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Make Your Own: Fabric-Covered Organizers

No need for clutter with this easy DIY!

Make Your Own: Fabric-Covered Organizers

Happy spring, everyone!

If you're attempting to get some spring cleaning done, let me offer up and easy and cute way to get some clutter off your desk or workspace. The inspiration for this month's Home Ec project started with, as so many things do, queso.

Yes, queso. Not only the best food known to man (and woman), but also the birthplace of this little project. Here's how this brilliant idea came about:

I was making a crockpot of queso for a party and I was unpackaging a few blocks of cheese-like non-cheese substance (you all know what I'm talking about, right?). The caredboard base of this "cheese" packaging was just such a cute size, I couldn't throw it in the recycle bin. I decided right then and there to make some adorable organizers for my sewing room by covering them with fabric.

Here's what you need to make your own fabric covered organizers:

- a small box (preferably with no flaps or lid)

- cotton fabric

- fabric scissors

- white glue

- water

- small bowl

- sponge brush

- plastic bag or easily-cleanable work area

I did two different versions of this project, and let me tell you, my original idea of just wrapping the box like a present did NOT work. The final box turned out lumpy and a little weird. So here's version two:

Lay your fabric pretty side down. Mix two parts glue to one part water in your small bowl, and cover one long side of your box. Lay that down on the not-pretty side of your fabric (with enough extra to go up and over the edge.

Continue to brush glue on the cardboard as you lay the bottom of the box on the fabric, working all the way around to the other side. I trimmed my fabric as I went, so I ended up having little wings on either side of my box. Here's what we do with those:

Rather than try to fold these fabric "wings" and glue them down, I just trimmed enough to wrap around the side (about half an inch), and then used my glue and water mixture to "paint" the edges in place.

Use the glue on all the surfaces. This gets a little messy (your hands especially), so lay down a plastic bag to work on so glue doesn't end up going everywhere. The glue dries clear, so really get some good layers on your fabric. Both the cotton and the cardboard will soak it up, so you may need to do more than one coat.

Once dry, I added a ribbon around the top edge just to give the organizer a more finished look.

This is a great little box to hold small things that may pile up near your work area, and some fun fabric brings a great look to your desk!

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