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Teen OTP Madness: The Champion

And the winning ship is...

Teen OTP Madness: The Champion

Teen OTP Madness began with 64 couples. But after weeks of raging hormones, swooning swoons and shipping ships, only one couple remains.

Ladies and Brian, we present your Teen OTP Madness Champions: Veronica & Logan.

LoVe beat out Anne/Gilbert (Gilanne? Ganne? Anbert?) by a mere 13 votes, leaving some of us in the depths of despair. But given the results of Teen TV Madness, this is way less surprising than the time Anne's hair turned green from a bad dye job.

The winning duo in our Non-Canon Deathmatch is slighty more shocking. Because according to your votes*, where Rory leads, Paris will follow, if you know whaddamean.

*This prep school pair beat out Harry/Hermione by only two votes! That's some serious magic.

Now let's take a look at the final ranking for our bracket challenge competitors:

Rank 1: Stephanie J
Rank 2: Moja
Rank 3: Susan T., Carlee M.
Rank 4: Amy G.
Rank 5: Jaime

Congrats to Stephanie J for being psychic a very calculated guesser! You win a shirt of your choosing from the FYA Store for your serious bracket skills.

And now I'll give myself a pat on the back (and a glass of champers) for heading up the FYA Leaderboard!

1. Posh
2. Mandy W. and Mandy C.
3. Amanda K.
4. Alexis
5. Jennie
6. Rosemary
7. Amanda R.
8. Lee

Thanks to all of y'all for making this year's March Madness insanely stressful a total blast. After we take some time to recover, we'll start brainstorming our theme for next year, so if you've got any ideas, hit us up in the comments. Until then:

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