small groups. (The rest of the soldiers get red-shirted along the way.) As they near the open portal, Will reveals that he’s not who they think he is, and Fitz is forced to take him down. Coulson and Ward struggle, too, and Coulson eventually does what we’ve all wanted him (or anyone, really) to do for AGES: Kills Ward.

Time’s up, however, and May orders a missile strike on the compound. Thankfully, Mac, Daisy, Coulson and Fitz are all safe, and make their escape in an Inhuman containment pod.

BUT OF COURSE, S.H.I.E.L.D. can’t ever have things work out in their favor completely, and the ending of the episode sees a reanimated Ward meet up with Malick.

And I only had one wish this Christmas ....

The Flash 2x09: Running to Stand Still

Weather Wizard is feeling extra murderous this holiday season, so he busts Captain Cold AND The Trickster out of Iron Heights so that they can team up and murder The Flash. I guess no one told Mardon that Snart and Barry are KINDA on the cusp of a serious bromance. Snart declines being part of this particular team, and although he won’t help Barry stop Mardon and Jesse, he at least stops by on his way out of town to warn him. I guess that’s progress? See you on Legends of Tomorrow, Captain Cold!

Cisco is all of us as he groans that Jay and Caitlin should just KISS already. You can’t really blame him. I mean, I sure wouldn’t want to have to see those two on the daily if my awesome girlfriend had to leave town because she’s actually a reincarnated Egyptian priestess with WINGS. I need the writers to gave Garrick something else to do than make terrible jokes about what they do and don’t have on Earth-2.

Iris is racked with guilt about not telling her Dad about his son/her brother, Wally. (Girl, it’s only been a few weeks, that’s totally reasonable and you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Here, have a cosmo.) She turns to Barry in a seriously amazing BFF scene that would get Candice Patton an Emmy nom if this show were on any network other than The CW. (#shade) Barry tells her he’ll be there with her when she tells Joe, and Jesse Martin (who ALSO deserves an Emmy nomination) pulls on all of our hearts with his reaction, subsequent guilt, confusion, and eventual surprise meeting of Wally on Christmas Eve. And don’t even get me started on Joe giving his dad’s watch to Barry because he knew he would always give it to his son. PUDDLE. OF. EMOTION.

Things are going adorably well between Patty and Barry, but when she finds out that Mardon is back she’s determined to avenge her father’s murder. Oh dear. There’s some seriously comic book-level antics with how Mardon and Jesse manage to bribe/capture Barry (and how Harry and Cisco manage to use magnets to send bombs through a wormhole), but it’s hella entertaining and feels perfect for a holiday episode. Mark Hamill has a blast channeling his best Joker when he’s on here as The Trickster, and I really hope that they market his Flash tree garland somewhere on the internet. Team Flash defeat Mardon and Jesse, and Patty is ready to put a bullet into Mardon when Flash talks her down. (I really thought he was going to take his mask off like Oliver did with Roy, but realized that Mardon would then know Flash’s identity.) Patty does the right thing, surprising no one, and puts the cuffs on Mardon instead; she realizes that she has a lot to live for and that Mardon isn’t worth sitting in prison for the rest of her life.

Harry is in a tough spot. He’s alone at Christmas, his daughter is being held captive by Zoom, and now he’s discovered that Zoom WANTS Barry to get faster so he can take as much power from him as possible when he eventually kills him. Zoom is THE WORST, you guys. I can’t even be mad at Harry when he agrees to help Zoom in order to get Jesse back. I mean, what else would any parent do?

CHRISTMAS PARTY! Iris’s grandmom’s knock-you-on-your-ass eggnog! All of our friends are together, and Jay and Caitlin finally solidify their feelings under some mistletoe. A knock at the door from an unexpected guest ends our episode, and I can’t wait to get to know Wally West and see his relationships develop with Iris and Joe. See you in January, Team Flash! (Amanda R.)

Arrow 4x09: Dark Waters

Oliver hosts a trash pickup for his campaign (where Team Arrow stands around, not picking up trash) when a drone flies over the area, firing a machine gun into the crowd of do-gooders. Our hero retaliates by announcing Damien Darhk’s identity to the media.

Felicity’s mom finds a rather large engagement ring hidden in Apartment du Queen, which leads to Felicity spending an entire holiday party adorkably jumpy as to when/how Ollie will pop the question. Eventually, she confronts him about it, but before he can explain, Darhk storms the party in a hail of bullets, makes some pretty good quips, then kidnaps Diggle, Felicity and Thea!

Oliver offers himself in trade to Darhk for his friends. The villain accepts and gives him a tour of the HIVE facility while praising Nazis and showing off his gas chamber. But when the tour is done, in true villain fashion, Darhk goes back on his word, putting Oliver’s compatriots in the gas chamber.  Luckily, Laurel, Captain Lance, and Malcolm (dressed as the Green Arrow) show up to save them! Darhk escapes and heads home to his … lovely family? Ugh.

Later, Oliver finally does propose to Felicity. At a press conference. How romantic? But things go from bliss to duck and cover quickly when men with machine guns open fire on their limo! (Amanda K.)

Jessica Jones 1x5: AKA The Sandwich Saved Me

The pressure is on to get Kilgrave. Hope is being beat up in jail and her only chance of getting out is if her legal team can prove Kilgrave exists. Jessica, Trish, and Will (the hot cop who tried to murder Trish and is now getting it on with her), form a plan to take the villain down. Will, an ex spec op soldier, has a lead on a soundproof, hermetically sealed safehouse where they can keep him. Between the three of them, they manage to tranq-dart Kilgrave and carry him off! But he had planned for this eventuality and a hired security team who intervenes, overpowering our trio and taking him back!

While Will interrogates one of the security team, Jessica finds Malcolm and handcuffs him to his toilet, trying to force him to get clean. Through flashback we discover that once upon a time, Malcolm was a social worker instead of a junkie and Jessica was just starting to try out being a superhero. She saved him from some muggers and in doing so caught the eye of Kilgrave. After she broke free from him, Kilgrave found Malcolm and compelled him to become a drug addict for months before he set him up to stalk Jessica.

In a most disturbing scene, Kilgrave wakes up from the tranq dart and calls Jessica, offering to leave Malcolm alone if she texts a picture of herself smiling every day. Nope. Nope. Nope. She does it and that sound you hear is the entire audience vomiting. They kill him soon, right? (Amanda K.)

Hero of the Week: Barry Allen, The Flash

Not only is he the best BFF on the planet, but also he’s willing to sacrifice his life to save hundreds of people, he finally found the courage to forgive Harrison/Eobard so that he could move forward and find happiness in his life, and he saved Patty from herself (and from a life in prison). All in a day’s work, really. (Amanda R.)

Villain of the Week: Damien Darhk, Arrow

Because Holy Cow. (Kelly)

Honorable mentions: Maxwell Lord, Supergirl, and Zoom, The Flash

Biff! Bam! Pow!

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Pull List

Top Titles

Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, written by James Tynion IV with art by Freddie E. Williams II

I noticed this unexpected team-up between the Dark Knight and the Ninja Turtles on the shelf at the comic store, and 12-year-old me just had to pick it up. If pre-teen you ever wanted to see Batman vs. Shredder or Killer Croc vs. the Turtles (which kind of makes sense), this is the comic book for you, too. This is just about everything you’d expect to see in a Ninja Turtles comic book, with big brawny heroes, snarling villains, ninjas, and of course, pizza. This crossover mini-series is just the kind of book to remind you what it’s like to be a kid again. (Kelly)

Gotham Academy #13 by Brenden Fletcher, with art by Adam Archer & Sandra Hope

There are Robins everywhere! Not robins, but Robins; loads of kids all over Gotham have taken up the mantle, and this issue of Gotham Academy ties into the Robin War arc that's currently happening across DC Comics. Sadly, Maps isn't a Robin (at least not YET) but a new student named Riko helps The Gang track down a "zombie" that sprouts forth from the school's greenhouse, and Olive & Maps learn a bit about how to handle jealousy in friendships. While I miss Kerschl's signature look for Gotham Academy, Archer & Hope are more than up to the task of filling his shoes. (Amanda R.)

Pick of the Week

Scarlet Witch #1, written by James Robinson with art by Vanesa Del Rey

Scarlet Witch kicks off her solo series this week with an introduction to Wanda’s life away from the Avengers. She is intent on making it on her own in New York City, living among the skyscrapers rather than hiding from her past. She’s not completely alone, though; the ghost of Agatha Harkness is with her as a mentor. When Wanda investigates a mysterious crime, she comes upon a disturbance inside all magic, and she’s determined to find out the cause. Longtime fans of Scarlet Witch will notice the costume improvement, now drawn on a beautifully realistic body type by Del Rey. The first issue is gritty, bloody, and an intriguing start to the solo series.

As Seen in the Daily Planet


- Iron Fist gets Scott Buck (Six Feet Under, Dexter, Rome) as its showrunner.

- Marvel’s new Phase 2 box-set (which is gorgeous), includes a lot of bonus features, including a deleted scene from Thor: The Dark World showing Loki fantasizing about wielding Mjolnir and ruling Asgard.

- The Mary Sue on race in Jessica Jones.

- Keiynan Lonsdale recently spoke about becoming Wally West.

- Dark Horse Comics will publish the Kickstarted anthology The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, with contributions from loads of the badass ladies in comics.

- Poison Ivy's bestie, Harley Quinn, will guest-star in Ivy's 6-issue solo series in January.

- A Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot is coming from BOOM! Studios.

- Cate Blanchett has joined Thor 3: Ragnarok.

- Check out this interview with awesome artist Kevin Wada about his work on the new Scarlet Witch series.

- Here’s what the cast of Supergirl have to say about the show's direction after Monday's BIG reveal.

- Emily VanCamp, who plays Peggy Carter's granddaughter Sharon, teases future romance for Sharon and Cap in the MCU.

- Read about “Toxic Masculinity in Jessica Jones.”

- Buzzfeed asked women to pose in ridiculous comic book poses, and the results are both expected and eye-opening.


X-Men: Apocalypse y’all!

And this isn’t a trailer, but I had to include it anyway. ‘Tis the season for adorable Christmas videos from The Flash's Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh!

Are y’all ready for the holidays—and the lack of TV shows that will be on during? I, for one, need the time to catch up a little!

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