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Superhero Sundays: Apr. 25-29

Lucifer makes a deal, Barry deals with being normal again, and we can't even deal with what Matt Murdock is doing on Daredevil. Plus comic news and reviews!

Superhero Sundays: Apr. 25-29

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Our favorite super-shows are starting to wrap up for the season, but there's still plenty of action to catch on the small screen. Let's get to it!

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Lucifer 1x13: Take Me Back to Hell

Our season finale picks up where last week left off: with a body behind the bar and guns pointed at everyone’s favorite fallen son. As shots are fired, Lucifer vanishes from thin air (swooped up by Amenadiel), with Chloe hot on his tail. Chloe doesn’t buy that Lucifer is a murderer and in a crazy turn of events, Detective Dan agrees! So Chloe and Maze are looking for Lucifer, Lucifer and Amenadiel are looking for Malcolm, and Malcolm is looking for everyone. When Amenadiel catches up with Malcolm, he gets shanked by the demon-killing knife. The only fix? Something divine, which Maze happens to have in the form of one of Lucifer’s feathers.

While everyone is trying to figure out what the heck is going on, Malcolm kidnapps Trixie in exchange for his getaway money. When confronted, Malcolm shoots Lucifer and goes after Chloe, leaving Lucifer to pray for her life in exchange for being the son God always wanted. Reawakened at full power, he goes after Malcolm but Chloe gets to Malcolm first, shooting him dead. And oops, Lucifer has stolen that get out of Hell free token so it’s back to Hell for Malcolm.

Of course, things are never as they seem and dear old dad has let Lucifer off on one condition…He has to bring back someone who escaped from Hell: his mother. (Christy)

The Flash 2x19: Back to Normal

Barry Allen has lost his speed, having given it to Zoom (ugh) in order to save Wally (yay!), but Zoom took Caitlyn (UGH) because Zoom is The Worst. (It was so sad seeing Barry having to suffer on public transport and queue at coffee shops like the rest of us mere mortals.)

Team Flash is understandably out of balance, but that doesn't stop Barry from going to work and trying to save the city in his own speedless way. Cisco vibes to check on Caitlyn, and confirms she's on Earth-2 at Zoom's lair, scared but safe.

Guess who else is at Chez Zoom? Killer Frost! Caitlyn helps her break free so that the pair of them can escape, but Frost is still more villain than hero and she tries to kill Caitlyn only to have Zoom turn her deadly ice dagger around, killing Frost instead. (Damn! I would have loved to have seen more Killer Frost!) Zoom is convinced that Caitlyn will eventually "remember" her feelings for him, and the two of them will be eternally happy. Um, gross.

On Earth-1 Harry has decided to track down Jessie, and when he does she makes it very clear she's not ready to resume their relationship. On his way back to Central City he gets attacked and kidnapped by a meta named Griffin Grey who blames him for Earth-1 Wells's particle accelerator meltdown. Harry doesn't bother trying to tell him about the different Earths, and bides his time, faking a cure for Griffin's mutation while Team Flash locate them. It was good to see our friends defeat this guy, even without Barry's speed (with a nice nod to Felicity and Ray). They need all the morale boosting they can get! Jessie and her dad reconcile after he's rescued; she sees a bit of what he went through when Zoom took her, and he promises to be a better man in the future.

Joe finally agrees to arrange a meeting between The Flash and Wally, who wants to thank him for saving his life. It's such a sweet moment, and I can not WAIT until Wally and Jessie become speedsters! (What do we think, by the end of this season perhaps?)

Harry tells Barry that he can get him his speed back by creating another particle accelerator explosion, and you know that Barry is going to be on board because he is SO over being a muggle. My prediction? Somehow this explosion, or Flash's eventual defeat of Zoom, is going to create THREE speedsters instead of one. BRING IT. (Amanda R.)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x18: The Singularity

In the aftermath of Daisy's betrayal, the team plans how to cure her of Hive's control. While Fitzsimmons and Mac go to find Dr. Radcliffe, a scientist who might be able to help them, Coulson, May, and Lincoln race to get to Alisha before she can be infected. Unfortunately, they're too late; they're also too late to save James, who Daisy and Hive visit and turn Inhuman in order to get the "other half" of the Kree orb system.

Fitzsimmons meet up with Radcliffe, who doesn't take kindly to nearly being tricked. But when Fitz reveals that Inhumans are real, he looks to be coming around—until Daisy and Hive show up and steal him away. Daisy nearly chokes Fitz while telling him to stop trying to fix her, and Hive tries to trick Jemma with Will's memories—but she's much too badass for that fool's tricks, so she shoots him.

When they all return to the rendezvous point, and Mac kindly goes to the plane to pack, Fitzsimmons have a truly swoony moment. And Hive, his growing team, and Radcliffe go to their new base, a town Hive apparently bought.

Meanwhile, Talbot and the ATCU mount a worldwide attack on Hydra's bases, which supposedly is a success?

(Best part of the episode, though: The fact that Coulson has a force shield in his prosthetic hand—and May's "that's handy" quip.) (Mandy)

Arrow 4x19: Canary Cry

The good news? Black Canary is being sighted all over Star City! The bad news? It’s not Laurel. She’s definitely dead, y’all. Captain Lance spends the whole episode coming to terms with that, which is especially difficult, considering just how many times he’s had to bury his daughters.

Diggle is also consumed with guilt, convinced it was his misplaced devotion to Andy that cost her life. To pay this debt, he attacks Ruve Adam’s limo, planning to kill her to punish Damien Darhk. Ollie puts a stop to it, but Ruve uses the incident to try to ruin Black Canary’s legacy, calling a press conference and saying she’s a menace that needs to be stopped.

Team Arrow works diligently to unmask the imposter Canary and discovers she’s a teen orphan whose parents were destroyed by HIVE after Arrow failed to save them. She attacks Ruve, holding her at gunpoint, but Ollie manages to talk her down by reminding her of what the real Black Canary stood for. But that doesn’t mean he’s about to let Ruve ruin Laurel’s heroic legacy. At her funeral, he names her as the real Black Canary, letting Star City put a name to one of its heroes. (Amanda K.)

DC Legends of Tomorrow 1x13: Leviathan

The team is off to 2166 London, right prior to the deaths of Rip’s family. While Savage is giving his Hitler-esque speech, Kendra spots a golden bracelet on one his companions. The bracelet belonged to Kendra-Prime, which means it’s the ultimate kill-Savage-weapon. Heat Wave finally gets to use his powers for good, melting the bracelet over the spiked mace club. Lady in the bracelet, Cassie, is Savage’s daughter, who is later kidnapped by Snart and Rory. In return, Savage unleashes a giant robot, Leviathan.

Ray embraces opposite day and turns himself into the Giant Atom in order to face off with Leviathan. Jackson plays coach from the sidelines, telling Ray, “Remember, you’ve got laser blasters. COME ON.” Like, how cool is this giant robot fight? The rest of the Legends head over to do away with Savage. Just as Hawkgirl is raises her club to pulverize him, Carter shows up as a brainwashed Savage recruit. Savage has reincarnated him and mind wiped the whole curse-forbidden love thing. Rip goes all Street Fighter, yelling FINISH HIM, but Kendra chooses Carter over Rip’s family (no surprise there, but poor Ray!). (Christy

Daredevil 2x07: Semper Fidelis

Frank Castle’s trial is getting underway, and Murdock and Nelson know their chances of getting him the best sentence possible are slim. Matt’s job is to work on the opening statements. While Matt practices, Elektra calls with a lead. Matt continues to make the Worst Decisions Ever and goes with her to follow it instead of working on the case. It turns out to be a trap, and the two are pursued by yakuza through some of New York’s darkest warehouses.

The two recover at Matt’s apartment and compare old battle wounds. WHY AREN’T YOU WORKING, MATT. (The idea of him bombing the court case is more stressful than when he’s fighting ninjas, sheesh.)

Foggy makes it through the opening statement and Matt finally arrives at the courthouse. The three meet up and strategize, with Foggy understandably angry at Matt. When hearing that the medical examiner is the first witness, Matt asks for the chance to get him to admit to tampering with evidence.

Later that night, Elektra shows up at the apartment with yet another lead on Roxxon, and while she’s there she overhears what Matt is working on. She gets to the medical examiner first and breaks him. He confesses in court, revealing he was threatened by a masked woman, which thereby nullifies his testimony.

Matt tells Foggy it was Elektra, and Foggy unleashes his frustration with Matt and his unreliability. Matt confronts Elektra, gets sucked up in her crusade again (argh), and takes on the yakuza. They discover the armed guards were protecting a mysterious, massive hole in the ground inside a building. Where did it come from?

Daredevil 2x08: Guilty as Sin

Matt and Elektra are where we left them at the end of the last episode: standing on the edge of what appears to be a bottomless hole - and that can't be good. They're attacked by ninjas and are on their way to being defeated except that some old dude shows up to help them - STICK! Elektra is badly wounded because of Matt's insistence that she not kill anyone (even if they're trying to kill her), and that hesitation almost kills her.

Stick demands that they go back to Matt's apartment where he fixes up a home remedy to counteract with the poison that is killing Elektra. Oh, and did I mention that Stick and Elektra have history? And when Matt realizes this he also realizes that in college he was a mark? He's definitely feeling some kind of way about that, especially now that Karen has seen a recovering Elektra in Matt's bed and is pretty much done with Matt Murdock.

Damn, Matt. This whole season could be subtitled Look at Your Life, Look at Your Choices.

Matt demands the truth from Stick; who is this organization that they're supposed to be scared of? The Hand, of course, who just so happened to murder Stick's entire family when he was a child. After Matt leaves, Elektra tells Stick that she's staying with Matt, that she doesn't want to be a killer anymore. That lasts for about...three hours?

Foggy and Karen are trying their damnedest to keep Frank Castle out of the electric chair, even getting his former Colonel to testify to his character, but a certain someone with a very far reach has gotten to Frank, and when Matt calls him to the stand he gives the courtroom the show they were hoping for. He rants and raves about he's the Punisher that they know him to be, and how he would do it all again. Needless to say, Foggy and Karen are PISSED; Matt didn't heed their advice and it's still not entirely clear whether he did it on purpose because he heard the prison cop whispering to Frank as he took the stand, OR because he's being the world's worst friend/colleague/boyfriend right now.

As Frank is taken to prison, he bypasses all of the regular cells and is taken out to an empty yard where his benefactor is waiting for him. Did you think it was Wilson Fisk? Because I sure as hell did. What could Fisk POSSIBLY want with Frank?? (Amanda R.)

Hero of the Week: Barry Allen, The Flash

Barry Allen is such a stand-up guy that he doesn't need his super-speed to do good. He still works hard as a forensic scientist, and he's unwilling to let a metahuman wreak havoc even if he doesn't have his powers.

Honorable mentions: Lucifer, Lucifer, Ray Palmer, Legends of Tomorrow

Villain of the Week: Matt Murdock, Daredevil

Matt Murdock, WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Daredevil reminds us that superheroes aren't perfect; people with superpowers are just as capable of making bad decisions when an ex shows up. Matt lets down Foggy and Karen--and Frank Castle, to an extent--by shirking on his daylight duties by getting caught up in yakuza drama. Like you do.

Honorable mention: Daisy Johnson, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


They may be tough to see in his dark apartment, but when it comes to Charlie Cox, we take all the abs we can get.

Comic Relief

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Top Titles

Worst X-Men Ever #3 by Max Bemis, with art by Michael Walsh

Our (least-best) favorite X-Men is back and struggling to find where he fits in. Stuck with the worst mutation ever (a one-time self explosion), Bailey is waiting for Mystique to begin her blackmail after snapping a photo of them kissing in the previous issue. In the meantime, team choices have started a la grade school dodgeball and Bailey has discovered another misfit, Miranda. Unlike Bailey, Miranda has arguably the best X-Men ability ever: the ability to make things and people disappear as if they never existed. The risk of being swooped up by the "dark" side, each for their own set of vulnerabilities, is high...Will Miranda and Bailey make the right choice or will they join Magneto? (Christy

Daredevil #6 by Charles Soule, with art by Matteo Buffagni

If you've already finished your Daredevil Netflix bingewatch and you want more Matt Murdock in your life, this issue is a perfect point to jump in with a new arc in the comic series. Matt's secret identity is safe once again, so no one knows that the former-defender-turned-public-prosecutor is Daredevil. Not even Elektra Natchios remembers his alter ego, and when she shows up in town wanting to meet up with The Man Without Fear, Matt's interest is piqued. But Elektra has a bone to pick with Daredevil, and she means BUSINESS. 

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7 by Ryan North, with art by Erica Henderson

It's a choose-your-own-adventure, Squirrel Girl style! Of course it's hilarious, of course it's creative, and of course you need to eat nuts and kick butts, because it's Squirrel Girl. Swarm, a villain made entirely of bees (yup), is trying to defeat Doreen -- and it's up to YOU to take him on. If you've been trying to get your friends to read this book, this standalone adventure couldn't be a better pick. Give it to everyone you love.

Pick of the Week

Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega #1 by Nick Spencer, with art by Daniel Acuna and Angel Unzueta

Hope you all have been following what's been going down in Pleasant Hill because Omega rocks the Marvel universe with new characters, new (and familiar) friend and foe, and an ending that leaves you wondering if anyone is untouchable. Several of the Avenger and Avenger-adjacent teams have landed in Pleasant Hill to clean up the mess created by Maria Hill. Villain Zemo has his hands on the most powerful item, a little girl who can mold the fabric of reality. An epic battle ensues between the baddies and our heroes, and just when it's starting to look bad, a new hero shows up. Some big considerations take place in regards to Director Hill while the seeds of Civil War 2 are planted. What does all this mean? You'll have to read to find out!

Omega leaves us with many questions for what will happen in the future of the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D., but most of all, leaves us with one big question: really, what is Kraven's favorite ice cream flavor? (Christy)



- Jon Bernthal is getting his own Punisher series on Netflix.

- Stephen Merchant joins Wolverine 3 and now it has my attention.

- The Flash movie lost its director over "creative differences."

- Of course Stan Lee has a cameo in Captain America: Civil War. But what if he had to pick a side?

- The cast and crew of The Flash only had good things to say about Kevin Smith as a director.

- Speaking of Kevin Smith, he called Civil War the "greatest comic book movie ever made." HYPE!

- Sophie Turner (Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse) revealed an amazing Easter egg in the film.

- The Cyclops to her Jean, Tye Sheridan, signed on to play the character in two more films (!).

- Warner Bros. announced DC Universe: The Exhibit, which will house movie props and sets.

- Deadpool 2 is looking for a "physically imposing" actor to play Cable.


The final trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse has a surprise at the end:

It's Spidey vs. Bucky in the latest Civil War TV spot!


How hyped are you for Civil War next week? Who do you think is doomed in the S.H.I.E.L.D. finale? Let's dish!

Kelly Knox's photo About the Author: Kelly is a freelance writer in Seattle, WA. She spends her days with her family playing video games, reading comic books, volunteering at the library, and making crafts. She’s pretty sure she never really grew up. You can find Kelly on Twitter at @kelly_knox.