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Superhero Sundays: May 9–13

We pour one out for Peggy Carter (and Edwin Jarvis, Daniel Sousa, etc.), plus this week’s recaps, comic recs and newsworthy links.

Superhero Sundays: May 9–13

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Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Gotham 2x20: Unleashed

Jim and Harvey get a warrant for Strange’s office, but when they arrive, he’s already shredded all of his files. So they go looking for information on Azrael, instead, and turn to Tabitha for more info; she reveals that her grandfather had the actual sword the real Azrael used—and it’s buried with his dead body in Gotham cemetery. Jim, Harvey and Tabitha head to the crypt for some grave digging, and Azrael follows close behind. Tabitha tries to break through to Galavan, but Strange’s conditioning wins out and he stabs her instead, then goes looking for Bruce.

After Bruce goes to Selina for help investigating Strange, she breaks into Arkham. As she’s crawling through the HVAC ducts, she runs into Edward Nygma, who tells her she’s crazy for being there. He tells Selina about the way to the basement anyway, on his way out of Arkham, and she makes her way to the elevator. While she’s hiding, Selina overhears Strange and Peabody talking about their plan for Azrael to take down Jim. She eventually finds her true target—Bridget—but, thanks to Strange, Bridget no longer remembers being anything but Firefly.

Penguin shows up at Tabitha’s hospital room to coax Butch into working with him to take down Azrael. And at Wayne Manor, Alfred battles with Azrael while they’re waiting for Jim to arrive, and Bruce uses one of his family’s many vehicles to run Azrael down. Of course, he survives, but Jim arrives in time to keep Bruce alive. His shots seemingly take Azrael down … but, again, he survives. Until Penguin and Butch show up with the proper weapon for the job: a bazooka.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x20: Emancipation

Coulson and May worry that the Sokovia Accords (hello Civil War tie-in) will affect their take-down of Hive, and Talbot quickly proves their worries correct when he shows up wanting to investigate the Inhumans Coulson is harboring. Talbot meets Yo-Yo, then “chats” with Lincoln about registering. Lincoln’s all-too game—if it gets him out of S.H.I.E.L.D. custody (and back with Daisy). Coulson also shows him Lash, and then reveals what’s up with Daisy and Hive (after Talbot reveals that he knows Coulson’s lying).

Meanwhile, the Watchdogs attempt to take down an Inhuman, but instead find James and Hive, who take them back to Hive Land to see if they’d make good Inhumans. Radcliffe uses Daisy’s blood to try and turn the men, but they end up something different. Radcliffe calls them abominations, but Hive’s pleased.

Speaking of Daisy, girl’s in Hive Land looking A MESS thanks to the blood she’s donating. She breaks into S.H.I.E.L.D.’s security to spy on Lincoln and release him from his cell. Lincoln accepts her help and breaks out of the base—or so we’re made to believe. Instead, the teams sends Lash. Lash scores a pretty good hit on Hive, but then Daisy appears and tries to take him down. In her weakened state, she can’t do much, and Lash is able to remove the Hive particles from her system. Unfortunately, James kills Lash as they’re making their escape.

And using Daisy’s intimate knowledge, the team figures out Hive’s goal: to create many more of the primitive Inhumans, using a warhead he stole from the ATCU.

The Flash 2x21: The Runaway Dinosaur

"Sit Barry, sit." There was so much emotional heft to this episode that I was pretty sure I was going to need to be scraped off the actual floor. Barry finds himself inside the Speed Force itself, and is guided by friendly(ish) manifestations of Joe, Iris, Henry, and finally, Nora. Once he's able to forgive himself for letting his mom die, and realize that he needs to be able to remember and tap into the loving relationship they shared, Barry doesn't just get his speed back—he BECOMES the Speedforce. Take that, Zoom! Yeah, you might have an army of Metas but do you have FRIENDS? Don't they have Voldemort on Earth-2? #themoreyouknow

Team Flash pulls together (via the magic of a Joe West Pep Talk) so that Jessie can be looked after by Henry, Harry and Cisco can figure out how to bring back Barry, and Joe and Iris (excuse me, BADASS MOFO IRIS WEST) distract and lure Zombie Girder back to STAR Labs.

But the true magic of this week's episode (thanks to the acting chops of Gustin and Patton, and the direction of Kevin Smith) was seeing Cisco and Iris work together to bring Barry home—and later hear Barry tell her that her voice will always bring him home. I'm finally shipping it, you guys! #WestAllen (Amanda R.)

Arrow 4x21: Monument Point

Damien Darhk has access to Rubicon (an algorithm that will set off all the world’s nukes at once) and plans to use the deaths of 7 billion people to fuel his dahrk magic. After saving him from HIVE agents, Team Arrow recruits The Calculator (aka Felicity’s dad, aka the monster who broke Donna’s heart) to help stop him.

Speaking of bad dads, Malcolm shows up to Thea’s suburban prison, saying it is a nuclear-proof bubble Darhk built to survive his nuclear Armageddon. Anarky attacks, planting explosive charges on the air filters as payback for Darhk’s earlier betrayal. Malcolm shoots him and he escapes. Later, he kills Alex in order to “liberate” Thea, who he keeps calling “Mommy” for some ungodly reason.

Meanwhile, the Calculator needs a special Palmer Tech prototype to save the world. Unfortunately, Felicity is fired before she can lay hands on it. But after a father-daughter heist, they get what they need. While they get to hacking, Ollie, Diggle and Lyla get to kicking some HIVE ass. Unfortunately some bad guys break through and stop Felicity long enough that one nuclear missile gets through. Darhk needs its power and so they decide to divert it off course to a small town instead of a city. Damn. They just killed a whole bunch a people! This will have deep consequences (or at least it should). Darhk absorbed the power of the blast and now appears to be going super saiyan. (Amanda K.)

DC Legends of Tomorrow 1x15: Destiny

In their most recent sinister move, the Timemasters share Oculus, the magic 8 ball of the timeline, to show Rip the world of 2175, where the world is attacked by some of ET’s less admirable homies, and somehow only Savage can stop Earth from being destroyed. Turns out the Timemasters have been assisting Savage in coming to power, while also manipulating Rip into assisting. Even worse, the Timemasters ordered Savage to kill Rip’s family in order to get him into prime manipulation state. Effectively, the Timemasters have used Oculus to play puppet master and now everyone is wondering what’s been scripted and what’s free will. Ouch.

The Legends decide setting off a googolplex-level bomb to destroy the Oculus will cause an anomaly and end the puppeteering but when they show up to do so, they’re met by with the Timemasters because it turns out that’s just another scripted moment! Good thing Jax is on the move and shows up just in time (ha!) to bail them out. Mick elects to stay back to destroy the Oculus, which doesn’t sit well with Snart. Snart knocks Mick out and sends him off with Sara, who plants a kiss on Snart because WHO WOULDN’T? Effectively sacrificing himself to destroy the Oculus, you’d think there would be a happy ending. But no, Savage has succeeded in murdering Rip’s family … But at least there’s now free will? Oh, and Savage is off on his own mission with Kendra as his captive. Yikes. (Christy)

Daredevil 2x11: .380

The Hand have infiltrated the hospital, and Daredevil is there to save Claire and the staff. The creepy patients, however, have no problem with going back to the dank basement and are more than willing to leave.

Castle and Karen meet up and head to a diner late that night. He appreciates her choice of gun, but wonders why she didn’t use it on him. He also gets her to open up about Matt and what he means to her, and tells her that the people who hurt you the most are the ones who are closest to you. (Best conversation of the series, seriously, Punisher has mad therapy skills.) Their talk is interrupted by the men Castle was baiting into the open, and you can guess how that goes. Eww.

On the hunt for The Blacksmith, Daredevil threatens and maims a lot of people in dark places. He finds Madame Gao. She points him to the pier, where a big shipment is coming in that night. When he follows the lead, he finds Frank Castle on the hunt for the same target, and Frank takes his frustration out on Matt. After a quick talk, Frank pushes Matt off the boat in time to save him. The boat explodes, and Castle is presumed dead.

Elektra has found Stick, and as the episode ends, the two face off. (Kelly)

Hero of the Week: Leonard Snart, Legends of Tomorrow

… no, I’m not ready to talk about it. (Amanda R.)

Villain of the Week: The Time Masters, Legends of Tomorrow

They literally manipulated everything. Time, Rip (and his family), every person through time. It's their fault Savage is now on the rampage, and, to boot, THEY KILLED FREE WILL. (Christy)

Comic Relief

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Top Titles

Vision #7 by Tom King, with art by Michael Walsh

If you watched Civil War last week and wanted to see more of Wanda and Vision gazing into each other's eyes, this self-contained issue of Vision's ongoing series is just for you. It's both heartwarming and heartbreaking, capturing 45 years of the two Avengers' tumultuous relationship in just a few pages. From their head-over-heels beginnings to tragedy and beyond, the story of Wanda Maximoff and The Vision is destined to be a legendary comic romance. (Kelly)

Starfire #12 by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti, with art by Elsa Charretier

It took 12 issues, but the creative team really landed Starfire and her alien heart in the final issue of the series. Starfire and her friends have just returned to the surface of earth and have to account for their unexpected time away. Starfire has come to terms that her presence creates undue drama and decides the only way to fix the harm that's been done is for her to leave town. Of course, she can't leave without rescuing the dolphin she's been caring for, reuniting him with his mate and friends. From there, she says her goodbyes and performs one last rescue mission. I love that Starfire didn't come off oversexualized or extremely ditzy in this issue. She also receives a visit from a Justice Leaguer who hints at a place for her in Rebirth. Overall a solid ending to this ongoing series. Can't wait to see where she goes next! (Christy)

Pick of the Week

DC Bombshells #12 by Marguerite Bennett, with art by Laura Braga and Mirka Andolfo

This issue brings us to the end of the first storyline: the Battle for London is well underway and the Bombshells are up against King Nereus (via his familiar, the Kraken), Baroness Von Gunther, and Edward Nygma. Oh, and their zombie hordes. The bravery and camaraderie LEAP off the page; the Bombshells are warriors, and they will (and do) sacrifice themselves for the greater good. One loses her powers and is kidnapped, and one actually sacrifices her own life to stop Nereus. I found myself getting just the smallest bit misty, and I can't wait to see what's in store next for these powerhouse women! (Amanda R.)



Biggest—and saddest—news of the week: Agent Carter is no more. (At ABC ... We can hope Netflix knows her value?)

Michael B. Jordan has joined Black Panther.

Check out a preview of the upcoming YA adaptation of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Meets World. (I missed grabbing a copy of this at BEA and I am bummed!)

Here’s an update about DC’s Young Animal from Gerard Way.

Watch James McAvoy's transformation into (bald) Xavier.

The Deadpool "Honest Trailer" gets a visit from the man himself.

Jessica Jones season 2 and The Defenders will film back-to-back.

Here are a few images from NBC’s upcoming series Powerless.

Greg Berlanti will direct the Booster Gold movie.

Supergirl is heading to The CW! (Hurrah for more crossovers!)

The X-Men: Apocalypse cast goes Beast Mode.

Have some DC Bombshells news, including a peek at a new Katana statue.

There’s much to discuss! Let’s take it to the comments.

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