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Superhero Sundays: Mar. 28-Apr. 1

This week gave us the Best. Crossover. Ever. when Barry Allen visited National City. That recap and more, plus this week’s comic recs and newsworthy links.

Superhero Sundays: Mar. 28-Apr. 1

Who's ready to chat about this week's superhero goodness?

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Speedy Synopses

Gotham 2x16: Prisoners

After weeks of being held in protective custody in a special area of prison, Jim is released into gen. pop., where he quickly finds out that being a cop in prison is a really bad situation. Couple that with Harvey revealing that Lee both lost the baby and went MIA, and Jim’s having a hell of a month. Unwittingly, Jim finds himself with a sidekick—Puck—who gets himself seriously injured in the process of trying to be Jim’s friend. Harvey can’t stand to see Jim fall any farther for a crime he didn’t commit, and so works with Falcone to fake Jim’s death and bust both him and Puck out of prison. Sadly, Puck dies from his injuries just as Jim’s deciding to head back to Gotham to clear his name.

Elsewhere in the city, Oswald is loving being a part of the family he never had, and quickly becoming Elijah’s favorite. This leads to him becoming hated by his step-mother and step-siblings, who try to ruin Oswald’s favor by revealing his sordid past. Elijah is quick to forgive, however, and so Oswald’s step-family must seek other means of control; first, Sasha tries to seduce him, and then they try to poison him. Unfortunately, Elijah is so excited about having a true son that he disregards his health issues—a hole in the heart—and has a celebratory drink … and then dies, mere moments after telling Oswald that he was planning to change his will so that everything would be Oswald’s.

Supergirl 1x18: Worlds Finest

This is it, guys. BEST. CROSSOVER. EVER. But before we get to that, we find out about Siobhan Smythe and her sudden ability to scream at a hypersonic frequency. She’s not an alien, not a metahuman, but affected by a curse on her family.

Siobhan is at first afraid, but realizes that she can get vengeance for her wrongs by Cat and Kara, and sets off to do so. She unleashes her scream on Kara. Kara is knocked unconscious (superhearing isn’t always a good thing) and as she plummets, she’s rescued by… a streak of lightning.
It’s Barry Allen, and he’s the fastest man alive.

Flash has crossed dimensions, trying to get back to Earth-2, and instead found himself on Kara’s Earth. She introduces him to Winn and James, giddy at meeting her first fellow superhero, but James is feeling some super jealousy. Barry also meets Cat and is quickly (and adorably) intimidated.

Siobhan, now the Silver Banshee, busts Livewire out of the DEO jail to finish getting revenge on Cat. Supergirl, eager to regain the public’s trust, talks Barry into taking them on without much of a plan. When they’re outmatched, they escape, and Barry gives her a pep talk to be patient and just be herself.
They take on the villainous duo one more time. This time, though, it’s the public and firefighters of National City who come to the heroes’ aid, and Livewire and Silver Banshee are defeated. Barry returns to his Earth, but not before helping the National City police come up with a method to detain metahuman felons. Here’s hoping he’ll be back one day. (Kelly)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x14: Watchdogs

While on vacation visiting his brother, Mac sees a news story about a group of terrorists calling themselves the Watchdogs imploding a building and vowing to take out all Inhumans. After the team determines that the group is using technology created by Howard Stark, and Coulson figures out that they’re being led by former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Felix Blake, Mac is called back into action.

While Coulson and Lincoln follow a separate lead to find Blake, and Coulson uses the time to suss out whether Lincoln is really fit to become an agent, Mac, Daisy and Fitz head to take out the larger group. But Mac’s cover story of being an insurance agent doesn’t hold water, and Mac’s brother Ruben follows them on a mission—and thinks he sees Mac using Daisy’s powers. Mac returns home to clarify things with Ruben, but the Watchdogs follow him home, thinking that Mac’s the Inhuman. In taking them down, Mac reveals to Ruben who and what he really is.

The Flash 2x17: Flash Back

Barry makes some really bad decisions against the advice of people who know what they're talking about, but it makes for some really entertaining TV! He needs to get faster to stop Zoom. Who knows more about speed than Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells? Barry decides to go back in time, knock out his other self, take his place and casually pry Wells for info.

It goes about as smoothly as you'd expect. Wells calls his bluff and shackles Barry in his secret STAR Labs room, but Barry convinces Wells that he wins and defeats Barry so of course he should let him go. Also, Barry has left information about who Wells REALLY is, and if he kills Barry his identity will be exposed. So Wells has no choice but to work with Barry.

Barry runs into the Pied Piper again, and a small turn of events has Hartley as a part of Team Flash in the present when Barry returns. Ha! Non-dick Hartley is rather enjoyable.

Barry proves to be the best friend EVER when he gets Eddie (sob) to record a video for Iris's "birthday", telling her all the reasons why he loves her. Barry brings it back to Iris (along with new handy speed info via Wells), and Iris may finally have what she needs to make her grief a bit less all-encompassing. (Amanda R.)

Arrow 4x17: Beacon of Hope

Team Arrow faces its most frightening villain yet—a hacker who makes constant bee puns! JK, she’s super annoying. Anyway, she controls an army of mechanical bees and takes Palmer Tech’s board captive, demanding the spinal implant currently implanted in Felicity’s body. Thea, Donna and Felicity pull a John McClane, heading into the vents to fight her from the inside while Curtis teams up with the rest of the gang! Felicity electrocutes a man somehow comprised of bees! Curis hacks said bees to turn on their master! There are no more puns, hurray!

As for the big breakup, Felicity reiterates her complete lack of interest in rejoining Team Arrow while Oliver declares to the rest of the gang that Felicity is not Voldemort (duh, she’s clearly Hermione), and people don’t have to be scared of bringing her up. Laurel helps him cope with his heartbreak, reaching out to him when he takes out his relationship pain on poor Curtis. Ollie admits he wishes he’d stayed with his slow cooker and Felicity in suburbia and never come back to Star City. Laurel tells him to accept the choices he made, quit whining and save the city. But, you know, in a supportive way.

Malcolm visits Darhk in prison to tell him that HIVE has washed their hands of him. He may no longer have magic, but he has a cutthroat attitude and snark to spare which makes him a prison kingpin. Also, he appears to be back in business with Diggle the Younger. (Amanda K.)

Lucifer 1x10: Pops

Chloe and Lucifer are investigating the death-by-poison of Chef Javier, of the famous Soul de Javier. Since the Chef has a temper, all of his employees are suspect, as is the sanctity of his recipes. Turns out the employees view Javier like a father, endearing him “Pops.” Drawing parallels to his own feelings about dear ol’ dad, Lucifer tries to turn the investigation into his own Oedipal fantasy. Just as Chloe is telling him to keep it together, in walks Penelope Decker, Chloe’s mom, who Lucifer happens to know from her acting days. Chloe has some pent up frustration with her mom trying to form her into a child actor. Lucky for Lucifer, Ms. Decker invites him to the a family dinner, as he stares with stars in his eyes as Mama walks away.

All of the employees have the same set of answers: Javier was tough. He threw things. But he was a father to me. Until the last interview with Junior, his actual son, who had breakfast just prior to Javier dropping dead. Trained as a chef, he never quite lived up to dad’s expectations, which he regrets. He just wanted one more meal with his dad.

While being interviewed, Ann, Pops’ number two who is set to inherit the restaurant, spews blood across Lucifer. Looks like Pops’ wasn’t the only target. Detective Dan gives them intel on a former employee named Naomi, who has beef with Javier and is shacked up with Junior. Daddy didn’t want the two of them together, considering her heroin use.

Mazikeen pays a visit to Doc Martin, seeking ways to connect to the mortal world. Doc tells her she needs to establish relationships - no, not of the sexual variety (which she indeed tries in the moment) - and Mazikeen storms out. Guess she wasn’t ready to explore her inner demons. Across town, Dan and Malcolm make polite chit-chat which quickly digresses into threats and talks of murder. Doesn’t seem like the bridges are quite mended yet.

While Chloe and Mama Decker hash out old sorrows, Trixie orders herself an Uber to visit Lucifer. Mazikeen pours her a drink as they bond over what they want to be when they grow up. Chloe swoops in and they return home to the family dinner, where Lucifer airs all the dirty laundry around the table. That ends about as well as you can imagine. He meant well!

The dynamic duo revisit Ann’s motive, only to find out she checked herself out to the hospital. They confront her at the restaurant, where they piece together that she was trying to kill Junior before he made amends and inherited the restaurant She didn’t count on the pair changing plates, meaning Javier got the fatal dose. Ann sets the restaurant on fire to destroy evidence, trapping Lucifer and Chloe inside. Lucifer saves the day by carrying Chloe through the fire.

Amends are made all around, Mama D and Chloe, Junior and Javier, Dan and Malcolm. Well, not that last one. Dan made amends and arrested Malcolm, only to have him escape. Dan passes out in a choke hold and we see an unread text from Chloe asking him to give it a shot. Malcolm-acting-as-Detective Douche ends it with Chloe, who comes over intoxicated to talk about her feelings and get a little touchy-feely with Lucifer. In a moment of humanness, he turns her down and Chloe has a moment of self-loathing about becoming her mother (doesn’t Lucifer wish!). (Christy)

Legends of Tomorrow 1x9: Left Behind

Chronos has breached the hatch and taken the ship, leaving Sara, Ray, and Kendra in 1958. The Firestorm team join together to save Snart and Rip, disobeying orders, only to find that Chronos has stolen Snart and the jumpship and overridden Gideon, leaving the waverider to freefall through time.

Trapped in the 50s, Ray uses his nerd skills to build a time beacon radio, while Kendra and Sara play Life. Ray’s beacon fails its first test and Sara lectures him on the waste of time because the team is DEAD, storming out in the process. Two years later, Kendra and Ray are consciously coupling and celebrate their second anniversary by destroying Ray’s time beacon because 50s living is just so swell. Just as he pulls out a ring, the time beacon signals the waverider and POOF, the American Dream is dead.

Cut to Snart being handcuffed and pissed…Everyone is wondering why Chronos would take Snart of all people!? Why? Because Chronos is MICK, everyone. That’s right, the designated dumb one is now a badass temporal bounty hunter on Team Timemaster. The betrayal on Snart’s face, *sniff*.

While OTP AtomHawk were playing house, Sara has been training with Ra’s and baby Talia. Guess it’s true that no matter where we are in time, old habits die hard. During Rip’s “rescue Sara” mission, the team is captured for execution. Having studied League laws for his thesis (of course he did), Rip challenges the execution by offering Sara a duel with Kendra, who hasn’t been able to hawk out in over two years. The idea is Kendra will remind Sara of her human side while Sara reminds Kendra of her warrior side. Translation? Kickass ladies becoming themselves once again.

Unfortunately their duel is interrupted by Chronos, where the battle continues with the Legends. Just as Firestorm is about the finish him, Snart shows up to save Mick once again, after having frozen his hand off to get out of the cuffs - ouch! Now they’re stuck trying to decide what to do with Mick, which, of course, is to repair him. Speaking of repairing, Rip repairs Snart’s hand with a regeneration tool.

Next week, the team is headed to 2147 Kasnia to get rich or die trying, aka take out Savage in a time and place wrought with peril. Sounds like just the place for a vacation. (Christy)

Hero of the Week: Kara Danvers and Barry Allen, Supergirl

A BIG DC Comics team-up this week made us feel warm and happy inside. No, of COURSE I'm not talking about gloomy Batman and scowly Superman, but Supergirl and Flash, who literally gave us sunshine and ice cream. Both have charm off the charts. The two are not only super together as superheroes, but it's when they're out of costume that they really shine. Barry's pep talks and Kara's quick acceptance of a fellow hero (ahem, Batman) show why this team-up really is the Worlds Finest. (Kelly)

Villain of the Week: Oliver Queen, Arrow

How does anyone yell at Curtis?! (Amanda R.)

Honorable mentions: Livewire and Silver Banshee, Supergirl

Comic Relief of the Week:

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Biff! Bam! Pow!

GIF via flashallens.tumblr.com

Pull List

Top Titles

Captain America: Sam Wilson #7 by Nick Spencer, with art by Daniel Acuna, Angel Unzueta, and Matt Yackney

Celebrating 75 years of Captain America, this 60 page homage to our one and only patriotic superhero will make you smile right through the end. To catch you up: OG Cap, Steve Rogers, handed his shield over to former Falcon, Sam Wilson, after the super-soldier serum (say that 3x fast) was drained from him. Moonlighting in this issue is another former Captain, Bucky. As if that wasn’t enough going on, this issue is heavily tied into the Avengers Standoff event; you won’t want to miss it if you are following the event (I hope you are, it’s fantastic!). Steve is trapped in Pleasant Hill and sees his life flash before his eyes as the villains wreck havoc on his old-man body and the cosmic cube created city. Just as Steve moves toward the light, he’s offered the chance to return to his former glory, right in time for the upcoming Civil War movie (we experienced the same thing when Bruce returned to the cowl last week, just in time for Batman vs Superman). There is beautiful artwork through the main part of the story that will make old and new Cap fans nostalgic, as well as three additional Steve-centered stories later in the issue. I particularly love the one written by Joss Whedon, as the story is told mostly through art rather than words! (Christy)

Faith #3 by Jody Hauser, with art by Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage

Faith is finding it hard to separate her day job (writing listicles) from her night job (saving the world), and these two worlds finally collide when the bad guys come looking for her at her office. She has to reveal her identity in order to save the day, but her boss is firmly on her side; overly ambitious desk jockeys know better than to leak this huge reveal.

Faith is all of us as she squees with excitement when told that an actress from her favorite (CW) show, Nightshifters (LOL) has asked to be interviewed. Worlds collide as the actress reveals herself to be an alien, and one who knows Faith's true identity AND who is after her/has been kidnapping other potential psiots.

Poor Torque isn't enjoying his time in the sun on his reality show, and his girlfriend gets tired enough of his whining that she reveals herself to be a SPY for the org that's taking down psiots. She then proceeds to drug Torque and head back to Bad Guys HQ.

This is the penultimate issue for Faith, and I really hope that she gets more of her own stories in the future because this series has been fun, smart, bright, and holds a special place in the hearts of fat girls everywhere. (Amanda R.)

Jem and the Holograms #13 by Kelly Thompson, with art by Sophie Campbell

DARK JEM IS DARK. I mean, can we talk about those outfits and the ferocity THEREIN??

Blaze takes center stage with The Misfits, filling in for Pizzazz who's recovering from a vocal injury. (She's at home feeling all kinds of sorry for herself and it's actually quite sad to see her brought so low.) Blaze turns it all the way up to ELEVEN but the crowd has a strong Children of the Corn vibe going on. Oh that's right—The Holograms performed first and played their magical Pied Piper music, hypnotizing the audience, but to what end we're not sure. (Whatever it is, it's not good!)

Jerrica finally snaps out of being Evil Jem when she tries to kiss Rio (AS JEM! GASP!) and Rio is having NONE of it (unlike cartoon-era Rio who was more than happy to date them BOTH, ugh). Jerrica, Rio and Aja's boyfriend tackle-rescue Kimber, Aja and Shana from their Evil Selves, but they realize that they might have to destroy Synergy. WHAT! (Amanda R.)

Pick of the Week

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6 by Ryan North and Chip Zdarsky, with art by Erica Henderson

For this epic crossover, the story takes us back to a time before the relaunch of the series to when Doreen and Nancy are working on a redesign of Squirrel Girl’s costume. Doreen notices a shadow lurking outside the window and crashes through it to find … Howard the Duck! Howard is on the hunt for a lost cat for a client, and he’s pretty sure Nancy’s cat Mew is the one he’s looking for. (It’s not.) Squirrel Girl offers her help to locate the missing cat, and instead they find Kraven the Hunter. In his souped up Kra-Van.

This quick recap can’t begin to cover the wackiness and humor in this crossover, and if you didn’t immediately go out and buy this when you saw “Ryan North and Chip Zdarsky” up there, you must hate smiling. (Kelly)

As Seen in the Daily Planet


Are there more Flarrow-verse possibilities for Supergirl in the future?

Season 2 of Supergirl could bring us Superboy via Project Cadmus.

Authors Leigh Bardugo, Marie Lu, Matt de la Peña, and Sarah J. Maas will write DC YA novels—Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Catwoman, respectively.

This fan film inspired by Matt Fraction's Hawkeye is pretty great.

The cast of the X-Men: New Mutants film includes Arya Stark!

Libraries and Archives Canada played a super sweet (Wolverine-related) April Fool's joke.

Patrick J. Adams' Legends of Tomorrow role has been revealed.

New photos of Benedict Cumberbatch in full Dr. Strange costume have been released, and we are swooning.

One of Dorne's Sand Snakes has been cast as Colleen Wing in Iron Fist.

Henry Cavill missed a phone call from Zack Snyder because he was playing World of Warcraft. #toogood #toopure


LEGO Batman


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