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The 100 3x3: Ye Who Enter Here

This is only the third episode, right?

The 100 3x3: Ye Who Enter Here

Previously: Clarke’s captured by a wandering member of the Ice Nation—who turns out to be royalty—and Nyko’s injury leads Abby and Lincoln to make an important decision on the future use of Mt. Weather.


When Lexa tries to talk Clarke into helping the Arkadians become the 13th Grounder clan (and bowing before her in the process), Clarke isn’t having any of it. And when Roan sees Clarke’s anger, he tries to make his own deal: for her to kill Lexa, and align with the Ice Nation instead. While Clarke’s mulling her options, she realizes that the only way to save her people is to agree to Lexa’s plan. At a summit of the 12 clans that was supposedly called to broker a treaty with the Arkadians, Lexa and Clarke announce their true intentions, shortly before Bellamy, Pike and Octavia come bursting through the doors, trying to stop an assassination attempt—leaked to them by Echo, former Mt. Weather cage-neighbor of Bellamy’s.

Unfortunately, Echo wasn’t telling the Arkadians the truth, which is made horribly clear when the assassin that was supposedly at the summit sets the self-destruct on Mt. Weather—killing Gina* in the process—and Mt. Weather blows up, taking with it the lives of 30+ people from Farm Station and any hopes of not going to war with the Ice Nation.

*We hardly knew ye.


- Clarke calling Lexa out on the true reasons behind the summit, and asserting once again that she has the upper hand.

- The Blake siblings having an adorable moment outside Mt. Weather.

- Clarke looking FIERCE at the summit ceremony.

- Sinclair calling Raven out on her stubbornness. We all just want you to be better, Raven!

- Lexa swearing fealty to Clarke. It definitely seems like she wants to make amends, but ...

GIFs via chatnoirs-baton.tumblr.com


Damn, Lexa! Way to start the episode off with a literal (and—sorry for this mental image—squishy) bang. Remind me not to get on her bad side when she’s standing near an open window.

GIFs via chatnoirs-baton.tumblr.com


- Damn, Echo! Way to sell out Skaikru. We JUST met the people of Farm Station!



Sinclair hasn’t been around all that much, and he’s been kind of a jerk for much of that time. But he gave Raven some much needed tough love tonight, and I have to give him major props for that.


“You’re angry, Clarke. But I know you. What you’ve done haunts you. And it’s easier to hate me than to hate yourself.”—Lexa, trying to prove that she knows Clarke.
“Oh, I can do both.”—Clarke, not giving a damn.

“Otherwise, go float yourself. Because I will never bow to you.”—Clarke, meaning it ... at the moment.

“Don’t do anything stupidly heroic.”—Gina, trying to be sweet to Bell.
“Garden-variety heroic. Got it.”—Bellamy, trying to make us believe in this relationship.

GIFs via chatnoirs-baton.tumblr.com

“I’m sorry, Clarke. I never meant to turn you into this.”—Lexa, trying once again to make Clarke understand.

“I took a chance on a zero-G mechanic with a heart defect. Why don’t you take a chance on her, too?”—Sinclair, giving Raven some much-needed love.

“She left us to die on that mountain. She will always put her people first. You should come home to yours.”—Bellamy, cracking our hearts in two.
“I’m sorry.”—Clarke, grounding those two halves into dust.


- … still with the intro voiceover?

- So Trikru’s capital is called Polis, but the building really looks like one of the Marina City towers in Chicago. Where, exactly, are they? (And why am I so hung up on this?)

- We’re assuming that Monty and his mom weren’t in Mt. Weather, right?

- Why did the Ice Nation let Emerson live? Also, why—and this is a rhetorical question—is he such a dick?

Guys, this is only the third episode in this season. The writers are pulling absolutely no punches! Let's take it to the comments.

Next episode: “Watch the Thrones


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