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Open Thread: January 15-17

We're talking best beauty (or life-in-general) tip you've ever received -- or anything else you want!

Open Thread: January 15-17

The internet is full of beauty tips and tutorials--just look at Pinterest!--but keeping up with them all is a full-time hobby. (Heck, even keeping track of all my lipstick could be a full time hobby if I let it.) And trying every product with a new miracle promise? Yeah, that's why I have a lot of points banked at Sephora.

Let's narrow it down! What's your favorite beauty tip or tutorial that you've ever found? Whether it's time-saving, transformative, or just an ingenious way to keep your face spackle from melting off, we want to hear it. 

(Of course, feel free to talk about anything else you want to bring up!)

I'll leave you with this, which, in my opinion, should be an every day look:

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