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Superhero Sundays: Mar. 14-18

The Man Without Fear is back in Hell's Kitchen! Also, Supergirl goes superbad, Hive is supergross, and more, all this week on your favorite super shows. Plus comic news and reviews, all for you!

Superhero Sundays: Mar. 14-18

You've been waiting for Daredevil to return, and he's back for your next binge-watch on Netflix. Supergirl packs an emotional punch, there's a twist on Lucifer, and much more, plus all the best comic news and picks made just for you. Let's get to it!

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Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 1x16: Falling

It’s a typical day for Supergirl, swooping in to save a fan from mean girls and rescue a firefighter trapped on the roof of a building. But hidden on that roof is something mysterious and red… it’s Red Kryptonite. Dun dun DUN!

The effect of the Red Kryptonite is apparent the next morning when Kara struts into the office in a tight-fitting dress. She’s let go of her inhibitions and saying whatever comes to mind, whether it’s giving Cat a little bit of sass or being disinterested in whatever Hank Henshaw is saying. As time goes on, the effect gets worse, and Supergirl lets a bad guy go because she’s simply too bored to fight him.

Siobhan Smythe obtains footage of Supergirl letting him escape and offers the scoop to Cat. Cat, who’s wary to start a campaign against Supergirl without more information, declines. Siobhan wants to be the one who gets credit for the scoop, however, and calls up The Daily Planet to offer it. Kara overhears and lets Cat know. Siobhan is promptly fired. Kara adds super-smugness as one of her superpowers as Siobhan walks out.

By now, James, Winn, and the DEO have figured out something is wrong with Kara. Conveniently at this moment, Maxwell Lord walks in to confess his synthetic Red Kryptonite was left at the fire as a trap for Non. Not much of a genius move there, dude. Supergirl is in full supervillain mode now, though, and after tossing Cat off a building (but catching her), the public is afraid of her.

The DEO reluctantly takes her on, but when it’s obvious that they can’t touch her, Hank Henshaw does the unthinkable and turns into the Martian Manhunter in the middle of the city to stop her. Lord has finished the antidote and Alex delivers it. Kara is beyond remorseful and regretful for everything she did, Hank Henshaw is behind DEO bars as an alien threat, and James needs some space from Kara. Talk about a bad day. (Kelly)

Gotham 2x14: This Ball of Mud and Meanness

Bruce is hellbent on tracking down "Matches" Malone, and would rather not have Alfred mucking about in his revenge plot. So when the two meet a man named Cupcake, who beats Alfred senseless in a fight and then tells Bruce to go see a woman named Jeri, Bruce leaves Alfred (in the hospital, not on the street—he's not a total jerk) the first chance he can get. He takes the gun Selina got him, and the info Jeri gave him, and tracks down Matches. Matches barely remembers killing the Waynes, which causes Bruce to have an epiphany: evil begets evil, and if he wants to change things, he needs to find another way of justice. In the end, he leaves Wayne Manor to go live on the streets for a bit to get to know Gotham better. (It was all very Batman-y of him.)

At Arkham, Hugo Strange and Ms. Peabody continue their therapy sessions with Penguin, and he makes enough progress to be declared "sane" and released. What Penguin doesn't know is that he's being used as an experiment by the two mad doctors. Meanwhile, Jim asks Nygma about Miss Kringle's disappearance, but puts the questionable circumstances on the back burner to find Bruce. Ed figures it's all a ruse, that Jim knows Ed's involved, and the Riddler comes out to play. (Mandy)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x12: The Inside Man

Coulson meets up with Glenn Talbot, who pretty much hates everything about his new role as ATCU head, particularly the fact that it means he has to work with Phil. But he takes it in stride, and the two head to an Inhuman symposium to ferret out a possible mole working for Gideon Malick/Hydra. Talbot—true to form—is suspicious of everyone, and a total 'Merican embarrassment. At the symposium, the delegate from Russia announces his country's willingness to create a safe zone for Inhumans, and the rest of the delegates are just about to vote in favor of this plan when Talbot announces that there's a traitor among them ... and he points his finger directly at Coulson.

Phil is shocked to learn that Talbot is working with Malick, but soon finds out that it's because Malick has Talbot's son. They all work together get free of the Hydra goons and save Talbot's son, and Hunter and Bobbi stow away on Malick's plane when it takes off.

Back at base, while investigating Talbot's new right-hand man, Carl Creel, Fitzsimmons discovers that his blood might be the key to creating an Inhuman vaccine. And wherever it is he’s hidden away, Hive!Ward disintegrates five humans to heal himself (and remains terrible). (Mandy)

Lucifer 1x08: Et Tu, Doctor?

Things are getting hot this week as Lucifer throws a party to celebrate his “birthday” - only to have it ruined when Chloe comes (yay!) but brings it’s-complicated-Dan (boo!) and Satan has his first brush with jealousy. As Chloe leaves to attend another party - this one to celebrate the recovery of a fellow cop, formerly under suspicion of corruption - Lucifer deals with some seriously suffocating emotions. Perhaps if Chloe and Dan could be inspired to finally end their troubled relationship, Old Nick (that is, Lucifer) would feel better!

Hot on the case of a “cheaters’ therapist” (a therapist who encourages trouble couples to ‘cheat it out’), Lucifer manages some quick seduction with a judge to get the necessary court order and assignment of an approved therapist as a guide. Luckily, it just so happens that Lucifer’s sexy therapist Linda is assigned, and together Lucifer, Chloe and Linda comb through the case files. A brush with the only really reportedly angry patient, Richard, reveals that he wasn’t angry with the Cheater’s Therapist at all - he’s sad that she’s dead. As it turns out, the doctor’s wife is the angry one - with a nasty plot to throw horse manure (um, ew) on the controversial dead man’s mistress. Lucifer manages to use his satanic wiles to prompt another therapist, Dr. Medina, to confess his love of the mistress and his guilt of the murder of the Cheater’s Therapist.

All’s well that ends well, until Lucifer and Chloe discover the body of Tony in a bar - Tony, the main cop who gave Chloe so much trouble of her corruption investigation of fellow cop Malcolm. Tony appears to have shot himself, leaving a note confessing his guilt over his involvement with corruption. Back at home, Chloe and Dan attempt to bond, but Chloe still has some doubts about their relationship. When Dan is suddenly called away by a mysterious text, and we see that Dan has been the mysterious second corrupt policeman the entire time. Malcolm, recently recovered from a would-be fatal bullet wound - now, as we know, from Dan - has been blackmailing Dan for revenge, and even faked poor cop Tony’s suicide. Twist! (Savannah)

Daredevil 2x01: Bang

Season two starts off with a recap that reminds you, in case you forgot, that some serious shite is going down in Hell's Kitchen. Wlison Fisk is behind bars, but that's left a gap in the control of the crime in New York.

Matt Murdock, the man with the sexiest mouth alive with no fear, seems content keeping his clients safe and working with Foggy and Karen. After an unexpected hit on the Irish gang, one of the surviving mobsters seeks them out for help. He tells them that an army has been targeting the local crime organizations and taking them out. Nelson & Murdock, Attorneys at Law, agree to protect him as they uncover the team behind the murders.

Matt and Foggy split to figure out who is behind the violence. Foggy bravely stands up to the bike gang Dogs of Hell while the Daredevil follows up on a lead that takes him to a meat packing company. Trying to save a man who is tied up on a meat hook (eew), he’s told it’s not an army he needs to stop, but one man.

After Shane a lone figure attacks the hospital where the Irish survivor is recuperating, Daredevil follows to protect Karen and the witness. He attacks the gunman, but the gunman proves more dangerous than expected. After a brief struggle, the gunman shoots Daredevil in the head, who tumbles off the building. This is why we binge-watch Netflix. (Bianca

Hero of the Week: Hank Henshaw/J'onn J'onzz, Supergirl

J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, has done a lot of heroic things this season on Supergirl, but none has been as brave as revealing himself for who he truly is. Now that the world knows that he's not the real Hank Henshaw, what does the future hold for J'onn?

Honorable mention: Foggy Nelson, Daredevil

Villain of the Week: Hive, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Dude. Is. Creepy. Maybe it's because we all know how charming the real Grant Ward could be, Hive in a Grant suit is extra unsettling. He's so scary that even the head of Hydra, Gideom Malick, is intimidated. Add some weird goop and we've got a legit supervillain.

Honorable mentions: Supergirl, Supergirl

Comic Relief

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Top Titles

Kanan #12 by Greg Weisman, with art by Andrea Broccardo

The crew of the Ghost have finished their mission on Kaller when Kanan Jarrus gets word that a longtime friend is in trouble. He recruits the help of his Padawan, Ezra Bridger, and the two set off to find and rescue his friend. But when they encounter a foe from Kanan's past, things suddenly get very complicated. Star Wars Rebels fans who also read the tie-in novel A New Dawn will be delighted to see the return of Admiral Sloane, but understandably dismayed that this is the last issue of Kanan's solo series.

International Iron Man #1 by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Alex Maleev

Tony Stark now stars in two monthly titles, but this one might not be what you expect. Instead of superheroics, we get a lengthy flashback into Tony's college days 20 years ago. Although there are some seeming anachronisms that left me scratching my head a little, a book that explores Tony's past and gives him more of an established background is intriguing. What's the reason for the sudden introspection, you might be wondering? Tony has learned that he was adopted as a baby. Gasp!

Ghostbusters: Deviations #1 by Kelly Thompson, with art by Nelson Adams

It's a marshmallow world in Ghostbusters: Deviations! Set in an alternate timeline where the Ghostbusters did not cross streams and explode Stay Puft at the end of Ghostbusters the movie, Deviations is the story of the marshmallow apocalypse. The Ghostbusters are embracing their new moniker, the Ghostlosers, as they fight battle after battle of the mini-marshmallows, which turn out to be sentient poops from adorable Stay Puft.

We learn the backstory of Stay Puft, whose final form  is not what Gozer intended when he planned the destruction of Earth. He now needs help to take on a less smiley outer appearance, one that reflects his villainous history. The Ghostbusters negotiate converting Dana and Louis back into humans (well...at least centaurs) in exchange for turning Gozer into Loofajoe Rectangleshorts - equally as horrifying. Deviations is a campy, lighthearted what-if comic for fans of the original Ghostbusters and new fans alike! (Christy

Pick of the Week

The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong #1 by Rafer Roberts, with art by David Lafuente

What can I say? I'm a sucker for supernatural buddy cop-stories. This is my first time 'round with A&A, and it was a super fun ride!

Obadiah Archer is a sheltered young man...who was also raised as a martial arts assassin tasked with bringing down the Ultimate Evil. Of course it makes sense that he would take up with a 7,000 year old immortal, hedonistic adventurer/ne'er-do-well/ sometimes decent bloke with a magical, bottomless bag.

Armstrong dives head-first into his bag in order to do right by a friend from his past, but there are plenty of villains that he's put away in there that are just waiting for their chance to attack OR crawl out into our world. Archer fights his way past the escaping monsters and follows his friend, determined to save him from himself. Archer begs his sister (who reminds me a LOT of Nyssa al'Ghul from Arrow) to keep an eye on the bag while he rescues Armstrong, but she's got other plans for that bag, and I'm not talking about accessorizing like a boss either.

If you like fun banter, strong friendships and lots of action definitely give this series a go! (Amanda R.)



- More casting for the upcoming CW show Riverdale was announced.

- These variant covers have us PRETTY EXCITED about DC's upcoming Hanna Barbera line.

- Preacher is debuting on May 22, and people at SXSW were treated to the first episode.

- A preview of Black Panther #1 by Ta-Nehisi Coates is now online.

- Black Panther is getting his own merchandise line.

- Sally Field keeps it all-the-way-REAL about her role as Aunt May. In related news, Sally Field for President.

New Funko Pop heroes include Captain Marvel, Spider-Gwen and She-Hulk!

- Check out preview pages of the Sherlock manga English translation.

- Sana Amanat gave President Obama a copy of Ms. Marvel when she visited the White House. Awwww.

- Gotham is getting a third season.

- Marvel teased us with a quick look at the upcoming Luke Cage series.

- Amber Heard confirmed that she's playing Mera in Justice League and Aquaman.




More mutant madness is unleashed in the latest X-Men: Apocalypse trailer:



This week's episode of Supergirl may have been the best one yet, but are you looking forward to seeing The Flash in National City as much as we are? And how many episodes of Daredevil have you watched so far? Let's talk in the comments!

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