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The Originals 3x18: The Devil Comes Here and Sighs

A Vampire’s Guide to New Orleans: Music Festivals and Torture.

The Originals 3x18: The Devil Comes Here and Sighs

Previously on The Originals: Mikaelson Prophecy of Everyone Wants to Kill Them. Klaus chose to torture crazy Aurora, instead of killing her. Davina was shunned by her coven. Lucien made Vincent help him become a hybrid Original - sort of. The imprisoned Aurora was mysteriously liberated.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Lucien wines and dines Aurora, and tries to impress her with his magically imbued blood, that now allows his bite to be lethal to a Mikaelson. He gets down on one knee with a shiny bottle of his second serum, and asks her to join him. She agrees, if he’ll only promise to rescue Tristan from his underwater torment. Barring that, he’ll just kill Elijah, and effectively put Tristan out of his misery.

Elijah reports that Kol, like Vincent, is being controlled by the witch ancestors, but he’s wholly unconcerned, due to the Lucien dilemma. While Freya works on something magical to use on Lucien, Klaus goes to visit Cami, who has warded her place against vampires. She tells him she’s sorry about Finn, he tells her that he’ll go kill Lucien and make it better. After spotting him in a crowd, Klaus gets his ass handed to him by Lucien. A terrified Cami secretly witnesses it. Lucien and Aurora take Klaus to Lucien’s penthouse to chain him up and torture him. When Lucien leaves the room, Klaus tries to seduce the crazy Aurora. He is unsuccessful.

Cami runs to tell the Mikaelsons what’s happened. While Elijah goes to meet Lucien, Cami and Hayley go to the penthouse on a rescue mission. Klaus stops Hayley from killing Aurora, because she’s taken the serum and would completely transformation. Aurora promptly breaks Hayley’s neck, and tortures Cami. Eventually, Hayley comes to, and helps Cami knock Aurora out with a hypodermic.

Davina takes Kol to Saint James, where Vincent is also hiding out, since the ancestors’ magic can’t reach them there. Vincent is overpowered by Van Wynn, whose mother was killed by Davina. Apparently, the ancestors want a new regent. Marcel sends Davina to help Vincent, once the ancestors compromise the barriers of Saint Vincent. Marcel tries to talk some sense into a nearly possessed Kol. He convinces Kol to leave town for Davina’s safety. But it backfires, when Kol starts desiccating as soon as he leaves the the city limits.

Holy Fang

Vincent got fired! But really, wasn’t he kind of a terrible regent?

Aurora drank the serum! OMG. What if we’re stuck with her tiresome ass forever?

Holy crap! Lucien bit Cami! (And he killed her neighbor. EVIL.)

Winners and Losers

Winner: Freya. She saved the day with a sigil to bind Lucien long enough for her and Elijah to get away, and her remaining brothers are still alive, for the moment. If only we could find this girl a hot boyfriend.

Loser: Cami. Yeah, yeah, Klaus was chained up and tortured the whole time. But Cami clearly just wants to be left alone with her books, and these people keep dragging her into terrifying situations. And now she’s maybe dying. Again.

Original Snark

“Let’s focus our energies on Lucien. How do we demolish that rodent?” Have you tried calling an exterminator?

“I don’t care about Aurora, I care about you. But then, you’ve made your feelings perfectly clear.” Poor, broody, Klaus.

“Yes, when you put it that way, it does sound a little reckless.” And yet, still, super badass, Elijah.

“Either turn it into anger, or leave it at the door, but either way, you control your emotions. Which means you’re already one step ahead of Aurora.” Hayley gives the best pep talks.

“That looks like it hurts. That’s what I was going for.” Freya has gone full Mikaelson.

“Cami, it’s been a while. How is vampirism treating you?” That’s Aurora’s subtle hint that you were supposed to send your sire a fruit basket.

Haunting Questions

- This title of this episode, y'all. Is the Devil sighing because of Aurora's boring monologuing?

- Is it just me, or is Marcel kind of a jock block? You already got Davina kicked out of the witch club. Let her have a damn consolation prize, even if it’s crazy Kol.

- Hayley still loves Elijah! No, that’s not a question. I’m just really excited about it!

- Now, really. How on Earth are they gonna save Cami from Super Hybrid bite?

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