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The SUPERNATURAL Rewatch Project: A Fried Pickle Chip with Death

In which Cas is God, Sam is crazy, and Dean just wants to drink whiskey.

The SUPERNATURAL Rewatch Project: A Fried Pickle Chip with Death

The Road So Far

Welcome back to the rewatch, superfans! Season 7 brings us a host of terrifying new villains, Felicia Day and all the Hell-memory–based drama that has been this show’s bread and butter since Dean’s first sacrifice.

Cheers to sticking with the classics!


Take a drink every time:

•  There’s a corpse

•  A demon possesses/de-possesses and/or makes a deal with some hapless schmuck

•  Someone on the show takes a drink

•  Dean crams his face full of junk food

•  Anyone is tied up

•  Either brother picks a lock

•  Someone employs a Titan of Classic Rock as an alias

•  The Glorious and Faithful Impala is damaged in the line of duty

7x1: Meet the New Boss

Monster of the Week: Castiel/Leviathans

Beginning where we left off last season, Bobby and the Winchesters prepare to bend knee to Castiel and profess their love (as demanded). He is unmoved, saying he will allow them to live. But he won’t go so far as to help Sam’s Hell-ravaged soul/mind. Consequently, Sam begins to have waking hallucinations of Hell…and Lucifer, who tries to convince him he never actually left the cage.

After flouncing off and murdering all the angels who had opposed him, Castiel comes to Earth and gets some kicks murdering scores of hypocritical pastors and changing church stained glass to show his Constantine-esque visage! Meanwhile, Dean wants to lay low and fix the Impala. But given Castiel’s authority-establishing murder spree, Sam insists they figure out how to stop him. They summon Crowley, asking for a spell to bind Death so he’ll kill Castiel. Crowley, no fan of being pressed into service by the new deity, helps.

Death? Is not pleased. Neither is Cas, who shows up soon as the binding is complete. It’s clear Death doesn’t much care for Cas, and is happy to pop him. But before he can, Cas breaks the binding. Death sits down and enjoys the fried pickle chips Dean brought him as an offering while the Winchesters hold their breath in fear. For some reason, Death doesn’t kill them—he tells them to get Cas back to the site of the ritual and force him to give up his power.

The Leviathan of it All: Death lets Cas in on some truths. He didn’t just gulp down souls, he also ate the Leviathans—creatures God thought would chomp the entire universe. Puragtory was their prison and Cas let them go. His vessel will soon be destroyed.

Cas sees this in action when he wakes up surrounded by corpses in a errant Senator’s campaign office. It motivates him to seek help from the Winchesters—he’s willing to carry out the Purgatory reversal ritual. The door opens, souls burst free in blast of light, and Cas appears to die. But then he wakes and says the Leviathans managed to stay in his body and he can’t control them! They murder him from the inside, while possessing his vessel!

Drink Count: Roughly eleventy million for corpses and Dean’s coping with alcohol.

The Quotable Winchesters: “We all saw him. No beard, no robe. He was young and…? And sexy. He had a raincoat!” –a lady convert of Cas’s being interview on TV.

Most GIF-able moment:

Crowley awaiting gooey implosion at the hands of Cas is pretty lovable, no?

Notable Cameos: None

7x2: Hello, Cruel World

Monster of the Week: Lucifer/Leviathans

The Leviathans walk Cas’s decaying form into the water supply, so they can take new hosts, including Edgar, a high school swim team, and a scary little girl (of course) They’re all hungry, but “the boss” wants them to stay in line and lay low for now. But the little girl isn’t happy with the body she’s chosen and instead decides to take the form of the surgeon scheduled to operate on Sheriff Jody Mills. Our girl knows what’s up, so when she sees him acting creepy, then eating a patient, she calls Bobby for help!

Before Bobby gets there, the Leviathans take the forms of a bunch of the staff. When Bobby arrives, his shotgun proves to be extremely inadequate for these monsters made mostly of unhinged, sharp-toothed mouths. He runs, calling for help, but when the Winchesters make it back to his house, it’s been burned to the ground! NOOOO! Edgar is in the junkyard, waiting to assassinate them! Sam drops a car on him, and black oozes out. Both boys are messed up and an ambulance arrives to take them to…wait for it…Sioux Falls General. DUH DUH.

As for the emotions of it all—Sam tells Dean all the lines Hal-lucifer is feeding him about still being in Hell. Dean tries to logic him out of it, but it’s clearly not sinking in. Lucifer spends much of the episode trying to harass Sam into killing himself. It’s fun as it sounds! Dean takes him on a case anyway. Or at least Sam thinks so. But it turns out it’s his hallucinations taking the wheel! When the real Dean shows up, Sam starts losing it and wildy firing his gun. Dean brings him back to himself, telling him torture feels different from the mundane pain of the world. Sam pushes on a bad wound and the pain makes Lucifer disappear. Oh dear. One can only guess at the fan fic friendly direction this will take.

The Leviathan of it All: Ambitious and HUNGRY.

Drink Count: 10 for corpses and drinks.

The Quotable Winchesters: “Either Sheriff Mills is having an Obamacare insured opium dream or something’s eatin’ folks down at Sioux Falls General Hospital.” –Bobby.

Most GIF-able moment:

The Leviathans know how to strut.

Notable Cameos:

Benito Martinez of The Shield, American Crime Story, Sons of Anarchy (among others), plays the Leviathan, Edgar.

Next Week: Showdown at the hospital!

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