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Superhero Sundays: Mar. 7-11

Fries and Strange are chilling, S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits a new Inhuman, Lucifer finds his wings, and the League goes up against an army of HawkPeople. Plus: This week’s comic recs and newsworthy links.

Superhero Sundays: Mar. 7-11

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Speedy Synopses

Gotham 2x13: A Dead Man Feels No Cold

The hunt for Victor Fries continues, but Jim and Harvey just miss him when they track him to the company that makes the special helium Fries needs for his freeze formula. So they come up with a somewhat questionable plan to use Nora as bait—taking her to Arkham instead of Gotham General—and leaking the info. Fries takes said bait, but instead of being captured, is helped to escape with Nora (and Lee) by Dr. Strange (who totally has ulterior motives). Fries returns home to freeze Nora, but she switches the formula when he’s not looking, and so she dies. Fries tries to kill himself, too, but wakes up in Indian Hill a changed (and very cold) man. He bemoans the fact that he’s not dead, but Dr. Strange assures him that he will be very useful.

Meanwhile, Alfred gives Bruce the details about the man who killed his parents, one Patrick “Matches” Malone, and the two have a battle of wills over what’s going to happen when they find him.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x11: Bouncing Back

The team investigates a heist in Columbia, and discovers a new Inhuman with the gift of super bursts of speed. At first, S.H.I.E.L.D. thinks she’s out to steal the weapons to use, but really, she just wanted get rid of them and keep them out of the hands of the local police, who are wholly corrupt—and have an Inhuman of their own on the payroll who can paralyze people with a glance. Elena, the speedster, ends up working with S.H.I.E.L.D on their mission to take down the corrupt police force, and becomes the first satellite member of Daisy’s team.

Coulson continues his quest to find Gideon Malec, and uses the comatose mind of Werner von Strucker to find a way to get in touch. He also chats with his friend, POTUS Ellis, who tells him that he’ll soon have to deal with Glenn Talbot as the new head of the ATCU.

And elsewhere, in some undisclosed location, the creature that is Hive!Ward wakes up, watches TV, eats a bunch of raw meat, then dissolves his hand into some sandy substance to prove who he really is. (I really wish they’d stop trying to make Ward happen.)

Lucifer 1x7: Wingman

This week’s episode (Wingman) opens on a pretty brutal scene, as Mazikeen seduces then tortures a man she and Lucifer believe could be the one who stole Lucifer’s missing wings. After nearly drowning him over and over, Lucifer finally decides that these methods aren’t working, and they should try a new approach. Sometimes it can be easy to forget that he really is the Devil.

Chloe’s working on an unpopular case of her own—investigating the corruption charges against a fellow cop. Barely clinging to life after a shooting incident, everyone’s minds are on his upcoming memorial service and the grieving widow, while Chloe is determined to find out if his injuries are actually the result of some dirty dealings on the part of this would-be hero. Talking to almost-ex-husband Dan convinces her to give up...after 24 more hours of investigation.

Everyone is reluctant to help (not to mention pissed off and paranoid), so Chloe finally convinces Lucifer to help out - in exchange for helping him track down his wings, of course. As it turns out, Lucifer already asked brother Amenadiel for his help in tracking down the missing set, but Amenadiel refused. Chloe’s much more willing to work with him, and they soon track the wings down to a holy relic auction. Fully mortal now, Lucifer has to bid on the wings just like everyone else, but a distracting FBI raid allows him to slow down time for a closer inspection. The wings are fake.

Separating for to pursue their own projects independently, Chloe discovers a super sketchy tunnel near where her potentially corrupt cop was shot. Even if the cop in question wasn’t receiving money for contraband, it looks like there are definitely some cops who know about this tunnel. Hot on the trail of his own criminal, Lucifer tracks down the auctioneer—he’d stolen the wings for himself, and mounted them for his own personal collection—after a helpful hint as to their authenticity by none other than Amenadiel himself.

When Amenadial appears to confront Lucifer about finally returning to hell, Lucifer reveals that he now knows that Amenadiel was behind the theft of his wings all along—just to goad Lucifer into wanting to return home. Declaring that he’ll never return to hell, Lucifer sets his own wings on fire.

At the memorial service for the potentially corrupt cop, Chloe publicly apologizes for her investigation, calling the cop a hero. All the memorializing might be a little early, though—when the injured cop’s wife finally pulls the plug, he keeps breathing. Maybe Amendadiel has something to do with it. (Savannah)

Legends of Tomorrow 1x08: Night of the Hawk

It's the 1950's! And things are peachy keen … if you're a straight white dude. Stein gets a couple of minutes to revel in the Good Ol' Days before Jax and Sara bring him back to earth. Our team splits up in search of Savage, noticing that this small town in Oregon is very happy not acknowledging that there could be a possible serial killer on the loose. The local PD is super unhelpful (they're in on it, obviously) to FBI Agents Snart and Hunter (lol). (You wear the hell out of that fedora, Mr. Miller. No complaints here.)

The forced chemistry/relationship between Kendra and Ray starts to feel a bit more real this week as they pose as a married couple newly moved to town. Kendra gets mistaken for The Help (cringe) more than once and Jax has to tangle with his own gang of Biff wannabes. Jax flirts with a cheerleader connected to one of the missing teens and gets harassed by cops for it even though he's trying to save her life from CRAZED HAWK MUTANTS. This episode feels like a cross between The X-Files and Pleasantville, and I am here for it.

Did I forget to mention that Savage is posing as a psychiatrist and lives next door to Kendra and Ray? (Confession time: I really don't like C-Crump as Savage. I'm either cringing at his overacting or completely distracted by his wigs/facial hair.) Savage is in town thanks to a meteorite that's from the same cluster as the one that hit Egypt 4,000 years ago … and spawned Hawkgirl and Hawkman. He's decided to make his own army of HawkPeople by injecting people with the neon blue serum from the meteor. This guy is just so gross, and not just because he expects neighbors to eat his Tuna Surprise either.

Sara and Stein are undercover at the hospital, and Sara finds herself drawn to a pretty (closeted) nurse. She starts to feel feelings she hasn't felt since she came back from The Lazarus Pit (aww) and shares this revelation with Stein, who is pretty great about it in a very sweet, paternal way.

Rip and Snart find the terrifying HawkTeens in Savage's lair at the hospital, and Snart doesn't kill Jax when he realizes he's one of Savage's victims. It was nice to see this new level of trust develop between Jax and Snart; the team wasn't sure how to feel about Snart's "disposal" of Mick, even though it had to be done (and even though we all know that he's not really dead).

Kendra tries to distract/take on Savage by herself and is nearly killed for it. Ray does his sweet, supportive Ray-thing of being super awesome and giving Kendra a pep talk. Kendra, Ray and Sara are the last to return to the Waverider, but Chronos the Plot Device turns up and forces the rest of Team Legends to leave them behind! (Amanda R.)

Hero of the Week: Alfred Pennyworth, Gotham

I teared up when he told Young Master Bruce that he would kill his parents' murderer so Bruce didn't have to. (Amanda R.)

Villain of the Week: The team of Hugo Strange and Miss Peabody, Gotham

Although they’re not (yet) the focus of Gotham, their short scenes speak volumes of what’s to come. Plus, they are CREEPY AS HELL.

Biff! Bam! Pow!

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Top Titles

Gotham Academy #16 by Brenden Fletcher, James Tynion IV, and Ken Niimuta, with art by Adam Archer, Christian Wildgoose, and Ken Niimuta

Welcome to Yearbook part 3, folks! Even though the Robin War has settled, it seems young Damien Wayne just can't stay away from Gotham Academy. Using his detective skills, he locates Maps' secret yearbook and takes a peek into two Maps-centered stories. In Maps' Day Out, we see Colton and Maps cook up a fool-proof plan to show Batman the missed opportunity of having Maps as his sidekick. Unfortunately for Maps, she didn't think through the full stakeout rules—Never lose sight of your subject and BRING LOTS OF COFFEE—and falls fast asleep. Aw, poor Maps. There's still hope for her, though young Mr. Wayne can't believe his father has such a soft spot.

The second story, Boring Sundays, sends us a heartwarming message of the value of friendship and a team wrapped up in true Detective Club style . I won't spoil it for you but it ends with, "Someone once said: 'We do not make friends, we recognize them. And you'll know who they are, because they play according to the same rules that you do.'" *sniff* Who's cutting onions up in here?! Bonus: Mingjue Helen Chen does the cover art (can't wait for the GA/Lumberjanes cross over and her art there!) and Pomeline gives Damian a run for his money and he dishes back some defensive little quips. We see you, Damian, and we fully buy into OTP Maps/Damien <3. (Christy)

Luna the Vampire #3 by Yasmin Sheikh, with art by Yasmin Sheikh

This all-ages title has my heart COMPLETELY. Luna is a space vampire with a pet space worm named Moopsy. (MOOPSY!) She very much prefers her own company and seeing the world through her eyes we feel her ever-present mood of "Leave Me The Hell Alone." Basically, Luna is all of us.

This issue contains two standalone stories, perfect for diving right into this series! One has Luna attending (by mistake) a kid's birthday party at an intergalactic version of Chuck E. Cheese which turns into a tale that's part Scooby-Doo and part Alien, and the second has her navigating a party in her own home that she most certainly did NOT want, thanks to her boy-crazy roommate.

Yasmin Sheikh writes and illustrates Luna, and the art is bright and silly, reminiscent of a Cartoon Network show. If snarky, anti-social female space vampires are your thing, definitely give Luna a go! (Amanda R.)

Ms. Marvel #5 written by G. Willow Wilson with art by Nico Leon

Still feeling pulled in 1000 directions, Kamala Khan is trying to do her best as both Kamala and Ms. Marvel. Bruno’s Kamala-Bots seem to be the answer to her being in more than one place at once… until they start replicating on their own. Suddenly an army of Kamalas has invaded the streets of Jersey City! Her family just wants her to be a part of her brother’s wedding plans, but Kamala has her hands full with her life as Ms. Marvel. Will she ever find a balance?

It’s not easy being a teen struggling with school and life balance, plus add to that the duties of an Avenger, and you’ve got one stressed-out superhero. Even in a world with Inhumans, automatons, and Avengers, G. Willow Wilson always finds a way to add realism and make Kamala relatable. I’m pretty sure that’s her real-world superpower. (Kelly)

Pick of the Week

Mockingbird #1 by Chelsea Cain, with art by Kate Niemczyk

The Mockingbird One-Shot was so popular last year that Bobbi Morse now has her own series! And this first issue did not disappoint: Bobbi is still working for S.H.I.E.L.D. but she's been exposed to a couple of things that have her employers concerned. Things like Super Serum. We're introduced to her story through a sequence of doctors' visits, never quite knowing the context completely. (This choice of narrative is deliberate on the author's part; we'll see what leads up to each doctor's visit in subsequent issues.) I, for one, can't wait to find out why Bobbi turned up to the doctor's office dressed like a dominatrix. I mean, it could've just been another Wednesday for all I know, but still.

Niemczyk's art is gorgeous, with clean lines that serve to emphasize Bobbi's stunning looks as well as her incredible mind and ass-kicking abilities. I'm super excited to see where this series is going (and all of the Marvel cameos bring a smile to my face every time)! (Amanda R.)

Here’s an interview with Cain and Niemczyk.



- JK Simmons will play Commissioner Gordon in Justice League.

- Zendaya has been cast in the new Spider-Man reboot.

- As Maps would say: OH MY CRAP! A Gotham Academy / Lumberjanes crossover series starts in June!

- DC Super Hero Girls will air an hour-long special on Boomerang March 19. (Trailer below.)

- Supergirl has been renewed for a second season.

- And here’s a thank you from the cast for the first season.

- All of The CW’s shows have been renewed as well.

- Captain America: Civil War is Marvel’s longest movie to date. (Trailer below.)

- All-around delight of a human being John Boyega is #TeamCap.

- WGN America has issued a pilot order for the Vertigo series Scalped. “Scalped takes place on and around a Native American reservation, and centers on Dashiell ‘Dash’ Bad Horse, an Army veteran who returns home to confront the crime and corruption that has engulfed ‘the Rez.’”

- Here’s an interview with DC Bombshells writer Marguerite Bennett on the future of the series, which includes an all-female Justice League.

- Check out these new cast photos from Preacher.

- Amazon’s ordered a pilot for a live-action reboot of The Tick.

- Luke Cage will be available on Netflix Sept. 30.


Captain America: Civil War (UNDEROOS!)

DC Super Hero Girls special

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