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The Originals 3x11: Wild at Heart

Postcards From Spooky Witch Purgatory

The Originals 3x11: Wild at Heart

Previously on The Originals: Jackson was killed and given a Viking funeral. Vincent was instrumental in getting Davina shunned by the witches. Cami transitioned into a vampire. Aya and the Strix turned on Tristan, and now he’s sleeping with the fishes.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Aya and Marcel lead the Strix in toasting the tragedy of the deposed Tristan. Their new witch, Ariana, is brought in to assess the Strix members’ loyalty. Aya claims the prophecy threat to Elijah is still all too real, and they must protect their sire line by any means necessary. Aya invites Elijah over so that Ariana can enter his mind and see if what form the prophecy threat will take. There’s something about a white horse, and a flame, but who cares? Because Elijah is wet.

Poor Davina is still being shunned, but she has Josh on her side, so I’m not even sure what she’s pouting about. Aya introduces Davina to The Sisters, the Strix’s coven of witch consultants. Aya offers her the spell to raise Kol, in exchange for joining The Sisters. Davina goes to Spooky Witch Purgatory to find Kol, to ask him if the spell will work. I am sad to report that she finds Kol 1.0, and not the far superior, 2.0 version. In the Purgatory world, Davina is chased by the spirit of the witch she had killed, and Ariana helps Davina get out safely.

Klaus offers to train Cami in feeding and restraint. She finds his hypocrisy obnoxious. And he really doesn’t want her to be quite so like him. So, she breaks his neck and does what she wants. Fair, girl. And then she runs into Hot Detective, and turns on her new vampire charm, to get some of her dark objects back.

Hayley and Hope go back to the Mikaelson compound, because she can’t bring herself to stay at the apartment she shared with Jackson. Hayley insists on taking Cami to talk her through being newly dead, thanks to Mikaelson drama, since she’s been there. But Cami is kind of an awful biatch about to her. She realizes there’s something wrong with her and apologizes, but I’m not sure these two are ever going to be besties. Hayley urges Klaus to give Cami some damn space already. Immediately after which, they realize that Cami figured out the weapon from the prophecy that could kill them, and stole it on her way out.

Holy Fang

Mean Girl Vampire is the worst. But Avenging vampire Cami is AMAZING. I’d like to think I’d use my superpowers to make sure waitstaff get generous tips, too.

Elijah killed Ariana because of what she saw in his head (I’m assuming the part about Rebekah’s whereabouts)! Seems pretty harsh, since she helped him out and all.

Winners and Losers

Winner: Cami. Vampire Cami is a devious pain in the ass, but I do appreciate her urge to revel in no longer having to be anyone’s victim.

Loser: Hayley. Her grief and guilt continue to be heartbreaking. “The truth is, my husband died because he loved me. And loving any of us is a death sentence, isn’t it?”

Original Snark

“Do you happen to have any kind of comment box or a complaint hotline? Because I have a few thoughts on your customer service, that, trust me, you do not want to end up on Yelp.” I LOVE YOU, JOSH.

“Hayley, this family comes with many, many hardships, but there is at least one benefit. You will always have a home here.” That time Klaus made me cry forever.

“And turn your hat around, you’re an adult.” Uh oh. I may love this version of Cami best of all.

“What I do, and what you do, are not the same thing!” Aw, Klaus doesn’t want any competition in the evil department.

“If you looked up ‘uncool’ in the dictionary, there would just be a tiny little drawing of what’s happening right now.” Davina has the best get-a-grip friend, and she doesn’t even listen to him.

Haunting Questions

- Am I the only one that’s crazy distracted by the abundance of available parking in this version of the French Quarter?

- Why does Cami’s humanity switch seem to be set to ‘off’ by default? And what on earth is her dark object scheme?

Next: Dead Angels

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