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Superhero Sundays: Apr. 18-22

Season finales! Double agents! Time travel shenanigans! Comic news and reviews! It's just another typical Superhero Sundays roundup, just for you.

Superhero Sundays: Apr. 18-22

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Seasons are coming to a close and things are getting cray-cray. Supergirl says goodbye? A double agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.? And what the heck just happened on The Flash? Let's chat!

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 1x20: Better Angels

The action picks up right where we left off last week, with Alex attacking Kara under the mind-controlling effects of Myriad. J’onn swoops in with Eliza Danvers, Alex’s mother, whose impassioned plea reaches Alex and she’s able to shake off the mind control.

Kara tries the same tactic to wake up the rest of National City. With Cat’s old broadcasting equipment and Maxwell Lord’s help, she transmits a message of encouragement across the city along with a symbol of hope: the S shield. It works, and the populace breaks free of Myriad’s control.

Indigo talks Non into increasing the signal of Myriad, turning it into a weapon that will fry the brains of everyone on the planet. With not much time to say her goodbyes for what Kara knows is likely her last mission, Kara tells the important people in her life how much they mean to her.

Together with J’onn, they find Fort Rozz and defeat Non and Indigo. Kara realizes the only way to get the weapon away from the Earth is to fly it from space herself. Kara, however, can’t survive in space nor fly without gravity (maybe she needs to talk with Clark about how do it?), so Alex flies to her rescue in her own escape pod.

Reunited with her family and friends, Kara celebrates happily, until… a fireball explodes over the sky of National City. She and J’onn investigate to find a pod from Krypton. What’s inside? We’ll find out next season!

Gotham 2x18: Pinewood

When Barbara tries convince Jim to believe that all of the crazy crap she did "wasn't her," he doesn't believe her—rightfully so—and kicks her out of his apartment. Soon after, he goes on a rampage looking for The Lady, and tracks her to a club called Artemis. Conveniently, Barbara is a member of the members- and ladies-only club, and she fakes turning on him to get on The Lady's good side, and the Lady reveals that someone with the nickname "The Philosopher" is the one who contracted the Wayne murders.

While hacking his dad's computer, Bruce finds a meeting with a woman named Karen Jennings over something called Pinewood Farms. Bruce and Alfred go to investigate, and find Karen—a woman with talons for a hand. Karen tells Bruce and Alfred that Pinewood Farms was a sketchy Wayne Enterprises bio-engineering project. When they go to the actual farmhouse, they're arrested by the GCPD.

Jim goes to meet Bruce at the precinct, and is looped into what's been going on. Together, they form a plan to break Karen out of custody, but nothing is ever easy; Mr. Freeze arrives and kills her. Thankfully, all is not lost when Lucius Fox shares a photo he found of Thomas and his good friend Hugo Strange, nicknamed, of course, "The Philosopher."

Back at Arkham, Strange and Peabody discuss how things are going to get interesting ... which is made even more clear when Theo Galavan turns out not to be dead after all. (But he's even more crazy than ever.) (Mandy)

Lucifer 1x12: #TeamLucifer

It’s been three weeks since Lucifer learned of his detective-initiated mortality button. Making excuses for why he’s been avoiding her (can’t play good cop, handsome devil cop all the time), he learns of a case of sacrificial murder, even if he insists on keeping his distance from Chloe in a sort of a mortality restraining order. Their latest victim, Rosie, has “Hail Lucifer” carved into her back, so it makes total sense to call in the man himself to consult!

Chloe and Lucifer figure out how to access the devil-worshipping cult and decide to don the robes and join up. The cult rejects Lucifer because he’s supposed to be blonde, but he shows them his devil-eyed true self and essentially dissolves the Church of the Devil. They identify shady character, Corazon, as a potential suspect… Until he ends up dead. Next on the guilty list is a preacher who accosts Lucifer multiple times during the episode.

Malcolm is trying to make amends across the board and lets our angelic friend know that, whoops, angels can’t actually kill so the deal is off. Turns out Malcolm’s the one murdering people in the name of our handsome devil, which is not cool by Lucifer’s standards. Malcolm manages escape yet again while Lucifer and Amenadiel are settling their qualms through their fists. Unknown to Lucifer, someone has stashed the dead body of the preacher behind his bar, which Chloe finds shortly thereafter. (Christy)

The Flash 2x18: Versus Zoom

Barry is faster than ever thanks to a trip back in time to see Harrison Wells, and he's determined to make the breach to Earth-2 to defeat Zoom. The team figures out that Cisco's powers are the key; since he can "vibe" with the Earth's frequency he should be able to create portals to other Earths. Poor Cisco gets totally freaked out by how powerful he is and it's Barry who talks him down, assuring him that he's not destined to be like Reverb, his evil Earth-2 doppelganger.

Team Flash puts it together that Jay's real name is Hunter Zolomon (the same as his Earth-1 doppelganger), and Harry immediately fills them in on the grisly details: Hunter Zolomon saw his father murder his mother in front of him and then kill himself. He was raised in an uncaring foster system that looked like something out of Dickens, and went on to become a serial killer. (Can we talk about his flashback serial killer wig because ZOMG LOL.)

Barry is being everyone's best pal this week, showing Joe that Wally really wants to move in with him so he can get to know him better, instead of having Joe pay his dorm fees. The thought of Barry, Joe, and Wally all living in the same house gives me the serious warm and fuzzies.

Iris is supposed to go on a date with Editor Shawn, but cancels at the last minute. When she shares this with Caitlyn, she gently asks if it has anything to do with Barry. Of course it does, but it's the influence of knowing the future and seeing themselves married on Earth-2 that is really messing with Iris's head, and heart!

Zoom is ready for Barry, knowing that Cisco holds the key to making a breach between worlds. It all goes horribly wrong when he snatches Wally and throws him in a cell across from The Man in the Iron Mask. The only way he'll return Wally is if Barry agrees to give him his speed, which he does because Barry Allen is a true hero.

Team Flash get a whole lot of exposition from Zoom/Zolomon as he waits for Harrison to construct the gadget needed to take the speed force, but we STILL don't know who the Man in the Iron Mask is. Barry gives up his speed but Zoom decides to take Caitlyn as a consolation prize because he's super gross and old school like that. Ugh, you guys, this episode made my heart HURT. (Amanda R.)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x17: The Team

To rescue the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D., Daisy and Lincoln call in Joey and Yo-Yo. Together, they attack the Hydra base, and capture Malick while freeing the other agents. While they're all escaping, Joey kills Lucio, which throws him for a loop.

Back at base, Fitzsimmons notice something off about Lucio's body—even though he's dead, his body is still hovering at around 98 degrees. And when Coulson interrogates Malick, he discovers that Hive!Ward likes to infect Inhumans, which is what's wrong with Lucio, and also likely one of the Secret Warriors. Coulson decides to quarantine the Inhumans, which they're not fans of at all. But he works with Daisy to get them all in cells, and finally explains to them the situation. Coulson also reveals that Lincoln is the infected Hive mole. Lincoln fights back, and Daisy uses her powers to take him down.

Meanwhile, Fitzsimmons work on a way to determine which of the Inhumans is infected, and also have THE CUTEST MOMENT EVER. (If something happens to them (again), so help me ...)

When she goes to apologize to Lincoln, Daisy reveals that she's actually the mole. And when she realizes he's not as into into mind control as she is, she collects James' orb and the Terrigen crystals and leaves the base, destroying it as she goes. (Mandy)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow 1x12: Last Refuge

Our Legends are in the era of Vanilla Ice, Home Alone, and Windows 3.0, where Ray stops young Mick from being picked off the timeline by The Pilgrim, who has been sent to hunt down the wee Legends before they become the adult problem children we know and love. Traveling through time, the pick up teenage Sara, BABY SNART (the ladies can’t keep their hands off his chubby cheeks), as well as baby Jefferson and Martin. Jackson meets his long-dead dad on Jackson’s birth-day, who tells Jackson he couldn’t be more proud and happy to have a son. *tear*

Ray is having an existential crisis and drowns his sorrows in Fruit Brute (a vintage cereal Rip keeps on board) when he develops sudden internal injuries. Seems The Pilgrim has located his 2014 self, who’s taking a beating. After being rescued by Rip, he and Kendra have a heart-to-heart and he proposes in the most unromantic way. She accepts and instantly regrets, breaking down and telling him that her 1871 self warned of the impending heartbreak for loving someone who isn’t her betrothed. By the end of the episode, wedding bells are back in the air as Kendra says SCREW DESTINY and accepts Ray’s proposal for the second time.

To keep the lil’ Legends safe, Rip (nee Michael) brings them to his (adopted) mother’s home, where we find out Rip was originally an orphan at her future-time-hunter’s orphanage. We also learn Mick caused a fire which killed his family, which in turn caused his forever angst. While everyone is enjoying afternoon tea, The Pilgrim has kidnapped Jackson’s father and everyone’s loved ones, telling them to pony up their their younger selves or everyone gets it. Rip offers up his young self, with the idea that killing little Rip will erase all of the bad he’s done. Not ones to ever follow the plan, the Legends come at The Pilgrim together but it is young Rip Hunter who shivs The Pilgrim. She ends up a pile of dust shortly thereafter. The Legends leave their little tykes with Mama Hunter for safe keeping, while they go off to find out what ruckus Savage is up to now. (Christy

Daredevil 2x05: Kinbaku

It’s an ages-old tale. Boy meets girl. Boy turns out to be a superpowered highly-trained fighter and girl turns out to be an exceptionally lethal assassin. Yes, this is the episode that gives us the story of how Matt Murdock met Elektra Natchios.

Matt and Elektra have an instant attraction. He loves the sense of danger and uncertainty Elektra begins into his life, and the freedom to be himself heart and soul. Elektra, however, has a dark side that’s unleashed when she brings him face-to-face with the man who ordered the hit on Matt’s father. She demands Matt kill him for vengeance. ICE COLD, lady. Matt is horrified, and the two part ways.

Fast-forward to the current day, and Elektra has come to Matt for help with investigating what’s really going on at the shady Roxxon Corporation. Matt refuses.

Karen and Matt continue to be adorkable together, but Karen has more pressing concerns: the real story of Frank Castle and his family. The DA is also interested in The Punisher, and comes to Foggy for off-the-books help. Foggy insists on doing things the right way, however, much to the ire of the assistant DA.

Meanwhile, Matt can't resist making sure Elektra isn't in danger at Roxxon, and listens in on her meeting. She's more than fine; in fact, she hacked their system to find out what's really going on. She pulls Matt into the mystery, and he just can't resist... dammit, Matt. 

Daredevil 2x06: Regrets Only

Nelson and Murdock (and Page) are on the case for none other than Frank Castle when his joke of a public defender comes knocking on their office door asking for Karen's signature on a very botched witness statement. Once Matt hears that the DA is going to push for the death penalty he knows that he can't sit idly by while Reyes makes a meal out of Frank for the sake of her own ambition.

Matt gets a call from Elektra just as he's going to take Frank's plea at his bedside, and has to leave Foggy and Karen to do all of the work. Not that they aren't totally capable, but you can understand why Foggy is a bit peeved - and he also seems a bit sad when he sees Karen and Matt kiss goodbye. (What's going on Fog-Fog? I thought you were over Karen?) Frank wants to talk to Karen and ONLY Karen once she shows him a family picture that she took from his house. (Y'all better have had some tissues nearby for the scene when Frank asks Karen about the details of his home so that he can remember his wife and kids.) Karen is firmly Team Punisher; she wants to know why his family were killed, and if it wasn't on purpose than WHY has it been covered up by the DA?

On the other side of town Matt and Elektra are dressed to the nines for a very boring party put on by Roxxon/The Japanese Mafia. Matt uses his Clumsy Blind Guy routine to spill wine on a cheeseball accountant, who is then knocked out in the restroom as he tries to clean his shirt. Elektra and Matt have his keycard, they get the goods, and fake sexy times in order to throw the mobsters off their scent. (HOT.) (Sorry, Karen.)

Back in the limo they go over the stolen ledger and it turns out that Roxxon is dabbling in trafficking arms, drugs, and human beings. Lovely. But whatever they are REALLY trying to hide has been encrypted and Elektra can't make sense of her Japanese translation. (Oooohhh I love a cipher!)

At the hospital Frank Castle tells DA Reyes to get bent (fist pump) when he pleads NOT guilty, instead of the guilty/plea bargain Foggy got for him. And you know that nasty cow pulled all the strings she could because Castle's trial is in ONE WEEK. Game on! (Amanda R.)

Hero of the Week: Supergirl, Supergirl

Kara Zor-El saved National City this week, not with her formidable strength or heat vision or perfect hair (SRSLY), but with her unwavering belief in the power of hope. That's Supergirl's true strength. And that's not even mentioning her bravery when faced with possibly sacrificing herself for the Earth or the obvious love she feels for her friends and family. This week was strong finish for her first season!

Honorable mention: Barry Allen, The Flash

Villain of the Week: Daisy Johnson, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

TWIST! Daisy has been infected by Hive, and under his control her powers are fully unleashed on both Gideon Malick and the S.H.I.E.L.D. base -- and we can see how much she's been holding back. Will Ward's memories affect how Hive interacts with her? Ick.

Honorable mention: Hunter Zolomon, The Flash

Comic Relief

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Top Titles

Joyride #1 by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, with art by Marcus To

Living in a dystopian world where they're shielded from the sky by a big metal shell, Uma and Dewydd just want to get out and see the stars. Armed with contraband in the form of fancy kicks and sunglasses, the two narrowly escape detection as they commandeer a moon vehicle, only to be caught by Catrin, a girl who originally identifies as Private First Class. The trio get themselves into a pickle with an alien who wishes to turn them into pets (or food). Lucky for them, they've made a pal in another alien who helps to dispose of the zookeeping alien. With the awesome story writing team and great art, Joyride has the potential to be your favorite new comic this spring so be sure to pick it up! (Christy

Howard the Duck #6 by Chip Zdarsky and Ryan North, with art by Joe Quinones and Erica Henderson

Part 2 of the Squirrel Girl crossover "Animal House" continues! Howard, Squirrel Girl, Kraven the Hunter, Rocket Raccoon, and more find themselves being hunted by a rich cosplaying maniac who gets her kicks hunting animal-themed heroes. (No, seriously.) Her cosplay game is so strong that her costume pieces actually WORK: Cyclops' eye blasts, Iron Man's glove, Falcon's wings, and much more. How will Howard get out of this one? WILL Howard get out of this one? Pick it up for Squirrel Girl and stay for the laughs. 

Power Man and Iron Fist #3 by David Walker, with art by Sanford Greene

Luke and Danny are still trying to get intel on the Soulstone that they "procured" from Tombstone, thinking that it was a stolen family heirloom of their former employee, Jennie. Jennie isn't quite herself these days; although she and her partner Black Mariah are on quite the crime spree she's a bit more...murder-y than usual.

If you have a question about anything mystical you go to Doctor Strange. Too bad he's kind of a dick to Luke and Danny, dismissing the Soulstone's power as "lesser magic" because he's never heard of it, even though Luke insists that anyone who grew up in Harlem knows about it. (Kudos to Walker for the subtext on racism and classism here.) Luke finally goes where he knows he should have gone all along - to his local Master of the Mystical Arts, Senor Magico! He tells them that the stone finds a weak master and makes them very powerful, but at the expense of their soul. Can Luke and Danny find Jennie before it's too late?

This series is staying strong week to week, and it's become one of the most anticipated reads on my pull list. My one issue is that (so far) Jessica Jones has been cast in the role of Nagging Wife and she is SO much more than that. (Amanda R.)

Pick of the Week

Superman: American Alien #6, written by Max Landis and art by Jonathan Case

This present day re-telling of Superman's origin story continues with Clark's friends Pete Ross and Kenny Braverman coming to visit him in Metropolis. The city is obsessed with their caped hero, and Clark's childhood friends don't beat around the bush about how they feel about it. (Practically everyone in Smallville knows his secret identity, but the rest of the world remains clueless.) Only his best friends from school can get away with good-naturedly calling Clark a big-city "hipster tool" and making fun of his colorful costume.

But when things get serious and Pete unleashes how he really feels about his friend becoming a superhero with a literal target on his chest, things get crazy quickly for a bewildered Clark Kent. This book gives Clark Kent real personality and real motivation behind what he does, including why he wears the S shield on his costume (which made me tear up a little, sniff).



- These Betty and Veronica #1 variants have us pretty excited.

- DC Comics books will soon be available on Overdrive!

- Cisco Ramon stars in a new 4-part web mini-series. More Cisco is always a good thing.

- Hayley Atwell and Clark Gregg rocked it on Lip Sync Battle (OH GOD Clark's "Toxic" rendition is hilarious).

- Iron Man is going to be in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

- Jessica Jones was named as an honoree of the Peabody Award.

- Deadpool is being released to digital HD this Tuesday!

- Paul Bettany (The Vision) called out Team Cap - and the dude doesn't mess around.

- Jon Favreau doesn't think blockbuster superhero movies are going anywhere.

- The Inhumans have been removed from Marvel's movie lineup for now. Does that mean no Secret Warriors on the big screen?

- Famke Janssen wanted her Jean Grey to return to the X-Men movies, but never heard back from producers when she asked. Hmph.

- Tilda Swinton weighed in on the Doctor Strange whitewashing controversy.


Azrael is coming to Gotham:


Who do you think Matt Murdock belongs with, Karen or Elektra? Does anyone else want to see Hunter Zolomon get punched in his perfect face? Let's chat!

Kelly Knox's photo About the Author: Kelly is a freelance writer in Seattle, WA. She spends her days with her family playing video games, reading comic books, volunteering at the library, and making crafts. She’s pretty sure she never really grew up. You can find Kelly on Twitter at @kelly_knox.