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The 100 3x13: Join or Die

John Murphy for Chancellor.

The 100 3x13: Join or Die

Previously: When they arrive home at Arkadia, the delinquents find a ghost town … and an old enemy who haunts them nearly to death.


Pike and Kane make it back to Polis with a group of Grounders, only to find that Jaha and ALL-E’s influence has reached far past the borders of Arkadia. Abby tricks Kane into believing she’s not under the influence of ALL-E, but when Abby throws herself at him, he realizes all is not what it seems. Kane’s nailed up on a cross because he won’t reveal where the rest of the delinquents are, but when Jaha threatens Abby’s life, he finally relents and takes the chip.

In flashbacks, we see Jaha ask Pike to teach the delinquents Earth skills because of their plan to send them to the surface. Pike agrees, but reluctantly. And then he beats the crap out of Malfoy, to teach them all a lesson, proving that he was a horrible person even before landing with the rest of Farm Station. We also see the 100 (+ Bellamy) as they’re shuttled into the drop ship and shot from the Ark.

Meanwhile, Bellamy, Clarke, Jasper and Octavia continue on the path to find Luna, but find a dead end at on the shores of a lake. After Jasper inadvertently turns a fire into a signal fire, a group of Grounders arrive at their location. After the delinquents take the drug also known as Safe Passage (which totally needs to be a drink name, now), they wake up in an old storage container. Luna comes to say hello, but turns down Clarke’s invitation to take the Flame and become the next commander. When they all exit the container to talk Luna into it, they realize they’re on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean.


- Pike’s own men taking him down! The chip might be pretty dang awful, but it’s not all bad.

- Kane throwing the chip away and standing up to Jaha and ALL-E.

- Our babies when they were young and clean and not yet horribly emotionally or physically scarred! (… Or dead. Yeah, I saw you there Fox and Monroe.)

GIFs via jasperjordan.tumblr.com

- Indra punishing Pike, Grounder-style, for the massacre of her people with 300 cuts. THAT’S RIGHT.

- Well damn, that’s an excellent place to have a home base, Luna.


- Kane being crucified on the cross. I, uh, am really glad I’d finished dinner before watching that part.

- BELLARKE HUG. I REPEAT—THIS IS NOT A DRILL—BELLARKE HUG. And there were nuzzles and smiles and looks and I ... just can’t.

GIFs via chatnoirs-baton.tumblr.com


I’m absolutely positive that, when we first met Malfoy, I would have sworn up and down that I’d never give him any sort of (positive) award, much less give him one two weeks in a row. But here I am, once again realizing how much he’s grown over the course of three seasons, and being reminded of all that he’s been through to get to where he is. And even after being beaten by Pike “as a lesson,” he’s still willing to see his usefulness and not give in to revenge?

All the applause for Malfoy.


“About what I expected.”—Pike. ALSO about what you deserved.

“They’re not hostile. Put the guns down.”—Octavia, telling Bellamy something he should have listened to at the beginning of this season.

“Forgiveness is hard for us. … I was so angry at you for leaving. I don’t want to feel that way anymore.”—Bellamy
“You know, you’re not the only one trying to forgive yourself. Maybe we’ll get that someday. But we need each other Bellamy. What we’re doing now … the only way we’re going to pull this off is together.”—Clarke


“You’re an epic dick, Murphy.”—Harper, speaking truths about why we both hated Malfoy and now love him.

“Do you want your revenge, or do you want your people to live?”—Malfoy, showing, quite literally, how amazingly his character has grown.


- UGH. Are they really trying to make Pike a more likeable character?

- Did Marcus’ face when he realized Abby had taken the chip break anyone else’s heart? And then, again, when that tear ran down Bellamy’s face when he and Clarke were talking? Sometimes, the actors on this show know exactly how to bring the feels.

GIFs via kabbyedaway.tumblr.com

- How impressed were you at everyone reverting to their previous ways of portraying their characters? Color me very.

- How did the first person to go to Luna’s oil rig know it was out there?

- And how is this all going to resolve satisfactorily with only three episodes left?

Let’s take it to the comments.

Next episode: “Red Sky at Morning”


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