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The Originals 3x20: Where Nothing Stays Buried

Always and forever comes with a high price tag.

The Originals 3x20: Where Nothing Stays Buried

Previously on The Originals: Prophecy of Everyone Hates the Mikaelsons. Lucien turned himself into a Super Hybrid and whined about how Klaus “stole” the love of his life. Kol was being controlled by the ancestors and drained Davina. Cami died of Lucien’s bite.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Marcel goes from Cami’s deathbed to find Kol crying over Davina’s drained body. He’s had enough, and doesn’t intend to let this death stand. Marcel and Kol got to Freya, begging for some witch power to help Davina back. They have to move Davina to consecrated ground, but also need a circle to protect her from the overgrown mean girl ancestors (especially the witch she had assassinated) while she’s in the spirit realm, while they figure out how to bring her back. Freya proposes stealing the power of the ancestors by using Davina as a conduit, in order to kill Lucien. But Elijah is horrified at the idea of leaving Davina unprotected in the spirit realm to do it. Klaus agrees, saying he doesn’t want Kol and Marcel turning on them now. Freya decides to do it anyway. Vincent and Kol half convince/half force Van the witch regent into helping them resurrect Davina, but it’s too late. When he’s unsuccessful, Marcel blames the Kol and the Mikaelsons. He’s not wrong.

Hayley gives Klaus all of Jackson’s notes on what he knew of the werewolf line. She offers to make Irish wake arrangements, since CAMI’S BODY IS STILL LAYING IN THE HOUSE. But Klaus is too hellbent on war to be concerned about scavenger rodents or human decency. Since killing Cami didn’t bring Klaus out for revenge, Lucien decides to kill off Rebekah next. Her daggered body has been hidden in the bayou, and Hayley insists on accompanying Klaus to move it somewhere safer. After Lucien causes a dramatic accident, they all end up brawling in a derelict old house. Just as Lucien is killing Hayley and forcing Klaus to his knees, Freya shows up to remove Lucien’s power. Klaus murders him gruesomely, and no one feels the least bit bad about it.

Klaus and Elijah go to a destroyed Marcel to explain why Davina was sacrificed, but he’s done with helping them. The brothers are somewhat shocked to be so thoroughly rejected by Marcel, especially Klaus, whose embrace is rejected. Freya is received just as poorly by Vincent.

Holy Fang

Klaus immediately agreeing to help Kol save Davina so that Kol doesn’t have to suffer the same loss? Oh, my heart!

Elijah and Hayley cuddles! If only it weren’t for such a sad reason.

Vincent wants Marcel to become a Super Hybrid to drive the Mikaelsons out of town!

Winners and Losers

Winner: The world. Because hallelujah, Lucien is finally dead. I know he could sometimes be amusing, but I was long past tired of his villainous monloguing, and whiny grudge-holding because the woman he loved never loved him back. Lucien was like the original Nice Guy. Good riddance.

Loser: Marcel. He’s returned to the bosom of the Mikaelson family repeatedly, despite some massive tests of loyalty, but sacrificing his foster daughter was a bridge too far. And when he mounts his quest for vengeance, I might be on his side, too.

Original Snark

“Surely you can see vampirism has its perks. No lines at the DMV, no hangovers. I’ve got the abs of the laborer I once was, and the cuticles of a Real Housewife.” It’s too late to try to win me over with shallowness, Lucien.

“Unless you want to be delayed by an angry werewolf grandma with a shotgun, you should just admit that you need me.” Hayley always makes her point so well.

“I don’t need advice on healthy mourning from the girl who kept her husband’s rotting heart in a box, thank you.” It’s a wonder Hayley hasn’t killed Klaus when he lashes out like that.

“You’ll ALWAYS be my responsibility.” Aw, Marcel and Davina.

“Today I fear we might have created a new monster entirely.” A Mikaelson specialty.

Haunting Questions

- So, is Davina really dead? Given how the spirit realm works, and you know, that Kol is walking around biting people, she could be brought back at some point. But killing off two female characters in a row, during a season that has seen A LOT of female TV deaths, seems like a really bad move.

- Which Mikaelson were you most disappointed in this week? Kol killed someone, AGAIN, and I still think I’d have to go with Freya.

- This is how we finally get Haylijah? In the midst of tragedy and heartbreak? Whatever, I’ll take it.

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