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The Originals 3x14: A Streetcar Named Desire

Long magic rituals leave a lot of extra time for inappropriate shipping.

The Originals 3x14: A Streetcar Named Desire

Previously on The Originals: Mikaelson Prophecy of DOOOM. (Yep, I’m sick of it, too.) Stefan Salvatore came to New Orleans (via a crossover with The Vampire Diaries), and pissed Klaus off by leading Huntress, Rayna Cruz, there. Davina believes that Aya will help her bring back Kol. Aurora was tedious and insufferable, and teamed up with Aya,

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Apropos of nothing, Elijah confesses to Freya that he daggered Rebekah. She’s less than thrilled, but she’s quickly distracted by the arrival of Good Hair Salvatore, who, despite the fact that they’ve never met, needs a favor. He needs her help shaking his Huntress tail. But first, Freya has to play exposition fairy for anyone who arrived for the crossover event, but hasn’t been watching The Originals.

Hayley goes searching for Aurora, and finds Lucien (who I forgot even existed). Aya confronts the Mikaelson boys before they can get to her. How do these two ancient people not recognize a trap when they see one? Aya has her witches drag them into a conversation with Tristan and Aurora on some witchy plain. Hayley and Lucien try to talk Marcel into helping them stop the spell, since Lucien doubts it will work, and knows that Aya will try it out by killing Klaus first - which would neatly take out Lucien, Marcel, and Stefan. Hayley and Stefan smuggle their way into the Strix building in the (very sexy) trunk of a car. As Marcel and Freya try to break the Mikaelson boys out of their witchy prison, and the Strix compound, Rayna Cruz inconveniently shows up. Marcel is unable to get Davina to stop the spell, and she succeeds in breaking Klaus’ sire line. Elijah’s line remains intact, so Aya is unable to do much to him. Elijah tries to kill her, but is too soft-hearted to do so. My queen, Hayley, does not share this problem.

Davina feels betrayed that Marcel wasn’t on her side, even though she was trying to free him. That rift may take some time to repair. But Davina clearly siphoned off a ton of Klaus’ energy during the spell, and she uses it to resurrect Kol 1.0.Stefan and Klaus have a heart-to-heart about their mutual beloved, Caroline. Stefan promises to do right by her. He suggests that Klaus also do right by Hayley, since she seems to care about him, for some reason.

Holy Fang

Tristan and Aurora are down for the count! PLEEEASE let this be true.

Aya is also dust! Sorry, girl. You had it coming.

Kol is BACK. I'm shaking my head at your choices, Davina.

Winners and Losers

Winner: Davina. She unlinked the vampires, weakening the original family, exactly as she meant to do. And she got her boo back. But is she going to have anyone else left on her side?

Loser: Klaus. He took the unlinking of the sire line pretty hard. It didn’t seem to be just about the lack of built-in protection, either. He took it as some kind of emotional loss. Teary JoMo is the saddest.

Original Snark

“You know, Aya, when this is over, we should be better friends.” Aurora, GIRL. Aya would totally kill you as soon as you're no longer useful.

“You’re an old friend, are you?” Freya rightly surmises that this is impossible, as Klaus doesn’t have any of those.

“Would you mind it terribly if you spared me the deadbeat dad lecture?” Elijah is right. Don't be such a whiner, Tristan.

“Is this really the best help we can get?” No, Freya. But Caroline Forbes was busy.

“You deserve to be free of Klaus. We all do.” Davina isn’t wrong.

“You’re a dark one, Freya Mikaelson. Vervain ropes, penetrating spells… Throw in a pinot and a cheap motel and you’ve got the beginnings of a romance.” Could you just try not to be a creep, Lucien?

Haunting Questions

- I get why (real life couple) Stefan and Hayley have chemistry. But I could totally ship Stefan and Freya, too. However, it looks like dark horse Lucien might have a chance with our girl. How do we feel about that?

- I can barely even remember the reasons for the du Martell’s evil plots. Can you? It’s hard to believe that even a crazy lady would carry a torch for Klaus this long.

- If the du Martell and Strix threat is gone, whoever will the Mikaelsons feud with next?

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