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Open Thread: January 22-24

We're talking about your embarrassing stories and the teen magazines that let you tell them. Plus: anything else you want! 

Open Thread: January 22-24

Remember the good old days, when you subscribed to magazines like Seventeen, YM, Cosmo Girl, Jane, and Sassy? Right in the beginning there would be that column of letters to the editor, where teen girls would write in about the OMG MOST EMBARRASSING THING EVER. Why did we feel compelled to share them? Why did we feel compelled to read them? How many stories of getting your period while wearing white pants does anyone really need before they die of secondhand humiliation?

Apparently this is a tradition that's still alive and well -- and if you follow The Bloggess, you saw that adults are also all too willing to make you cringe, too.

So, spill: what's your own most embarrassing story?

(As always, feel free to chat about anything you want, not just this week's topic! Our readers are a friendly bunch.)

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