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The 100 3x11: Nevermore

The gang’s all here.

The 100 3x11: Nevermore

Previously: Kane and the delinquents trade Pike to the Grounders; Murphy makes himself useful—in more ways than one—to Ontari, the new/imposter Heda; Raven tries to buck ALL-E’s control, but gets Abby indoctrinated in the process; and Clarke FINALLY returns to Arkadia … only to find that everyone there with the exception of Jasper is now part of the City Culty of Light.


Jasper and Clarke reach the rest of the delinquents with a comatose Raven, but it soon becomes clear that in order to save her, they need to find the remaining wristband. Which just so happens to be with Niylah, at her store. When they arrive, they don’t exactly get a warm welcome, thanks to Bellamy’s part in her father’s death. They find the wristband, but figure they need an electromagnet, which they can find at the Drop Ship.

But ALL-E, through Raven, works against all of them—picking apart their fears, putting words to their darkest secrets, making them face their demons. Monty and Octavia face off with Monty’s mom at the Drop Ship, but they make it back to Niylah’s store with the magnet. Sinclair fashions an EMP that supposedly cuts off Raven’s connection with ALL-E, but it knocks her unconscious.

As Jasper’s about to destroy the Flame out of anger over Raven’s condition, Clarke stops him, telling them all that part of Lexa’s still within. As she’s talking, she has an epiphany, and slits the back of Raven’s neck to get rid of what’s left of ALL-E.

When Raven comes to, she reveals that ALL-E wanted her dead because Raven knows how to use the Flame to take ALL-E out. As the delinquents agree that it’s time to take the flight to her, ALL-E and Jaha—in a very populated City of Light—discuss Raven’s revelation, and ALL-E gives voice to a new mission: kill them all.


- (Most of) The gang’s back together! The reason they’re back together isn’t a happy one, and there’s a whole lot of angst simmering just beneath the surface, but it’s so, so good to have them all in one place.

- Clarke breaking down while apologizing to Jasper.

- Bellamy and Clarke connecting once again over their respective questionable decisions/leadership issues.

- Octavia keeping the gang together with a powerful “we survive together,” even when she was so ready to peace out on the whole situation mere moments before.

GIFs via chatnoirs-baton.tumblr.com

You'll have to excuse my flailing.


- Raven popping her shoulder out of joint, and it being maybe more gross than when she slit her wrists last week? Especially the noise it made going back in.

- Monty shooting his own mom (!), which, for me, was equal parts “Oh, God, Poor Monty!” and “DING, DONG, THE WITCH IS DEAD.”


Raven has gone through so many horrors over the past two+ seasons, and yet, she remains a ridiculous badass and consistently bounces back from injuries and adversity with a new, awesome plan to save the day.


“What more do I have to do to prove I’m on your side?”—Bellamy, not realizing what we all know Octavia’s about to say.
“Bring Lincoln back.”—Octavia, dropping the mic.

“Get yourself together, Jasper. You can’t let your anger get in the way of what we have to do.”—Bellamy, telling Jasper what he should probably be telling himself.
“You know, that’s funny, coming from you. When you’re angry, people die. Just ask that girl over there.”—Jasper, rightfully putting Bellamy in his place.

“I’m not Trikru. I’m not Skaikru. I’m nothing.”—Octavia, floundering.
“You’re one of the hundred.”—Monty, breaking my heart with his unbelievably genuine sweetness.

“A knight to his queen’s side. Too bad you were never that devoted to Gina.”—ALL-E!Raven, revealing that she’s a Bellarke shipper, too?

“Couldn’t do what you did.”—Jasper, maybe, just maybe, forgiving Clarke.

“You’ll recover.”—Clarke, attempting to lighten the situation.
“Will I? What do you do when you realize you’re not the good guy?”—Bellamy, bringing it all back down (but also asking a question I want an answer to).
“Maybe there are no good guys.”—Clarke, revealing that she’s obviously thought a lot about this question, too.


- How gorgeous did Clarke look in this episode? I mean, Eliza’s always lovely, but something about Clarke’s makeup and the lighting in the forest upped it to 11. (Pretty sure Bellamy noticed it, too.)

GIFs via belldmyblake.tumblr.com

- ALL-E!Raven’s speech about Clarke being poison was BRUTAL, but maybe kind of necessary? And ALL-E's totally going to use the Lexa thing against Clarke now, right?

- So, basically, pretty much all of ALL-E!Raven’s entire dialogue this episode was saying things everyone had thought at some point but no one wanted to say?

- POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT FOR NEXT WEEK, so don’t read this if you didn’t watch the teaser: Where did everyone in Arkadia go? And has the mutant finally made his/her triumphant return?! Predictions welcome!

I couldn’t be more pleased that the Hundred (or at least a good chunk of those who are left) are back in the same vicinity, and have a mission that they will be working on together. Did I mention that yet? That I’m glad they’re back together?

Let’s take it to the comments.

Next episode: “Demons”


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