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The Originals 3x12: Dead Angels

In which all the supernatural creatures of the city fight over a wooden toy.

The Originals 3x12: Dead Angels

Previously on The Originals: Mikaelson Prophecy of Dooom. Tristan got dropped in the ocean. Aya took over the Strix. Vampire Cami is out of control and took the weapon that can kill the Mikaelsons.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Cami is still pouting about Klaus taking her dark objects, and is holding Klaus’ toy horse (made from the deadly white oak tree) hostage. She enlists Vincent’s help in cloaking her, while she negotiates a trade.

Davina is upset that Elijah killed the witch seer, Ariana, and Aya wants her to help channel the dead girl to locate the macguffin weapon that Elijah killed over. Marcel objects to using Davina, since she’s just a kid. But with Aya’s sire line at stake, she really doesn’t care. Davina is able to get flashes of what Ariana knew and does some spirit spying to check into the Mikaelson compound. She’s able to warn Cami about some witchy sabotage, but it’s too late.

Hayley is obviously jealous to learn that Elijah and Aya had a thing, back when he initiated her into the Strix. I wouldn’t worry Hayley, it seemed really boring. Elijah crashes a Strix meeting to explain that he’s going to be taking back his little club, thanks the charter he wrote 900 years ago. Aya reminds him that she helped him write the charter and invokes her right to challenge him to a duel. Like the rest of us, Marcel decides it’s all taking forever, so he just steals the charter and wins the game. And just like that (and with a little secret help from Elijah), Marcel is back in charge of the city.

Holy Fang

Cami has become a really big undead pain in the ass.

Marcel stealing the Strix charter right out from under bickering Aya and Elijah? Brilliant move.

That terrible upstart Sisters Coven witch was working for Aurora! And now Aurora has the white oak weapon of dooom.

Winners and Losers

Winner: Aurora. This insidious creature and her lame grudge managed to pull one over on everyone, and she now has six (I think there were six?) bullets made from the white oak tree.

Loser: Everyone seen here (and probably Freya, Hayley, and Hope too). Not only does Aurora possess the only weapon that can kill them, Aya and Marcel may have a way to break the sire line, which gives them, and the Strix, no further incentive for protecting the original family.

Original Snark

“I should have known Camille would seek powerful fools to aid in this rather futile gambit.” I think Klaus buried a compliment in there somewhere.

“I’m sorry. Does my therapist’s betrayal inconvenience your otherwise tranquil day?” If the father of my child spoke to me like that, I’d be a widow. But Hayley is a better person than I.

“This is Elijah Mikaelson, traitor to our cause!” But, what exactly is their cause, besides being pompous and terrible?

“And, since I’m so charming, I get invited everywhere.” Sorry, Marcel. Have you looked in a mirror? It’s not the charm.

“I do wonder which of us she’ll try to kill first.” Typical Friday night in the Mikaelson house.

Haunting Questions

- Really? Marcel’s fight club cage can hold two ancient vampires?

- How long is Cami going to hold a grudge about being dead?

- It’s ridic when Klaus refers to Cami as his therapist, right? Is she even licensed? Was he even paying her?


Please explain it to me in the comments!

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