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Superhero Sundays: Jan. 25-29

Kara helps Cat build bridges with her son, Lucifer Morningstar joins our weekly roster, Howard Stark flickers Dr. Wilkes back to this dimension, Iris West wins Big Sister of the Year, Andy Diggle finds a bit of redemption, and the Legends find themselves with one less teammate, plus comic recs, newsworthy links, and trailers! Join us!

Superhero Sundays: Jan. 25-29

Hello all! Amanda R. here, and we've got LOTS to dish about this week so let's have at it:

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 1x11: Strange Visitor From Another Planet

It’s not much of a stretch to think there would be anti-alien protesters and politicians in a world with superheroes, and the episode kicks off at an anti-alien rally. A White Martian, a pretty disgusting and insidious being from J’onn’s planet, crashes the rally (literally) to bait J’onn into the open.

The DEO takes the senator from the rally into hiding, but she’s really the White Martian in disguise, trying to find the Martian she knows is hiding in their ranks. She escapes. J’onn tells the Danvers sisters about the White Martians and his past, and seriously, so. many. tears.

Meanwhile, Kara has meddled in Cat’s life by sending a letter on her behalf to her estranged son Adam. Cat doesn’t know how to talk to him, and blows it by trying to impress him with her many accomplishments. Adam and Kara have an instant connection, though, and their doe eyes at each other are overflowing with chemistry because the actors are married in real life. (Awww.) Kara helps the two connect, and still has the free time to take on the White Martian. Epic multitasking should be added to the list of Kryptonian superpowers. (Kelly)

Lucifer 1x01: Pilot

Don’t look too closely for references to Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman in this new cop/supernatural drama - it might star Lucifer, errant ruler of Hell, but that’s about where the similarities end. Snarky and (what else?) irreverent, Lucifer Morningstar has abandoned his underworldly-throne to hang out in Los Angeles and run a nightclub. This is great for Lucifer, but not so great for the order of divinity and, you know, balance in the supernatural world.

Things get really interesting when Lucifer’s friend Delilah is shot in cold blood by a drug dealer. Lucifer’s got an edge, though - he can discover anyone’s deepest darkest secrets, just by asking them to spill their guts. This is super helpful for solving crimes, but super annoying to skeptical Det. Chloe Dancer, who can’t seem to shake this handsome hanger-on. It’s even annoying to Lucifer, because his new crime-solving buddy seems strangely immune to his mind-power tricks. Truly interested in something at last, Lucifer and Chloe work together to find and kill Delilah’s killer. Like it or not, he’s in it for the long haul with Chloe. (Savannah)

Agent Carter 2x03: Better Angels

Howard Stark is back! I do so enjoy his repartee with Peggy, and he's pretty useful when your new love interest has gotten himself zapped into another dimension by zero matter. Isodyne and the LAPD are trying to cover up what happened, even if that means painting Jason as a communist threat. Peggy doesn't buy it for one second and sets out to clear this innocent man's name. She's also feeling a bit guilty for getting a civilian killed on her watch, a civilian she was starting to have feelings for, no less. Howard works his charm and gets her (and several other Pretty Young Things) into that stuffy club for Old White Men Sipping Scotch so that she can plant bugs. While there she sees that tomorrow's headlines are already written - and that Chadwick's opponent has been made to step down from the senate race. 

Back at Stark Manor, Howard takes more time away from the poolside (what a mensch) to try and solve the mystery of Jason's disappearance; science, science, OH JASON, is that YOU? Dr. Jason Wilkes is a phantom, and he uses his smarts to help Howard bring him all the way back to this world.

Peggy is putting the heat on Frost now that Jason has told her about her involvement with the zero matter explosion; turns out Frost is something of a Hedy Lamarr. We already know she's smarter than her eejit of a husband, but she's like, Neil DeGrasse Tyson-smart. What better way to hide in plain sight than by being famous for being beautiful instead of a genius? Peggy questions her and Frost plays innocent only to convince Chadwick to have Peggy killed. Is there anything sadder than a man who can be manipulated by tears? Peggy is attacked at Stark Manor, but saved by Jarvis because Jarvis is The Best.

The studio has decided that Whitney Frost is too old for her current role, but really it's just her scummy director trying to extract "gratitude" from her with a very long, uncomfortable hug. He flips when he sees the black gash on her forehead. She panics, grips him by the arm and...absorbs him into her BODY?? Whitney Frost - 1, patriarchy - 0.  (Amanda R.)


The Flash 2x11: The Reverse Flash Returns

If the episode title wasn’t a big enough clue for you, Eobard Thawne is back! Harrison Wells uses a whiteboard and some timey-wimey mumbo jumbo to explain how, but to sum up, time travel is weird. SCIENCE!

Barry is understandably shaken by Thawne's return and the entire team focuses on finding him. Cisco and Wells devise a plan to kickstart his vibe powers, and Wells takes it one step further by developing special goggles that give Cisco control over what he sees. In his vibe vision, Cisco sees Thawne kill Dr. McGee before returning to his own time. But incredibly, this is a vision of something that hasn’t happened yet, and Team Flash has the chance to stop it before it happens.

Meanwhile, Patty has a few days before she moves to another city, so we are treated to the Most Awkward Conversations Ever with Barry. Barry doesn’t want to get in the way of her new life, and is trying to put distance between them before she even leaves so that she’s not one of Zoom’s targets. Patty, however, is a smart cookie, and realizes Barry is The Flash.

Barry stops Thawne and imprisons him at STAR Labs. This causes a rupture in the timeline that affects Cisco horribly, and the team realizes they must let Reverse-Flash return to the future to save Cisco and keep the timeline intact. Barry and Thawne’s combined speed is enough to open a wormhole to the future, and Reverse-Flash is back where he belongs. MORE TIME SCIENCE!

Caitlin and Jay Garrick talk more about the need to get his speed back, Iris and Wally spend time together, and Patty and Barry say goodbye. (Kelly)

Arrow 4x11: A.W.O.L.

Diggle and Lyla’s former colleague is kidnapped as he tries to give them a message for Amanda Waller and is then murdered. When they break the news to Waller, she palms Lyla a flash drive on a mysterious group called Shadowspire that plans to infilitrate Argus. Team Arrow is on the case! But they don’t move quickly enough and the group takes Waller and Lyla hostage, eventually killing Waller when she refuses to give up some codes. Aw. You may have not been CCH Pounder Amanda Waller, but you’ll still be missed. Anyway, with her dead, Lyla’s life is next on the line which finally motivates Andy Diggle to stop being a jerk and help out.

Meanwhile, Felicity is in a wheelchair, popping pain pills and being mocked by a hallucination of the younger, goth version of herself. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Oliver calls her for tech wizardry back up, but she’s not on top of her game and ends up making a mistake that almost gets Diggle and Ollie caught. It’s scary enough to make her quit the team. But eventually, Felicity comes to terms with the risks that come with the job, tells her teenaged self to suck it, and hacks Argus in the nick of time, saving the whole team as per usual. (Amanda K.)

Legends of Tomorrow 1x02: Pilot, Part 2

This show could be just the crazytown bananapants superhero show I never knew I needed. Because trying to find any kind of rhyme or reason for most of what happens is completely pointless, at least at this stage. The team is still in 1975, this time in Norway attending a "secret" arms deal hosted by the man they want to kill, Vandal Savage. This gathering of villains was at Venture Bros-level of ridiculousness; even Damien Darhk was there, looking the same as he does in 2016. How secret is your meeting if you bid by shooting off a gun like you're at the OK Corral?? Stein and Snart enjoy their bit of subterfuge and of course they're found out; Savage can sense the HawkCouple. Oops. Firestorm saves the day by whisking off and absorbing an exploding nuke. Damn, son!

All of this was an elaborate plot device to A - let Savage know he's being hunted, and B - make Ray look like an incompetant doofus by losing a bit of his ATOM tech. Then we have our Marty McFly sideplot to get Young Dr. Stein's lab notes/device in order to keep Ray's tech from becoming catastrophic in Savage's hands. Sara is HILARS in this bit; I hope we see more of this side of White Canary. HawkCouple are trying to find the knife that Savage killed them with so they can kill him (definitely not happening in the SECOND episode of the show, show), and Carter turns into Pepe le Pew around Kendra, convinced that his unwanted handsy-ness will trigger her memories of loving him. SUPER GROSS. Cold, Heat Wave and Atom break into the owner's house to get the knife, but the owner turns out to be none other than Savage himself. Of course. Kendra and Carter swoop in to rescue them and Carter gets himself killed by Savage (hurrah!).

Rip Hunter doesn't have anything else better to do than yell at everyone on his team for cocking up the timeline, and I hope for Arthur Davill's sake that the writers find a way to make him more likeable. I mean, he's already wearing a trenchcoat and he's British - how hard can it be? In closing, I love Captain Cold's snark (and peacoat!) and I need him to have ALL the screentime on this show as well as several romantic partners. (Amanda R.)

Hero of the Week: Felicity Smoak, Arrow

I'm completely biased here, people. I spent half of last year recovering from a leg injury that left me unable to do most things for about four straight months. (I'm actually a bit surprised that the writers didn't make Felicity's new disability more of a struggle for her, but we all know that Team Arrow can't function without her.) Trauma is real, and it's VERY insidious so I wasn't the least bit surprised to see her former goth-y self made manifest by drug-induced hallucinations. Our girl told her Hot Topic doppelganger to take a hike because her friends need her, and because she knows her own mind and her value. #Overwatch4eva (Amanda R.)

Honorable mentions: Andy Diggle/Arrow, Kara Danvers/Supergirl, Howard Stark/Agent Carter, Iris West and Barry Allen/The Flash, Hawkman/Legends of Tomorrow

Villain of the Week: The White Martian, Supergirl

The White Martians of the DC universe made their debut on Supergirl this week and they are AWFUL. And hideous. And just all-around evil. When J’onn is faced with the terrible tragedy of his past, he almost makes a choice that would go against everything he stands for—all because of the White Martian that’s trying to find him on Earth. And what’s even worse, this White Martian uses fear and bigotry to spread a message of hate. Did I mention they’re awful? (Kelly)

Honorable mentions: Goth Felicity/Arrow, Vandal Savage/Legends of Tomorrow, Eobard Thawne/The Flash


Not shirtless, but Leonard Snart in a Peacoat is my new favorite aesthetic. 

Biff! Bam! Pow!

I know this isn't TECHNICALLY an action gif set, but you can practically FEEL the steam coming out of Wells's ears. LOL. (Thanks to Kelly and Tumblr for this gem.)

Pull List

Top Titles

Black Canary #7 by Brenden Fletcher, with art by Annie Wu

MAN. That was one fierce issue! It's incredible how Fletcher's storytelling coupled with Wu's artistic vision can make you feel like you're smack dab in the middle of one of the most ear-shattering battles EVER. Team Canary needs to save Ditto from The Quietus, a singularity who absorbs all noise and sound. Future Kurt is there to make sure that old animosities are put aside so Dinah and Bo can do what they do best in order to keep Ditto safe: SCREAM. (Amanda R.)

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4 by Ryan North, with art by Erica Henderson

Squirrel Girl is still stuck in the 1960s, and it’s up to her and her friends to stop a DOOM-filled future! Meanwhile, we get a look at the Doom-ified timeline, which is hilariously awful. Squirrel Girl and Tippy go on a recon mission to find Dr. Doom, and discover he’s building Doombots to take over this time period and start his path to world domination. Can SG stop him in time? Of course! She’s unbeatable! Seriously, how many times can I tell you to pick this title up every month? Do it! (Kelly)

Adventures of Supergirl #1 by Sterling Gates, with art by Bengal

Supergirl is back with a new digital comic series, and it captures the mood and high-flying action of the hit TV show it’s based on. An escaped alien named Rampage is on the… rampage, and Supergirl is the only one strong enough to take her on. As she fights we get a quick glimpse into Kara’s past as she remembers a frenemy from high school. Digital issues are always short, which makes this first one fly by (no pun intended). If you just can’t get enough of Supergirl on TV, pick up this digital series every Monday.(Kelly)

Pick of the Week: Faith #1 by Jody Houser, with art by Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage

FAT GIRL SUPERHERO. Look at her. SHE IS EVERYTHING! Going by the alias Summer Smith, intrepid girl reporter listicle creator by day, she's Faith Herbert, aka Zephyr by night! She's left her supergroup (and surrogate family) to strike out her own in the City of Angels. She might be in over her head a bit, but this girl is determined to be the savior her city needs, even if she has to watch her superpowered ex, Torque (seriously), on his new reality TV show in the meantime. Hopefully Faith won't be on her own for long; crimefighting is a lonely life and a girl needs all the friends she can get - especially with puppy mills that need to be stopped and a possible alien conspiracy happening! (Amanda R.)

As Seen in the Daily Planet


Did y'all know that Stephen Amell can sing? Watch him duet with John Barrowman at HVFF NYC last weekend. (Drama nerds REJOICE.)

In other Amell news, he's going to be on Episode 6 of Legends of Tomorrow, as Oliver Queen in the year 2046. His son, Connor Hawke, will also be in this episode!

Fish Mooney is coming back to Gotham, y'all! This season! YASSS QUEEN!

New Justice League animated series - Justice League Action - is coming to Cartoon Network, and Mark Hamill will be returning as The Joker (is all you need to know about this show, obvs.)

DC Comics announces a slew of Hanna Barbera reboots, including Scooby Doo, and a post-apocalyptic Wacky Races. Penelope Pitstop as Furiosa, please.

One Million Moms boycotts Lucifer, giving it a TON of free publicity. These women make my head hurt.

Archie and the gang are coming to the CW in Riverdale, courtesy of uberproducer Greg Berlanti.

Filed under Things You Will Never Understand: CEO of Marvel donates $1 million to Donald Trump's campaign. 

In Iron Fist news: it will share a writer with Jessica Jones, and Mike Colter says that the title role has already been cast

Mash-ups are never going away. Disney Princesses as different X-Men.

YALSA has released their list of Great Graphic Novels for Teens for 2016. Lots of FYA faves represented here, natch.

2017 is going to bring us a graphic novel about the late, great Josephine Baker.


"New" Batman vs. Superman trailer (seriously, it has like, four seconds of actual new footage):

I wish I cared about this movie, y'all.

DC Super Hero Girls time!


Justice League vs Teen Titans trailer, coming to DVD April 12:

New Deadpool clip:

Anyone else feel like this marketing campaign is trying WAY too hard to be "edgy" and "NSFW"? Or am I just the world's biggest grump?

Did anyone catch the Lucifer pilot this week? What did you think? Are you onboard the Legends of Tomorrow Time Travel Train of WTF yet? How much longer before Team Flash figure out that Wells 2.0 is sabotaging them? Are y'all ready for the return of Nyssa AND Arsenal this week? Let's dish in the comments!

Amanda Reid's photo About the Author: Amanda R. is an East Coast girl living in California who will never stop missing a true autumn. She's a bookseller who specializes in kid and teen lit, the leader of FYA Oakland, and bakes a damn fine pie.