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YA Onscreen: Jeezy Chreezy, There’s A Lot Of GILMORE GIRLS News

We can't keep up! Plus some abysmal ALLEGIANT posters, a totally not-abysmal OUTLANDER poster and Katie Holmes talks a DAWSON'S CREEK reunion.

YA Onscreen: Jeezy Chreezy, There’s A Lot Of GILMORE GIRLS News

Welcome back to YA Onscreen! Let's hop to.

At this point, it might be easier to start listing who ISN'T in the Gilmore Girls revival (Melissa McCarthy, we're looking at you), but we've got a bunch of new casting announcements, so get ready!

Milo Ventimiglia is back as Jess, which means we'll get to watch him tell Rory how she isn't reaching her potential or some shit. Ventimiglia gave a good interview about it.

Dean is back, which is fine or whatever, but I have a big crush on Jared Padalecki even if Dean is a bit of a wet blanket.

Mrs. Kim is back! No word yet on her favorite son-in-law Zack.

Christopher is back! Hopefully in just "friendly co-parenting" mode and not "new romantic entanglement for Lorelai" mode.

OH YEAH, GREAT NEWS, APRIL NARDINI IS BACK. Yes, that's Luke's daughter. No, we're not psyched.

Totally psyched about the return of Doyle and his powerhouse reunion with Paris, however!

Also INSANELY PSYCHED that Bunheads' and Broadway's Sutton Foster is joining the cast as a newbie. Can you imagine screwball queens Sutton Foster and Lauren Graham sharing a scene? MAGIC.

To keep up with all the revival casting news, here's a pretty handy chart to who has and has not been announced. Previous YA Onscreen Gilmore Girls news here, here and here. You can follow the entire Gilmore Girls Rewatch Project HERE.

In our current Rewatch Project news, Katie Holmes dashes our hopes about a Dawson's Creek revival with some pretty solid reasoning:

When I look back at the show, it had a certain charm. It was before the Internet really took over, it was before iPhones, it was before this kind of new form of communication, and it had this certain feeling that was of the ’90s. I don’t think that in today’s world, you could achieve that same kind of feeling.

Yeah, can you imagine how insufferable Dawson would be if he could film everything with an iPhone?

In not-Rewatch news, Outlander Season 2 has a premiere date and a poster! Follow FYA's recaps here.




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