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Open Thread: April Fool Edition

You might love 'em or hate 'em, but we're talking pranks.

Open Thread: April Fool Edition

Ah, April Fool's, the one day of the year where companies revert to their 1998 websites and Netflix organizes movies into categories like "Shows With Women Crossing Their Arms Defiantly!" (This is still my favorite corporate nod, to date.)

Let's talk pranks! Do you pull them? Have you ever witnessed something truly awesome? Which ones are you sick of (fake pregnancy/engagement announcements, I'm looking at you)?

Personally, I am a fan of harmless, silly things that don't hurt anyone, like putting googly eyes on everything in the company well as some pretty delightful group efforts in my upper-division undergrad history courses. Does it get any nerdier than HISTORY PRANKS? Probably not.

Anyway! Here's a pretty good prank by some high school students:

So, spill! And feel free to introduce yourself if you're new to the open thread.

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