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Superhero Sundays: Feb. 8-12

Kara needs saving, Earth-2 is STUNNING, Team Peggy recruit Rose & Samberley, Oliver outsmarts Malcolm & Nyssa, and the Legends travel to 1986! Plus ALL the trailers, newsworthy links, and comic recs - join us!

Superhero Sundays: Feb. 8-12

Hey everyone, Amanda R. here! Are you ready to get down with some superheroic shenanigans? LET'S DO THIS.

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 1x13: For the Girl Who Has Everything

We pick up right where we left off last week, with a parasitic alien thing attaching itself to Supergirl. Kara falls into a coma, where she hallucinates her perfect life on Krypton. Her parents are there, cute little Kal-El is there, and even Aunt Astra is part of her happy family. Kara knows it can’t be real, but the allure of her fantasy life is too much to ignore.

Meanwhile, Alex Danvers will stop at nothing to get her sister to wake up. She recruits the help of not only Winn and James, but even Aunt Astra and Maxwell Lord. They might all have different agendas, but know that Kara is worth saving, so for once they are ALL on Team Supergirl.

Lord is let out of his DEO cell to whip up a device in about five minutes that places Alex inside Kara’s dream. Alex reaches Kara and reminds her of her home and family on Earth, and Kara leaves her fantasy behind and wakes up.

It turns out that evil uncle Non is the one behind the parasite attack. He and Astra are launching Myriad, their plan to save the Earth, and he needed Kara occupied without physically hurting her. Astra might have helped Kara, but she’s still carrying out her plan, so J’onn J’onzz takes her on to stop her. They fight, and Alex is forced to kill Astra to save J’onn. Kara arrives in time for a tearful goodbye. (Kelly)

The Flash 2x13: Welcome to Earth-2

This is it, Flash fans — our look at Earth-2! Or, more accurately, Earth-Where-Barry-Has-Everything-He’s-Ever-Wanted. Barry, Cisco, and Harrison Wells make the journey through the last dimensional breach, but when it suddenly closes behind them, Caitlin and Jay need to work overtime to get it back open.

Or, they would, if a new metahuman didn’t arrive and call out The Flash. With Barry on Earth-2, it’s up to Jay to save the day, but he needs Caitlin’s help to do it. He reveals that he actually lost his speed because of the experimental Velocity-6 formula, which was designed to increase his speed but did so with terrible side effects. Caitlin creates Velocity-7, which doesn’t last long, but just enough for Jay to take on the metahuman Geomancer.

Back on Earth-2, Barry can’t resist taking a look at his doppelganger’s life, and by look I mean he TAKES IT OVER. For a little bit. He discovers he’s married to Detective Iris West, his parents are happy and alive, and he still has his gig as a CSI. The only bummer is that Earth-2 Joe West, lounge singer extraordinaire, hates his guts. And seeing how it’s our Barry’s fault that Killer Frost and Deathstorm attack and mortally wound Joe, you can’t really blame the guy.

We also meet Earth-2 Cisco Ramon, and guys, if you don’t want spoilers, STOP reading. Okay, here goes. He’s a bad guy! Earth-2 Ramon, like Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond, is an evil version of Cisco—but with greater command of his vibe powers. He attempts to recruit Cisco and teach him how to use his powers, but Zoom shows up and kills just about everyone except Killer Frost. Ouch.

Zoom speeds away with Barry, and we’re left with the cliffhanger of our Flash in the evil speedster's clutches. (Kelly)

Agent Carter 2x05: The Atomic Job

Season 2 is really upping the hijinks and hilarity from last season and I APPROVE. Just look at that Reservoir Dogs strut in that pic. Hilarious. On to the show! Jason has realized that he can absorb and manipulate dark matter, and when he absorbs the tiny bit they have from Jane's corpse he suddenly knows where the rest of poor Dr. Jane Scott's body went. It also turned him corporeal for a hot second so now he's convinced that a larger amount of dark matter will get him back to normal.

We see some very serious cuteness between Daniel and Violet, and he finally proposes! Aww. Except that you're still in love with Peggy, Daniel. (Thank God that our show didn't drag that out; Violet was quick to realize Daniel's feelings when Peggy ends up lying wounded on her couch.)

Calvin Chadwick is terrified of his wife and I love it. He's a total dunce, and sure, she's pretty evil, but you would be too if you had to tolerate men like Chadwick getting ahead while your own brilliant self is ignored. 

Peggy is breaking into Chadwick's storage unit, AKA where Jane's body is being stored. She and Jarvis crawl through the vents only to find themselves above Chadwick and Frost, Frost BEGGING her husband to let her have access to the rest of the dark matter. She absorbs it through Jane's body and then declares that she needs an atomic bomb. Later on Jason realizes that she's trying to replicate the original dark matter tests. This is NOT good. Team Peggy needs to get to the bomb first, and disable it! A HEIST IT IS THEN! TALLY HO! Rose flirting with Samberley to get him to do what she wants has me even more in love with her than before. 

Peggy, Sousa, Rose, Jarvis, and Samberley (snort) are on the case! Samberley's memory inhibitor is put to good use by Peggy, who's disguised herself as the New Girl in Hugh Jones's office. When he begins to recognize her, she zaps him. REPEATEDLY. He's a pig and deserves it so THERE.

Ken Marino Joseph Manfredi shows up to a restaurant to meet Whitney and Calvin, and from the chemistry and not-at-all-subtle innuendo we can gather that this guy is her ex. He's also a violent psychopath with a terrible temper, but Whitney wants his help "moving some equipment" in exchange for lucrative construction contracts when her husband becomes senator. 

Poor Jarvis gets locked in the room with the bombs and has to GENTLY lift them into a padded suitcase so that they can be removed safely. That man is a champ, I'll tell ya. Peggy encounters Frost, and offers to help her. Frost basically laughs in her face and throws our Pegs off of a catwalk, impaling her! NO! They rush her to Violet's house since going to a hospital isn't safe with Frost on her tail, and it's then that Violet realizes that her fiance is in love with another woman. Back at Casa de Stark, Jason talks to Peggy as she lies in bed, only he disappears! 

Chadwick makes a middle of the night phonecall, gathering the council while his wife sleeps. He's so going to die. (Amanda R.)

Arrow 4x13:Sins of the Father

Oliver looks Nyssa’s gift horse in the mouth, trying to figure out a way to save Thea without killing Merlyn. His big idea? Ask Merlyn to give up his spiffy Ra’s al Ghul ring willingly. Because, yeah, that’s going to happen. For her part, Nyssa agrees to the deal, warning that if Merlyn betrays her, she’ll set a legion of assassins loose on Star City. She even gives a sample of the cure that briefly restores Thea. Merlyn agrees to Nyssa’s terms, and then (surprise) double-crosses her, turning the handoff into a swordfight.

Later, Diggle and Felicity advise Ollie to kill Merlyn. He arranges a one-on-one fight between Nyssa and Merlyn for total domination, and then steps into the ring as Nyssa’s champion. But instead of killing Merlyn, he simply cuts off the man’s hand, pulls off his ring and hands it to Nyssa in exchange for the cure. Bold move there, Queen. After Thea is cured, Nyssa throws the ring in the fire and disbands the League. Merlyn swears revenge and storms off to team up with Darhk.

Felicity has an awkward dinner date with her absentee dad in which he 1) reveals he knows her secret superhero identity; 2) shares his own; and 3) insists that (despite blackmailing Roy) he’s not a bad guy. Her mother warns her that the man will never change his criminal ways. Felicity tests him, giving him full access to Palmer Tech which he abuses completely in an astonishingly short time. She calls in Captain Lance to arrest him. Woo, that’s ice cold. (Amanda K.)

Legends of Tomorrow 1x04: White Knights

Team Legends is heading to the 80's! First stop: the Pentagon! Sure, why not. They have a dossier on Savage that's been almost completely blacked out with a Government-issued Sharpie, so they need the original. Kendra, Sara, Mick, Snart, and Ray all have parts to play, and are for the most part successful (except when Kendra goes FULL Hawk-Priestess and gouges out some poor corporal's eyes).

Savage is in Russia! He's funding the research of Dr. Valentina Vostok. Thanks to some snazzy linguistic-neural tech from Gideon, our Team can now be fluent (and understood) in any language. Ray swallows a magic capsule, hoping to woo Valentina with his American Boy-Next-Door good looks, but it's Snart that piques her interest. (There's nothing he can't do when wearing a fur-collared peacoat.) Oh Ray. You're like the most oblivious, adorable labrador retriever. Valentina tries to lure Snart up for a nightcap but he says goodnight (like a gentleman) and pockets her key card to the lab (like a boss). 

Sara is trying to help Kendra get control of her inner Hawk-Priestess, but their training backfires when Sara's bloodlust takes over. These two end up supporting each other through their mutual struggles in a way that makes me hope they become BFFs.

Jax is OVER Stein telling him what to do and chiding him when he doesn't do it, but it turns out that Stein is still grieving the death of Ronnie; he won't be able to cope if he has to tell Jax's mom that she's lost her son. Later on when they're infiltrating Vostok's lab, Jax patches into Stein and he finally realizes what it's like to have a voice inside your head nagging you all of the time. Stein discovers that Savage is having Vostok build a new Firestorm (YIKES), and proceeds to absorb all the energy from the powered orb she's built. Vostok and her cronies find them, and Snart is furious at Rip for letting Stein and Ray get captured. I'm liking this softer side of Snart. Vostok knows that Firestorm was Stein's tech, and now she has him in her grasp. (Amanda R.)

Hero of the Week: Alex Danvers, Supergirl

If you live in National City and need someone loyal and reliable on your side, it’s not Supergirl you should call: It’s Alex Danvers. Alex was RELENTLESS this week on her mission to save her sister. Threaten a Kyptonian? Sure. Manhandle a super-genius-millionaire? No problem. Risk everything to enter Kara’s dream and save her? Without hesitation. Alex was unstoppable this week and Supergirl is lucky to have her for a sister. (Kelly)

Honorable mentions: Cisco Ramon/The Flash, Rose Rogers/Agent Carter, Captain Cold/Legends of Tomorrow, Martin Stein/Legends of Tomorrow

Villain of the Week: Killer Frost, The Flash

The Earth-2 version of Caitlin Snow loves to be bad. Maybe it's because she's half of a Bonnie and Clyde type duo, but she definitely adores being a villain. As Killer Frost, she gives new meaning to cool and calculating, using her already formidable intelligence to masterfully (and mercilessly) use her ice powers. But is there a little room for redemption now that Zoom has taken Deathstorm away from her? (Kelly)

Honorable mentions: Reverb/The Flash, Zoom/The Flash, Whitney Frost/Agent Carter, Malcolm Merlyn/Arrow, Valentina Vostok/Legends of Tomorrow

Bif! Bam! Pow!

ALL HAIL ROSE. (images via)

Pull List

Top Titles

Black Canary #8 by Brenden Fletcher, with art by Sandy Jarrell

The first major arc for this run wrapped up in the last issue, so now we have the band flying to Berlin to find Dinah at Kurt's request. Dinah is being held by a woman with grey eyes, supposedly because she wants to learn the fighting techniques Dinah learned from her own mother. When she's not fighting, she's in a cell with VIXEN. OH YES. Dinah's aunt, a white ninja, tells her to stay put, that a larger game is being played, but Vixen and Black Canary escape, Dinah still not sure she can trust her family. (Amanda R.)

Gotham Academy #15 by B. Fletcher, Z. Gorman, E. Medeiros, R. Albuquerque, and M.H. Chen, with art by A. Archer, Z. Gorman, E. Medeiros, R. Albuquerque, and M.H. Chen

Yearbook time! This issue is filled with short stories by different authors and illustrators. It's super fun and I loved all of the different artistic styles brought to the table. The Scarecrow turns up and makes Maps and Olive believe they're living in a D&D fantasy world, tapping into some of Olive's deepest insecurities. Good thing she has a best friend like Maps! (Amanda R.)

Zodiac Starforce #4 Kevin Panetta, with art by Paulina Ganucheau

It’s the final showdown with Diana and Cimmeria! Zodiac Starforce fights to save their friends and their planet in the finale of this memorable series. The last issue of the 4-issue miniseries brings all of the magical girl action you can handle in the gorgeous, sparkly art and touching story. My fingers are still crossed for an ongoing story in the future so we can get to know Emma, Savanna, Molly, and Kim even better—and see how the next part of their story, hinted in the epilogue, unfolds. (Kelly)

Pick of the Week: Jonesy #1 by Sam Humphries, with art by Caitlin Rose Boyle

It's Valentine's Day and Jonesy is carrying a very powerful secret - she's actually a cupid! And she hates Valentine's Day. Can you blame her? We all rememeber that special hell of waiting to see all of the flowers that WEREN'T sent to you from friends/crushes. Even though she's a cupid she can't make anyone fall in love with her, and she has a mad secret crush. When she's not blogging on Tumblr she's writing zines that no one reads, listening to boy bands AND riot grrrl music, and suffering through adolescence like the rest of us. I kind of love her. (Amanda R.)

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Thanks to the SuperBowl we've got some pretty sweet new trailers:

Captain America: Civil War trailer:

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X-Men: Apocalypse teaser:

James McAvoy's voiceover ALONE has me all verklempt.

Gotham season 2, part 2:

Prettttty sure that's Fish Mooney in that tank..!

Extended trailer for Zoom Is Coming from The Flash:

Yay for Lila and Diggle! King Shark is back! Who's the masked female speedster? AND WHO IS ZOOM??

Bumblebee, Harley, Diana, and Ivy save the day in the newest DC Super Hero Girls:

The Powerpuff Girls are coming back! And they're taking on misogyny:


Are you all loving Agent Carter this season as much as I am? Who do you think the masked prisoner is in Zoom's lair? How long before Felicity finds out about Oliver's son? Who else is counting the days until the Flash/Supergirl crossover? Let's dish in the comments!

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