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YA Onscreen: ANNE OF GREEN GABLES Gets A Great Writer

Plus casting for UnREAL and READY PLAYER ONE, a NARNIA reboot and more!

YA Onscreen: ANNE OF GREEN GABLES Gets A Great Writer

Welcome back to YA Onscreen! Let's hop to. 

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reboot of Anne of Green Gables has a writer, and it's such a good choice: Moira Walley-Beckett, of Breaking Bad and Flesh and Bone fame, will be penning the new series. And I LOVE what she has to say about it: 

Adapting Anne’s story really excites me. Anne’s issues are contemporary issues: feminism, prejudice, bullying and a desire to belong. The stakes are high and her emotional journey is tumultuous. I’m thrilled to delve deeply into this resonant story, push the boundaries and give it new life.

Yes! I think this is going to be great. And in the "when it rains it pours" category, there's a trailer for ANOTHER Anne of Green Gables adaptation out for YTV: 

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Also great: CBS's president is saying that the adult Nancy Drew headlining an upcoming mystery series will not be white. "She is diverse, that's the way she's written." Three cheers for diversity!

In other reboot news, Narnia's getting a new film.

Netflix's Series of Unfortunate Events show has had quite the casting coup, with multi-talented Neil Patrick Harris taking over as Count Olaf.

And Ready Player One is ready for casting, and YOU could join the film.

In not quite YA but definitely FYA news: 

The new suitor on UnReal is hot hot hot. I love what showrunner Sarah Gertrude Shapiro said about casting a black suitor (something The Bachelor has never done): “In an era where driving while black is dangerous, there are few things more pressing than this conversation. We really want to keep talking about stuff that we’re passionate about.”

And finally, "All the times Pacey Witter ruined real-life love for you." Hear, hear! Follow our Dawson's Creek Rewatch Project here.

That's it for this week! Give us your thoughts downstairs.

Meredith Borders's photo About the Author: Meredith Borders is a brewpub owner and freelance writer/editor living in Houston. Her dog's middle name is Hermione, and she makes purse decisions based almost entirely on their capacity to hold books.