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Superhero Sundays: Feb. 1-5

Bizarro Supergirl (and Bizarro Cat?)! A look at Peggy Carter's past! A big reveal on Arrow! How many exclamation points can one week of our favorite superhero shows inspire? Find out in this week's edition of Superhero Sundays!

Superhero Sundays: Feb. 1-5

Almost all of our favorite shows are back (we miss you, S.H.I.E.L.D.!) and we need to talk about them ALL. We've got supervillains, we've got adorkable dates, we've got some classic soap opera drama on Arrow, and we've got a glimpse into Agent Carter's past. PLUS some mind-boggling news and comic reviews. Let's get to it!

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 1x12: Bizarro

It's been teased for a few weeks, and the new supervillain is here: Bizarro Supergirl! Maxwell Lord has used Kara's DNA to create someone he can control to match her powers. The dastardly and rather smug super-genius has experimented on seven women before successfully merging the DNA, and now that he has his weapon, he sets her against Supergirl.

Determined to have a night off once in a while, Kara and Adam (Cat's estranged son) go on a few dates. They are ADORBS together, but each date is interrupted by emergencies or being kidnapped by Bizarro Supergirl. Oops. Kara realizes she doesn't have a chance for a normal life and ends things with Adam before either of them gets more hurt. Cat, who was acting a little Bizarro herself by being kind to Kara while they were dating, turns icy and suggests they keep their own relationship strictly professional.

Bizarro Supergirl sets her sights on who Kara really loves--James Olson--to bait Kara into the open. James confesses his love of Kara as well. Meanwhile, Lord overplays his hand by revealing he knows Supergirl's real identity, and Alex Danvers takes him to prison inside the DEO. Bizarro Supergirl and Kara fight, and when she's severely injured, Bizarro Supergirl has a change of heart. The DEO puts Bizarro Supergirl into a deep sleep until they can find a treatment for her condition. (Kelly)

The Flash 2x12: Fast Lane

Harrison Wells has finished his Speed Force absorbing thingamajig (I'm sure there's a science-y term for it) and attaches the device to Barry's suit. When The Flash races off to stop the new metahuman villain Tar Pit, the device absorbs 2% of his Speed Force. Wells delivers the stolen Speed Force to Zoom, who threatens Jesse with torture if Wells doesn't finish the job.

Meanwhile, Iris has had enough of Wally West's dangerous drag racing hobby, and threatens the race organizer with an exposé if the races aren't called off. When Team Flash discovers that the organizer is on the list of Tar Pit's targets, The Flash speeds to the race---and so do Iris and Joe, looking for Wally. Tar Pit causes the cars to crash, and when the glass debris flies toward Iris, Barry isn't fast enough to stop it.

When Wells overhears Barry talking about how his missing speed is responsible for Iris's injury, he confesses to removing the Speed Force to save Jesse. (Thank goodness the Wells-hiding-something subplot wasn't dragged out for once.) Team Flash tosses him in the metahuman prison. They concoct a device to stop Tar Pit (more SCIENCE!) and he's captured safely. Barry thinks more about Wells and offers the pretty good argument that people will do anything for the people they love, so Team Flash decides to set Wells free---and go with him to Earth-2 to save Jesse. (Kelly)

Agent Carter 2x04: Smoke and Mirrors

Peggy and Jarvis track down the meathead who tried killing her at Stark Manor, and after a bit of finagling they tranq him and stick him in the boot of her car. She tries her best to keep this from Sousa but the yells and thumps from the trunk give her away. He agrees that they need Hunt to name names and go a little bit off book (by torturing him with a very bad cold virus) in order to get the intel. Just when they have a warrant and are gunned up for a manhunt, Red from That 70’s Show turns up with an executive order to search all of the SSR’s files. Just what is this guy’s angle anyway? Why is the War Department so keen on slowing down the work of the SSR? Peggy’s got this guy’s number; she doesn’t trust him at all.

In flashbacks we see a young Peggy and a young Whitney both being stomped down for wanting to be something more than what the world will allow them to be; Peggy insists on rescuing the princess from the dragon while playing with her brother Michael, and Whitney’s intelligence is ignored, even despised, by her mother who just wants her to smile and be nice to “Uncle Bud”. (EW.) Peggy was a code-breaker at the beginning of WWII and she almost married a young man named Fred but Michael referred her to become a spy for the S.O.E. She doesn’t understand why and goes forward with her engagement. On her wedding day her family is told that Michael has been killed in action and this tragedy propels Peggy to take off her veil and pack her bags for the road that will lead her to become Agent Carter. Young Whitney leaves Oklahoma for Hollywood, determined to use her beauty to find a life different from her mother’s since no one is interested in her extraordinary mind. She finds an agent who tells her how pretty she is when she smiles, and the girl who would NEVER smile for Uncle Bud smiles for this man. And now I want Whitney Frost to dismantle the patriarchy one creeper at a time.

Peggy and Sousa let Hunt escape after they bug his shirt, and he goes running back to Chadwick. When they realize that Hunt has spilled the beans Whitney very nonchalantly closes all of the curtains and proceeds to absorb him into her body while her husband stands there gaping like a fish.

Dr. Wilkes still isn’t corpulent and he’s starting to see a crack in reality, one that’s compelling him forward. Well this can’t be good! (Amanda R.)

Legends of Tomorrow 1x03: Blood Ties

Rip has decided that Team Legends is going to try a different tactic to weaken Savage - by hitting him in his purse. He's starting to feel the guilt of Hawkman's death and tries to set off on this quest alone, but Sara isn't having it. Once they infiltrate Ye Worlde's Oldest (and Shadiest) Banking Establishment Sara realizes that every single employee is armed and/or a trained killer. Fighting montage! And Sara's bloodlust comes front and center, shocking Rip and making Sara feel like a monster.

Meanwhile Cold decides since they're stuck in 1975 he's going to try and change his (and his family's) future. He recruits Heatwave (who's willing) and Jax (not so much) to man the launch ship and steal an emerald from the Central City Museum - the same emerald his father would try to steal (unsuccessfully) and get sent to prison. Daddy Snart was never a good guy but five years in the clink turned him into the type of awful that beats his wife and kids. Snart tries to deliver the emerald to his childhood home in the dead of night and runs into his childhood self. Aaaand we all silently weep on our collective couches as he tries to give this wee kid a pep talk on survival. Daddy Snart ends up in prison anyway, having tried to sell the stolen emerald to an undercover cop, and Leonard doesn't get that burden lifted from his soul. (Talk therapy, Leonard. It works wonders.)

Kendra still has tiny shards of the Magical Dagger in her bloodstream so Ray atom's up and is injected into her by Professor Stein. He loses confidence when hit by an asteroid of a fragment and flees before all of the shards are destroyed. Stein pulls a Coach Taylor and gives Ray the boost of confidence he needs and they save Kendra.

Everything gets a bit Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as Sara and Rip learn that Savage is going to use Hawkman's body in a blood ritual. (Savage is gross, y'all.) They try to recover him but Savage's minions trap them in the ritual. Oh, and this isn't the first time that Rip has tried to kill Savage; he went after him in ancient Egypt, so now Savage recognizes him and I really think that's something he should've disclosed to his team. (Please make Rip more likeable, show.) (Amanda R.)

Lucifer 1x02: Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil

This week’s episode kicks off with Lucifer converting an end-of-days street crier - and the rest of us - when he morphs into his true demonic form for a moment. He’s convinced he’s avoided the trap of becoming “too empathetic,” but therapist (and lady love) Linda isn’t so sure - could there be someone new in his life that’s leading him down the path to humanity? Chloe has some questions of her own for Lucifer - like, how is his last name actually Morningstar? And why didn’t he exist before five years ago? Lucifer’s made no secret about his past, but he wants to know more of Chloe’s - namely, the source of her strange immunity to his powers. A search of her house yields no answers, but it does make Lucifer’s brother, Amenadiel, suspicious of his feelings for Chloe. He wants Lucifer to come back to Hell before he changes too much.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s new case contains a blast from the past. Although still on leave from her injury, she’s on the case of a famous actor’s son who crashed and died while on the run from the paparazzi. Turns out that the particular paparazzo in question is Nick, who hounded her when she was still acting - and who crashed her father’s funeral. Nick’s a slimeball, but Chloe’s not too sure he’s the killer. She and Lucifer track down Nick’s protege Josh - a super slimeball who, under Lucifer’s particular brand of questioning, reveals he’ll do whatever it takes to be first. Chloe convinces Nick to testify, but Lucifer is convinced Josh needs a more intense intervention. Calling upon Mazikeen and Amenadiel, Lucifer makes sure that Josh ends up exactly where he belongs - in jail, while Chloe gets to witness her first true instance of time-bending weirdness as Amenadiel pleads with Lucifer to go back to Hell, and Lucifer refuses. Could Lucifer actually be the Prince of Darkness? (Savannah)

Arrow 4x12: Unchained

Star City’s got another mayoral candidate—Damien Darhk’s also-evil wife, Ruve Adams. More importantly, Felicity’s finally got a superhero name! Yay! It’s “Overwatch.” Oh. Um, yay? Also, Roy’s back! But only because he’s being blackmailed by a hacker, The Calculator (I mean, this name….), to steal high tech items. Team Arrow figures out the villain is planning on using his ill-gotten goods to deploy a “web-nuke” that will end up destroying the city. Felicity goes head-to-head with him in an epic hacker battle where she, of course, is the pwner, not the pwnee. After it’s done, Roy disappears once more into the shadows, and Felicity rocks a badass Palmer Tech presentation, in which we learn The Calculator is actually her dad.

In worse news, Thea’s bloodlust is also back. Merlyn drops by to villain-splain that the Resurrection Pit requires blood sacrifice and if Thea won’t supply it through murder, it will feed off of her life force. Oliver is so upset he considers going to Damien Darhk and offering to drop out of the mayoral race in return for help for Thea until Merlyn surprisingly talks him out of it.

Meanwhile, Nyssa’s on a quest to find a magical flower in order to win back her father’s kingdom, cause apparently that’s just how they do in Nanda Parbat. Anyways, she fights Katana to get the flower, but ends up making a deal with her. Then she shows up at Thea’s bedside, telling Ollie she’ll trade him a cure for Malcolm Merlyn’s head. Done? Done! (Amanda K.)

Hero of the Week: Barry Allen, The Flash

This has not been Barry's season. The weight of Earth-1 and Earth-2 have been heavy on his shoulders, Zoom gave him a thorough beatdown, PLUS he lost Patty. But it's his unfailing willingness to keep moving forward and do good that inspire Wells' quick change of heart. Not only is Barry quick, he's quick to forgive, so they're off to Earth-2 to save Jesse (Quick). (See what I did there.)

Honorable mentions: Felicity Smoak, Arrow

Villain of the Week: Whitney Frost, Agent Carter

A peek into Whitney Frost's life this week gives us all just a little bit of sympathy for the mechanical-genius-turned-actress-turned-supervillain. (Seriously, hearing "you'd be prettier if you smile" over and over might turn anyone into a supervillain.) Frost is still dealing with the side effects of the Zero Matter explosion, but she's learning to use it to her advantage, much to the dismay of anyone who crosses her. 

Honorable mentions: Bizarro Supergirl, Supergirl, Maxwell Lord, Supergirl


Henry Cavill (Superman) posted a shot of himself training for the upcoming Justice League film, and oh... my.

*fans self*

Biff! Bam! Pow!

Image via http://cbssupergirlgifs.tumblr.com/

Pull List

Top Titles

Captain Marvel #2 by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, with art by Kris Anka

Captain Marvel and Alpha Flight warily enter a mysterious ghost ship with visions of Aliens dancing in their heads. It's hard to spook Carol, but she's definitely not a fan of what they encounter on board. Meanwhile, back on the station, Abigail Brand must play host to aliens who seek an audience with Captain Marvel. Carol seems at home in space, even if she'd rather be on the front line than the one in charge. The new Captain Marvel series and creative team are finding their footing and seem to be setting up a solid start, although I feel like I need to do some homework to remind me who's who in Alpha Flight. (Kelly)

Giant Days #11 by John Allison, with art by Max Sarin

What I love about Giant Days is how it simultaneously captures the college experience while also infusing the storylines with so much humor and imagination that these familiar stories never feel stale: break-ups, school elections, exam freak-outs, and the iron-clad will to do as little laundry as humanly possible. Susan learns the hard way that sleep is VITAL for basic human functions, and putting your boyfriend on the back burner is only going to make you single. (Amanda R.)

Scarlet Witch #3 by James Robinson, with art by Steve Dillon and Chris Visions

Wanda Maximoff and Agatha Harkness travel to Ireland to uncover why the land is sick and dying. Wanda suspects dark, broken witchcraft is the cause, and she's determined to fix it, tracking the spell to its source. Each issue of the series is eerie and dramatic, and yes, magical. (Kelly)

Pick of the Week

Batgirl #48 by Brenden Fletcher & Cameron Stewart, with art by Babs Tarr

Dinah is in town! I love this comic when Babs and Dinah are together. Dinah is in town looking for help finding her mother. Babs is finding more holes in her memory, and so Frankie and Dinah are determined to figure out what's been causing them (and the horrible nightmares Babs has been having). There's betrayal at the end of that tunnel (and this issue) so hopefully Dinah will stick around for a bit longer for our Babs. (Amanda R.)

As Seen in the Daily Planet


Guys. Guys. GUYS. The Flash (Grant Gustin) is heading to National City this March on Supergirl.

TNT might have passed on the Teen Titans TV show, but there are still plans for Titans in the works.

Oogachacka! The first rehearsal photos from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 were shared online.

A DC Super Hero Girls comic is coming for Free Comic Book Day.

Legends of Tomorrow's Wentworth Miller talks about Captain Cold and his own life.

Deadpool has over 100 Marvel Easter eggs hidden inside, says Ryan Reynolds.

Saga made a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory this week, but sadly, the memorable cover was mocked rather than celebrated.

Olivia Munn shared a photo of Psylocke's psychic knife in action.

Speaking of the X-Men, did you know there's a spinoff show called Legion in the works? Here's the cast.


Teaser for next week's journey to Earth-2 (EARTH-2 BARRY IS EVEN CUTER THAN OUR BARRY):

I'm still squealing about the Supergirl/Flash crossover announcement, are you? What did you think about the reveal of Felicity's father? And did you see this photo of Chris Hemsworth in the new Ghostbusters movie? Okay, it's not a superhero movie, but this photo must. be. seen.

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