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The Originals 3x21: Give ‘Em Hell Kid

There ain’t no party like a cemetary party.

The Originals 3x21: Give ‘Em Hell Kid

Previously on The Originals: Mikaelson Prophecy of EVERYONE DIES. Lucien became a Super Hybrid. Kol accidentally killed Davina. Freya sacrificed Davina’s resurrection to beat Lucien. Marcel and Vincent made a vengeance pact.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

At Davina’s gravesite (tomb site?) Vincent is already preaching vengeance to Marcel, Kol, and Josh. I cannot handle Josh talking about Davina being his sister and best friend, which he can’t even finish. Hayley oversees Cami’s Irish wake, and worries about not having enough whiskey (however much it is, it’s not enough). Hot Detective Kinney shows up at Cami’s wake, but he doesn’t remember meeting Klaus before. Marcel shows up to lay a flower on Cami’s coffin, but leaves without speaking to anyone. Kol gives Freya shit for skipping the funeral and wake. She’s doing witchy voodoo, trying to determine if the prophecy still holds. Kol DGAF. But Kol is also being tormented by visions of Davina trying to kill him. Which? FAIR.

Det. Kinney tells Vincent he can’t let Cami’s mysterious death go. Vincent pretends to be reluctant to help him out, but then takes him to his creepy old house and rambles on about witchcraft and restoring the balance. Vincent gets Kinney to orchestrate a SWAT bust on one of the voodoo shops to net him some magic supplies for a ritual. Kol inserts himself into the situation to help (or to make it worse). They go to the cemetery to perform a ritual to get them to witch purgatory, with Josh as their anchor. They find Davina in the spirit realm, and she tells Vincent that when this is over, the witches will be cut off from the ancestors, and they’ll need someone to lead them. She wants Kol to tells Josh not to be sad and to tell Marcel that he was her family. It all seems pretty final.

Freya shows Elijah a vision of how the prophecy plays out. Death by Marcel is all I get from it. They’re now pretty sure that Marcel stole second Super Hybrid serum. Freya is worried that if Marcel takes the serum, there isn’t enough power borrowed from the ancestors to stop him. Klaus pays a condolence call to Marcel, knowing that Marcel is taking Davina’s death hard. Shockingly, he’s not open to seeing their side. Klaus takes Marcel on a tour down memory lane, to the bridge they crossed when Marcel first came to their family. Elijah arrives to ruin the moment, by letting Klaus know about the serum. While they argue, and Marcel threatens to take the serum, Elijah keeps flashing back to the visions he got from Freya, which include a murderous Marcel, and a bloody Hayley. His response, is to rip out Marcel’s heart. HOLY CRAP. As much as I love an Elijah heart rip, DO NOT WANT. Klaus thinks he could have won Marcel back to their side, but Elijah knew their betrayal made him too great of a foe. Elijah returns to Mikaelson compound and collapses at Hayley’s feet in grief and remorse. Hayley pleads with Klaus to forgive Elijah, after all the times Klaus has done some awful stuff.

Holy Fang


Poor Kinney finally knows what goes bump in the night!

“I had no choice.” How is it that Elijah killed someone, yet he’s the one I feel sorry for?

Marcel took the Super Hybrid serum!

Winners and Losers

Winner: Vincent. He convinced Marcel to take the Super Hybrid serum, he has a police detective on his side, and he gets to be back in charge of the New Orleans witches, without the pesky interference of the ancestors. Suddenly, everything is coming up Vincent, and I don’t like it.

Loser: Marcel (for the second week in a row). He might have gained some power, and survived that heart snatch, but he’s lost nearly all of his family in a very short span of time. I can’t imagine any way in which this all ends well.

Original Snark

“You may have spent your entire life searching for us, but I never for a second wanted you.” There is no bigger jackass than Kol Mikaelson.

“Oh, cool. So you’re gonna die soon, too. I’ll make sure I get this suit cleaned, STAT.” I LOVE YOU, JOSH.

“Once upon a time, you were my mentor, my savior, my sire. But you’ve never been my brother.” OUCH, Marcel.

“I can’t sell it, and I can’t rent it. Everybody thinks it’s haunted. That’s what happens when your crazy ex-wife used to perform ritual sacrifice in your parlor room.” Sure, Vincent, you can’t sell that creepy hovel because of magic. Dude, call an exterminator.

“But maybe you were the villains in his story.” Marcel with the truth bombs.

“You may hate me. But your hatred only marks you as my kin.” TRUTH. Nobody hates Klaus as much as his family.

Haunting Questions

- Wait. So Marcel hid the fact that he took the serum for hours? So, it didn’t cause him the horrible, self-pitying, monologuing side effect that Lucien and Aurora experienced?

- So now that Kinney is in on the paranormal stuff in his city. That should go well, right?

- I need to know the show’s candle budget. Their fire insurance has got to be through the roof.

- So, a Super Hybrid can regenerate a heart? I need to know how this works.

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