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The Vampire Diaries 7x10: Hell Is Other People

Vampire Purgatory is like being stuck at the DMV without your number EVER being called, but with a body count.

The Vampire Diaries 7x10: Hell Is Other People

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Julian stabbed both Salvatore Brothers into their own personal hellscapes with a magical sword, Mama Salvatore died for her sons, Caroline is supernaturally (and hilariously) pregnant, and Enzo is Matt’s prisoner.

What Went Down

Hell is Groundhog Day! I KNEW IT. Damon is forced to re-live actual events from his time as a soldier in the Civil War, namely when he went looking for deserters in order to get official leave to go home, except it all went completely pear-shaped with quite the body count. Instead of listening to his conscience (in the forms of Lily and Stefan) and facing his guilt, he tries over and over again to somehow get those deserters back to camp without everyone else dying in the process. Consider me amused, show.

Back in reality, Bonnie has managed to return Stefan to his body and the gang is sitting vigil around Damon as she tries to revive him too. Damon is busy on the other side learning what regret and pain feel like, much to the demise of Our Friends when he eventually DOES get back in his own skin.


-Candace Accola is super pregnant, y’all. I hope she was sporting DVT socks at all times while on set while also being waited on hand and foot like the fertile goddess she is.

-I don’t really think Damon killed anyone, but he may have seriously injured Bonnie. STOP hurting your BFF, Damon!

-Damon Salvatore shedding actual tears over losing his mom. Aww.

Vamp of the Week: Damon Salvatore

I mean, in no uncertain terms was this Damon's episode, and his eyebrows were on FULL BLAST. Emotional growth and accepting responsibility for mistakes are not exactly in his wheelhouse so let's give credit where credit is due.

Hero Hair/Nefarious Grin

Hero Hair: Everyone in Mystic Falls would've died without you a long time ago, Bon-Bon. I hope you can forgive Damon for unintentionally trying to kill you, boo. 

Nefarious Grin: Damon Salvatore is his own worst enemy, and this episode has proven just that. 

Sound Bites

Damon: “Well, it’s not like I was expecting a parade, but where’s my parade?” Totes reasonable to expect a parade from returning from the dead. Again.

Damon: “Overall I’d give Hell one star for horror and two very disappointed thumbs down for clever use of parable.” Oh, it's not over yet, sir. Not by a long shot.

Stefan: “This isn’t about what you do in her name, Damon. It’s about what you do in her absence.” Yes, Ghost Stefan, you are SO right. WWED indeed.

Burning Questions

-Matt is back in Mystic Falls, so where did he take Enzo??

-Where are The Heretics? Is Valerie ok?

-I know he wasn't onscreen this week but...how drunk is Alaric?

I hope everyone had a great winter TV break! I had the chance to catch up on some old shows and read tons of books, myself. So where do we see the rest of this season taking us? The Heretics seemed to have packed up camp and hauled ass outta town so...now what? Let's convo!

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