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Stickers Galore In The FYA Store

Even Goldilocks won’t have a problem finding a sticker that’s “just right."

Stickers Galore In The FYA Store

Apropos of nothing, I’m a big fan of street art—when it’s done well. I particularly enjoy seeing the same design in various places, and this often happens thanks to the design being on stickers.

Now, I’m not saying that you should run out to cover your town in FYA stickers—because that would be illegal, I’m pretty sure—but … the latest update to the FYA Store does make it possible to buy most of our designs on four different sizes of stickers:

Small: 4”

Medium: 5.5”

Large: 8.5”

X-Large: 14”

Note: Actual dimensions might differ slightly due to the size and shape of each design.

As always, if you have an idea for something we should add to the store, leave a comment below (or shoot us an email).

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