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#FYADoesVegas 2016: More Booze, More Books

18 FYAers, 6 clubs, many bottles of alcohol, and the Chippendales: if only our teenage selves could see us now!

#FYADoesVegas 2016: More Booze, More Books

Last year: Will this crazy plan work?

This year: Will this crazy plan work...with 18 people?!

Just your average Saturday night in FYA Land.

A video is worth a thousand words, so let's go with this (if you're at work, turn down the volume): 

Thanks to Token Boy Mike from SFFYA for the video...and staying on longer than all of us to see Britney. (We're not mad, just disappointed you didn't bring the rest of us. It's really not that much to ask.)

In summary, yes, yes it worked.

We had:

- Pool time

- Booze time, some of which was spent in a chandelier

- Yoga, with dolphins! (And apparently, some dolphins felt compelled to get down. Guess yoga is really relaxing.)

- A piano bar playing our favorite hits, including Pony, Baby Got Back, Fuck You, Wannabe, and I Want It That Way. We may have scandalized some slightly older folks, even though the piano players gave shoutouts to book club multiple times. Guys, we like books and excellent music, what's not to love?

- (The piano players did not play Closer. SADNESS.)

- Unicorns. 

- Insane cab drivers, including one who claimed to be an international spy and had an "uh oh phone" (whatever that is). There was also one that leaned out the window screaming at random intervals, including, inexplicably, "FLASHLIGHT! FLASHLIGHT!" Many of us feel lucky to still be alive.

- Chippendales. OBVIOUSLY. They updated their routine for us (just for us, I assume), including a 50 Shades routine and an inscrutable black light paint number. You can see them in the video! Of course, the true highlight was the fact that they gave "the Forever Young book club" a shoutout, and we were far, far louder than any bachelorettes out there. The emcee gave us the most hilarious confused look when we cheered: pretty much the same look we all got each weekend when people asked us "oh, why are you out here? club???" No one knows what to think of a boozy book club out on the town.

Note: two of our most intrepid members also attended The Thunder From Down Under. For #science.

- There was a photo hunt, courtesy of SFFYA's Annie!

Justin says: Hey girl, I don't always stand in front of the Parliament Building with my blazer over my shoulder, but when I do, it's to fight for your rights. Because it's 2016.
Nic Cage says: I see you.

- There were some sleepover shenanigans, including mysteriously delivered Canadian pinups (aka their prime minister) and...Nicolas Cage.

- FOOD TIME, which you may have noted from the video, longingly panning over acres of delicious food. Those are deep-fried Oreos, by the way, and they came 3 for 99 cents!

You're right, SRB, I DO owe Meredith!

- And of course, BOOK TIME. The number one poolside topic was "what are you reading?" I also ended up, thanks to the lovely Meredith from ATXFYA, with a signed copy of Sarah Rees Brennan's latest!

We got to meet some new faces this year (Meredith from ATXFYA; Teresa, Vic, and Cass from FYAVBC; Mandy A. from FYADFW; Diana, Sahiti, Meghan, and Coco from SFFYA)...and, of course, the sheer number of us hanging out was truly impressive. (When you can take up an entire corner of a gigantic piano bar, or three rows at Chippendales, you know you have Arrived.)

The only drawback? It was hard to say goodbye to everyone, since people left at different times and we were often on opposite sides of the Strip. On the other hand, since we separated into subgroups during the day (particularly the early risers! Thank heavens for other people whose bodies also reject sleep), there was far less Crowd Wrangling to do.

If only Britney had been more considerate of our schedule, Mike might not have been the only one to hang out with her!

Next year: we're doing it again, and you should join us! Head over to the FYA Does Vegas google group to get in on the action. Thank you to everyone who came out for a wonderful weekend--and your photos to use in this post!




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