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iZombie 2x17: Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be

The season's penultimate episode sees some Major developments.

iZombie 2x17: Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be

Previously, on iZombie: A dead stripper’s brain helps Peyton’s case against Mr. Boss, Liv learns that Drake was a good guy after all, and Ravi thinks he discovers that Major’s a serial killer.

Grey Matters

When Major wakes up from being tranquilized, he and Ravi continue their conversation about the fact that Major is possibly the Chaos Killer, and Major clarifies that he’s more like the Chaos Kidnapper. He also reveals the whole Vaughn blackmail situation, and the fact that Major has to do what Vaughn wants for the sake of the people he loves.

When Ravi goes to tell Liv about Major, she’s preoccupied with Drake still being missing and his role as an undercover cop. Ravi might have been about to spill the Major news, but instead just tells Liv that Major’s again a zombie. Liv’s worried, but throws herself into work instead of dwelling on everything that’s gone wrong.

Blaine’s memory issues continue to get worse, but Dale and Clive don’t buy it. Neither are Ravi and Major, who come up with a plan to test Blaine, the cure, and get back at Vaughn.

Brain Melt

- Liv takes Mr. Boss’ goon DOWN!

- Don E. and Chief jamming out, bluegrass-style!

- The dog groomer revealing to Dale that Major might be the Chaos Killer! Then Dale arresting Major before he can turn Vaughn!

The Brain

Pacific West University student Bailey Barker, a hyper-competitive and hyper-focused young woman super reminiscent of Liv pre-zombie, is found strangled and floating in a university pool. Bailey, who was running for student senate president against Brody (whom we first met in “Zombie Bro”), had been working as a CI for Detective Lou Benedetto since Lou caught her selling drugs to a fellow student. Eating her brain makes Liv, well, a lot more Liv-like.

The Real Monster

At first, Liv and Clive think Bailey’s killer might be Benedetto, due to his questionable practice of using college students with misdemeanors as CIs. (Which, how dare they?! KEITH MARS WOULD NEVER.) But the strangler turns out to be Steve, another student CI who was playing both sides, and selling Lucky U for Blaine’s crew. He got his just desserts, however, when he’s killed by Chief.

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Major*. Watching him be a shining ray of adorable sunlight totally erased the memories of Season 1 Major, the utter bore.

*Until, you know, that whole ending scene.

Loser: Blaine. Although he’s no longer a zombie, the cure has come with many unforeseen and adverse side effects, including being played by his former minion Don. E and having to be reminded of what a horrible guy he actually is.

Words With a Bite

“No one’s dead; they’re frozen.”—Major
“In preparation for their interstellar journey?”—Ravi

“Not to be funny, but that’s what she said.”—Ravi

“That is where the warmest rays of light come from. Inside.”—Major

“Like me for my antidotes, love me for my anecdotes.”—Ravi

“That’s Rob Thomas. There’s something so compelling about the stuff he writes.”—Vaughn

“Well if it isn’t Blaine John Doe DeBeers Jingleheimer Schmidt.”—Dale

“I really seem to inspire negative reactions is people. Is it something I said?”—Blaine

“New Hope died. She’s a rat. Last time I checked, Gepetto, I’m a real boy.”—Major

Picking Your Brain

- How is Major going to get out of this?

- Will Liv ever fill Clive in on what’s happened/happening with her?

- When will Blaine snap out of this daze?

- Will Vaughn get what’s coming to him?

- And, most importantly, when will Drake return and grace us all Liv once again with that megawatt smile and those delightful muscles?

Let’s discuss in the comments!

Next episode: The two-hour season finale!


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