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The Originals 3x22: The Bloody Crown

In which Klaus Mikaelson stands trial for his (many) sins.

The Originals 3x22: The Bloody Crown

Previously on The Originals: Please let this be the final Mikaelson Prophecy of DOOOM. Rebekah made Elijah stake her because she was cursed. Elijah killed Marcel because of the prophecy. Unknown to them, Marcel had already taken Super Hybrid serum.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

We’re treated to heartbreaking flashbacks of Klaus and Elijah raising their adopted Marcel. Then Elijah and Hayley wake up together, no big deal. (Except for my squealing.) Klaus is still pissed at Elijah for killing Marcel. Elijah maintains he had no choice, and had to protect their family. Freya intuits that something is still wrong, even though it seems as though the prophecy is done. Freya gets poisoned somehow, and Hayley goes in search of something to stall the imminent battle. Then they go to search Lucien’s penthouse looking for the antidote.

In the trashed cemetery, Vincent questions whether Marcel is ready to do right by the people of the city. Watch it, Vincent. Any more monologuing, and I’m gonna start hating you like a Super Hybrid. Later, Vincent has to calm the witches, assuring them that Marcel is going to take care of the vampire activity (that would be all the vampires Marcel summoned to town in the first place). Hot Detective Kinney arrives to hear the end of the speech, and takes Vincent to a supernatural crime scene at St. Anne’s Catholic Church, otherwise known as Marcel’s fight club, which is now full of dead Strix. Oops.

Thanks to Freya’s spell, the Mikaelsons known to start stockpiling weapons and preparing for war. But they’re too late. Marcel and his vampire army invade the Mikaelson compound. He’s brought Klaus’ sirelings to bear witness to the fall of the Mikaelsons. Kol tries to talk Marcel down, by telling him this behavior is an insult to Davina’s memory. Marcel bites Kol, and then Elijah for their trouble. Just as Klaus is about to attack Marcel, a newly unstaked Rebekah jumps between them (hi Bex!). I can only assume this was Hayley’s stalling gamble. Rebekah clears the room of her brothers, to try to reason with Marcel. She begs him to cure her brothers, but he breaks it to her that there’s no cure, and he plans for her brothers to be dead by nightfall. The sirelings trash Mikaelson compound in a most undignified way. Rebekah offers Klaus the option to stand trial for his sins, or be hunted down by this army. Marcel is full of personal stories about how all the sirelings were created, most for terrible, selfish, reasons. But are they really still complaining after 300 years? That seems petty, even for a vampire. Klaus offers up the hilarious defense that Davina’s death rests on Marcel’s shoulders for not warning Davina what happens to people who cross Klaus. And he believes his gift of immortality offsets any debt of his supposed crimes. I tend to agree. A hexed Rebekah seems to lose the thread of their agreement and starts testifying against Klaus and telling them all the horrible stuff he’s done to his family. You had ONE job, Rebekah.

Kol and Elijah go to regroup at Lucien’s penthouse, but they’re both clearly dying. Freya works some magic using the Rebekah’s stake, right before Marcel sticks it in Klaus at the trial. All the Mikaelsons get knocked out. Freya used magic to link all the siblings and leave them in a dream world together, while Hayley searches for a cure. Except for Klaus, who gets cemented and left to dessicate in Marcel’s creepy old vampire “garden” from season one.

Vincent has decided that Marcel’s Strix handiwork looks a little bit too much like a Mikaelson family trait. He announces that he’s turning the fight gym back into a church, and issues a warning for Marcel to watch himself.

Holy Fang

I love that Hayley and Freya thought to take a baby pack-n-play with them to go toss Lucien’s apartment.

Klaus apologizes for that time he kept Hayley from Hope for months! [insert crying emoji]

A sickly Elijah makes Hayley promises to leave with Hope, if Klaus doesn’t make it out alive. I CANNOT.

Winners and Losers

Winner: Vincent (AGAIN.) I can’t help but think he orchestrated Marcel’s destruction of the Mikaelson’s, only to steamroll over Marcel and take over the city for himself. Kinda getting sick of your shizz, Vincent.

Loser: Klaus. He finally did the selfless, self-sacrificing thing. Maybe his time in Marcel’s garden will be the amends he needs to heal their relationship. Because, besides being uncomfortable, it’s humiliating as hell.

Original Snark

“All those who have loved me, have lived to regret it.” Maybe not your best bedtime story, Klaus.

“I don’t know whether to call the coroner, or an exorcist.” Isn’t it a shame the coroner doesn’t do double duty in New Orleans?

“Well then, we’ve got a short while before I go mad, so your explanation better be quick, and it better be good.” Thanks, Rebekah! I might start using this argument myself.

“For Freya’s plan to work, I can’t go mad, and you can’t die.” Totally normal day at the Mikaelson’s.

“Klaus Mikaelson: sire to a thousand years’ worth of angry faces. How does it feel to be this hated?” Sounds like they won’t need a paternity test.

“Please take care of her.” Elijah’s last request to Klaus, following by Klaus’ promises of revenge that everybody is pretty damn tired of.

Haunting Questions

- As we learned from The Good Wife, a court case doesn’t really make for the most riveting finale. Or is that just my bitterness talking?

- Where on earth is Hayley supposed to find a cure for a bunch of original vampires, when the witch one of them is indisposed?

- Does Klaus’ presence in the garden explain why no one knows his whereabouts in three years on The Vampire Diaries?

- Are you excited for the potentially shortened season next year? I AM. 22 episodes is a beast, and way too much of a drag on plot. Although,it does make character growth more believable.

- Were you underwhelmed by this finale? Or simply whelmed? Let’s discuss  in the comments!

Next: The Originals returns in 2017. (I KNOW. Nobody consulted me either.)

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