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Superhero Sundays: Apr. 4 - 8

Double the Daredevil, a shocking death on Arrow, plus our comic picks of the week, all for you today on Superhero Sundays.

Superhero Sundays: Apr. 4 - 8

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Gasp! Arrow has been hinting all season about a big death, and this week we find out who's in the grave and cry all. the. tears. Plus things get even weirder on S.H.I.E.L.D., the Legends go back to the future, and we have more Daredevil than you can shake a sai at. Let's do this!


Speedy Synopses

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x15: Spacetime

S.H.I.E.L.D. picks up a strange phone call on emergency channels in which a man name-drops Daisy and Hydra. The team goes to investigate, and find an Inhuman, Charles, who has visions of the future—deaths, specifically—when he touches anyone. Unfortunately, he's captured by Hydra, but not before Daisy touches him and sees a vision of the team in a bloody and vicious fight.

While the team scrambles to figure out how to change the future, in part by keeping Daisy on base and sending May in her place, Malick meets with Hive!Ward, who's finally ready to go above ground. They head to the company that helped create Coulson's prosthetic hand, and take both the company and a fancy exoskeleton super suit by force.

S.H.I.E.L.D. hacks into the security system of the building where Charles is being held and get a shocking surprise: a glimpse of Hive!Ward on the recording. And when Andrew Garner shows up to say goodbye to May before he turns into Lash for good, Daisy is forced to live out the vision after all. The team moves in, the vision plays out, and Daisy reaches the roof where Malick uses his newfound power to beat the ever-loving shizz out of her. Thankfully, Charles grabs Malick (who sees a vision that scares the crap out of him) and in doing so saves the day, but loses his life in the process. Not, however, before he can impart one last vision to Daisy—that of someone wearing a S.H.I.E.L.D. jacket dying in an explosion in ship that appears to be in space. (Mandy C.)

Arrow 4x17: Eleven-Fifty-Nine

Ruve Adams won her mayoral campaign and she invites Laurel to run for District Attorney. Laurel considers it even though Ruve is evil. Ollie agrees, telling her that maybe she should consider giving up the mask to be a more legit hero.

Meanwhile, Malcolm invades Team Arrow’s secret lair to steal Darhk’s idol! But when he takes it to Darhk, he tells him it’s missing a piece. Meanwhile, Diggle the Younger fills his big bro in on his recruitment by the Merlyn-Darhk alliance. Diggle encourages Andy to act as a double agent, but Ollie has his suspicions that he’s a triple agent. Mystery wrapped in an enigma! Ollie attacks Andy only to be stopped by Diggle at gunpoint. He dresses Ollie down, reading him on everything from his negative attitude to why Felicity left him.

With the help of Malcolm, Darhk organizes a prison break! Team Arrow shows up and the martial arts of it all commences, including a stunning swordfight between Thea and Malcolm. After getting the drop on her, he tells her she doesn’t have the stones to kill him and walks away. Darhk uses Andy as a hostage to get Diggle to back off, but it turns out Ollie was right. Andy was a triple agent! He hands over the missing piece of the idol to Darhk, who powers up and stabs Laurel! Luckily, the doctor says she’ll be fine. However, she looks pretty rough as she tells Oliver that he was her the love of her life. She makes him promise…something. We’re not privy to what. A moment later, she starts seizing and dies! It’s super sad, you guys. (Amanda K.)

DC Legends of Tomorrow 1x10: Progeny

The team has Rory aka Chronos in lockup, where Rip unsuccessfully requests his assistance with the latest time mission - 2147, Kasnia. Kasnians are in the most zen of times, with five years until the apocalypse (fans of Supernatural, we all know how this works out).

Team Legend is off to take out Savage and Per Degaton, a young sprite who in five year’s time will be the bringer of chaos thanks to an Armageddon virus he’s going to release. Savage is buttering young master Degaton up to be the 22nd century’s Hitler, who he will then kill and RULE THE WORLD. Snart wants us to answer the age old question: if you had a time machine, would you go back in time and “remove baby Hitler from the timeline”? Killing a kid, not very hero-like, Rory reminds us.

Ray finds out the Atom suit is being used to torture the citizens of Kasnia and pays a visit to his great-great-great-great granddaughter, err - niece - (played by Jewel Staite, SQUEE), only to find out his suit went on to be the robot gestapo that Savage uses to conquer the world. Snart and Rory kiss and make up through their fists. Snart: People say we need to have a heart to heart. Rory: Well, we don’t have hearts so where does that leave us?”

Surprise, the team fumbled so badly that they’ve actually sped up the release of this deadly virus and everything has gone to Hell, as Savage is now in charge. Not committing murder is generally considered the right thing, Captain. (Right?) (Christy

Daredevil 2x03: New York's Finest

Daredevil wakes up chained to a rooftop chimney, which is fun for The Punisher no one. The Punisher has decided to teach him a lesson, while Matt tries to figure out him out.

Foggy (remember, the superhero BFF?) looks for Matt by starting with the person he shares his secret – the nurse, Claire Temple. He goes into the ER to ask if she’s seen him, and while he’s there he talks down a major gang fight. Because Foggy. But he’s still no closer to finding Matt.

The Punisher and Daredevil have a convo which is probably the angel and devil on any superhero’s shoulders. Do you take out your own justice, or let the system possibly fail and let a bad man go? Matt staunchly defends the system while The Punisher shakes his head and continues his plans, knowing what makes Daredevil tick. He duct tapes a revolver to DD’s hand and after capturing Grotto, says that Daredevil has to choose whom to shoot.

Karen, not content with going home and getting some sleep, goes back to the DA’s office to talk to the twerp ADA. She barters for info on The Punisher, and surprising everyone, Tower slips her a few folders.

Daredevil is having none of it and finally breaks free (after trying, and failing, to save Grotto) and with a beautiful homage to The Protector (seriously, watch it now if you have never seen it) fights his way downstairs now that gang members have swarmed the building. The sounds jump out at you as DD listens to “see” and beats down about 20 guys before we're shown that Karen has discovered something about Frank Castle – AKA, The Punisher. (Bianca)

Daredevil 2x04: Penny and Dime

The Irish mourn their dead, and Vincent Von Gogh Finn comes in and reminds them that there are still men in charge that will make tough choices. The Irish go after The Punisher.

Matt, Foggy, and Karen attend Grotto’s funeral and are the only ones that are in the church. The priest reassures Matt as he deals with his guilt and Karen sets out to find out more about The Punisher. After visiting a now ex-nurse that helped him in the ER, Karen goes to Frank Castle’s home.

The Punisher, dealing with his own demons, is caught by the Irish when he visits a carousel that is linked to his family. Van Gogh Finn tortures The Punisher with no results until they bring out the dog that Frank was keeping. He tells him about the van which turns out to be a trap (go Punisher).

The Punisher was also planning ahead by hiding a razor in his arm (ow) and escapes, but not before some serious damage is done. Daredevil does his best Solid Snake impression and sneaks in to save Frank.

Escaping to a graveyard, Frank tells Matt about his family, again bringing up the question of vengeance vs. justice (CIVIL WAR, anyone)? The police arrive and Daredevil tell them to take credit for the Punisher’s arrest to show the public that the system works better than superheroes. Matt meets up with his friends for some celebratory drinks and a lovely kiss from Karen. When Matt gets home, he’s shocked to find someone waiting for him, and knows who it is – Elektra. (Bianca)

Hero of the Week: Laurel Lance, Arrow

Laurel Lance wasn't the Black Canary that fans expected to see on Arrow, but she made the masked hero her own. On the verge of giving up the secret identity to become a hero by daylight as a district attorney, Laurel is taken from Ollie (and all of us) by the sinister Damien Darhk. What will her death mean for Arrow and Star City? Time will tell, but here's hoping it means something

Honorable mention: Daisy Johnson, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Villain of the Week: Gideon Malick, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Malick is a dangerous villain because the one thing he wants more than anything is power. When Hive gives it to him in the form of metal exoskeleton arms, Malick wastes no time in putting them into horrific use. His thirst for power has brought Hive!Ward to Earth, and he knows things are spiraling toward an Inhuman showdown like nothing the world has ever seen. Could Malick be... afraid?

Honorable mentions: Andy Diggle, Arrow, Damien Darhk, Arrow

Comic Relief


Jason Momoa shared a look at his Aquaman training, and oh. my.

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Top Titles

Star Wars: Poe Dameron #1, written by Charles Soule and art by Phil Noto

Poe. Poe Poe Poe. Ahem. The new comic series focuses on someone we all want to see more of, the best pilot in the galaxy, in the short time leading up to The Force Awakens. This first issue shows us General Organa giving Poe his mission to find the mysterious Lor San Tekka, who we find out is an explorer and longtime ally of the Rebellion. Poe and his Black Squadron pilots encounter something unexpected on his trail. How will they get out of this one? Also included: the most adorable BB-8 side story ever. 

Goldie Vance #1, written by Hope Larson and art by Brittney Williams

If you love Nancy Drew, just stop reading now and go get this comic book. This four-issue miniseries follows young sassy super-sleuth Marigold "Goldie" Vance. She works as a valet at the same hotel her father works at, although her passion is helping the in-house detective (don't all hotels have detectives?) solve mysteries brought to them by guests. In this first issue, she assists in sussing out the thief of a priceless necklace. And by "assists," I mean, she figures it all out on her own. I can tell already that I'm going to want more of this entertianing, all-ages series beyond just four books. Find this one next Wednesday in comic book stores!

Archie #7, written by Mark Waid and art by Veronica Fish

If you haven’t caught up on Volume 1 of Archie, you’ve missed that he’s a hot and hip redhead who’s not having the greatest of time since breaking up with his long term sweetheart, Betty. An updated take on classic characters, Archie just can’t manage to convince the father of his new love interest, Veronica Logan, that he’s a good dude. Not like he literally knocked their mansion over or anything, geez. Instead, Archie tries to get dirt on Reggie, a classmate who’s spying on behalf Mr. Logan (and also happens to be digging former reality TV star “Ronnie”). Evermore the decent guy, Archie forgoes the bad choice and let’s things play out rather than expose Reggie for the bad boy he is. #GoodGuysFinishFirst (Christy)

Pick of the Week

Black Panther #1 by Ta-Nehisi Coates, with art by Brian Stelfreeze & Laura Martin

When Black Panther isn't off being an Avenger he's the acting king of Wakanda, a nation of vast wealth and resources (vibranium anyone?). His people are currently having a crisis of faith in their dear leader; T'Challa has returned to rule Wakanda after his sister, Queen Shuri, died defending it against Thanos. A rebellion with its own agenda is rising, and is making use of a woman with the ability to enhance emotions and rally a mob. T'Challa must, as his stepmother advised, learn how to be a king and not a soldier in order to pull his people back from the brink.

I confess to being a Black Panther novice; this is the first series I'm reading with him as the central character. When I heard that a National Book Award-winning author was going to take up the pen it went straight on my pull list. The costume designs for the characters are outstanding; they are rooted in classic pan-African designs while also being futuristic in a way that reminds us just how wealthy - and at risk - Wakanda is as a nation. (And did I mention that T'Challa's royal guard is comprised of elite female soldiers?) (Amanda R.)



- Echo Kellum will be a series regular on Arrow next season (yay!).

- Faith (Valiant Comics) is getting an ongoing series (hurrah!).

- Freeform has ordered a new live-action Marvel series, Cloak and Dagger (WHAT) (okay I'll stop with the parentheses now).

- Lumberjanes won Outstanding Comic Book at the GLAAD Media Awards. Friendship to the max!

- Katie Cassidy will be on The Flash as Black Canary's Earth-2 doppelganger, Black Siren.

- Vixen is not only getting a second season, but we'll see also her on Legends of Tomorrow.

- Hot Topic has a new DC Bombshells collection.

- This piece on The Flash subverting the traditionally toxic masculinity of male superhero stories has us ALL up in the feels.

- Image Expo brings us the upcoming year's releases from Image Comics.

- Gerard Way is writing a comic book.

- DC Comics is resurrecting The Last Boy on Earth round-robin style.


Prelude to Civil War:


X-Men: Apocalypse featurette:



Are you still reeling from Arrow? Are you excited about Cloak and Dagger? Let's chat!

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