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Superhero Sundays: May 16-20

What the Flash? Season finales are bringing the action and the FEELS. Plus catch up on the latest comic news and reviews!

Superhero Sundays: May 16-20

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Big things are happening this week as seasons come to a close with a punch. Agents! Legends! Superheroes! Let's DO THIS.

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Gotham 2x21: A Legion of Horribles

Selina, stuck in Arkham, battles with Bridget/Firefly, and Bruce, back at Bridget's pigeon cages, realizes something is very wrong when Ivy shows up instead of Selina, so he turns to Jim for help. Along with Lucius Fox and Alfred, they make a plan to discover Strange's secret labs (Indian Hill).

In Indian Hill, Strange reanimates Fish Mooney. Unlike Strange's other subjects, however, Fish remembers exactly who she was/is. (I'm loving her new fish-like outfit/hairdo.) She also finds that she has new gifts that will be very useful in her line of work.

Meanwhile, an older woman with an owl mask watches Harvey (who, hilariously, is GCPD's acting Captain) give a press conference on Azrael's death, then calls another person and tells him to "gather the court." She later calls Strange to give him an ultimatum about his research and tells him to shut down Indian Hill.

Back at Arkham, while Lucius tests for radiation to find the entrance and Jim attempts to break in, Bruce confronts Strange about Thomas Wayne's death. Strange doesn't exactly admit to ordering the murders, and instead blames Thomas' actions. He then orders Bruce, Lucius, and Jim to be taken prisoner. Strange lets Edward Nygma question Lucius and Bruce under threat of poisonous gas, while he puts some sort of apparatus on Jim's head that enables another of the Iron Hill subjects (Clayface?) to mold his face—and voice—into Jim's. (Mandy C.)

The Flash 2x22: Invincible

Zoom's metahuman army wreaks havoc in the streets of Central City, but The Flash is back in action and rounds them up in no time. After getting a big endorsement from the Speed Force itself, Barry's optimism and confidence are back--but not everyone agrees. (Seriously, Team Flash, could you harsh his mellow any more?)

Caitlin is back at S.T.A.R. Labs, although her time with Zoom has left her weak and traumatized. Back on the streets, Earth-2 metahuman Black Siren is bringing down buildings with her cry. It's Laurel Lance, but not the Laurel that everyone loved, and she works for Zoom. Speaking of Jay/Hunter, he calls Barry to the CCPD to talk about his past and give a nice evil monologue about how the two of them are alike.

Team Flash hatches a plan to take out the Earth-2 visitors (with SCIENCE!), but then comes up with a quite sillier plan to distract Black Siren by sending in "Reverb" and "Killer Frost." That's right, Cisco and Caitlin suit up, but Black Siren calls their bluff. Cisco dishes out one good superpowered vibe-punch, to the shock of everyone in the room, and the vibration trap Team Flash set finishes her off. 

Everyone meets up at Joe's house to celebrate the end of the Meta-ocalypse, but one uninvited guest crashes the party: Zoom. He kidnaps Barry's father, and Barry gives chase, revealing his identity to Wally. Zoom takes Henry Allen's life. Cisco has a vibe of Earth-2's complete destruction, and we are ready for one major season finale next week. 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x21: Absolution and 3x22: Ascension

Daisy wakes up from a dream in which she and Coulson—the only survivors of something ... Hive?—are trapped in a module on Hive's planet, and finds herself in a room at the S.H.I.E.L.D. base, where she's questioned by Simmons about what "absolution" is/means. All while, the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. works with Talbot to override Hive's planned missile launch.

At the missile bunker, Mac, Lincoln, and Yo-Yo use the memory machine on Hive, in an attempt to "fry his brain." It certainly seems to have worked, at least at first. Elsewhere in the bunker, May saves Radcliffe while trying to get the warhead, which she just misses grabbing. On their way out of the missile base, they also capture Hive in a gel-matrix chamber.

Mac goes to talk to Daisy, who's beating herself up about what she did while Hive-controlled, and leaves Yo-Yo's cross on a chair in the lab—where Simmons is trying to plan a secret romantic getaway for she and Fitz. (*squeeee*) When Fitz goes to the hanger sign for the Hive container, he picks up the cross. In the hanger, an explosion causes Billy Riggins and a few other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to go Primitive. Fitz escapes, but leaves the Primitives in with Jello Hive, who—of course—is freed.

Daisy goes to talk to Hive, to beg him to take her back (because withdrawal?), but he can't, thanks to whatever Lash did to her. So she goes a little berserk and fights him. The rest of the team try to secure the base, and on their way to the armory, Mac is shot at, but Yo-Yo saves him. Hive, James, and Giyera escape the base in the Zephyr, along with the warhead and Daisy ... and stowaways May and Fitz. Giyera surprises them, but Fitz shoots him dead.

Coulson flies a Quinjet to meet up with the Zephyr, and as he's landing, Daisy puts on Fitz's jacket, and finds the cross necklace in the pocket. When Coulson exits the jet, he finds Hive waiting. Hive threatens to take over his body, but Coulson reveals that the rest of the team is already working their way through the Zephyr—and that's he's been a hologram their entire chat. (Best moment of the finale definitely goes to Coulson pulling a Princess Leia.)

Daisy figures out Coulson's plan: to send the warhead into space on the Quinjet. Hive and Lincoln follow her on board, and Lincoln knocks Daisy off board before taking off—but not before stealing the cross. When the warhead blows, it (apparently) takes Lincoln and Hive with it.

Jump to 6 months later, when Coulson and Mac are staked out in a hotel room keeping tabs on Charles' wife and daughter and surrounded by news stories of Quake's rogue actions. Daisy shows up, and Coulson and Mac go after her, but she uses her powers to get away. And Radcliffe, who's been mostly cleared of his actions, celebrates the "birth" of his latest project, AIDA. More explanation to come ... in season 4. (Mandy C.)

Arrow 4x22: Lost in the Flood

In the way of overconfident villains everywhere, Darhk decides not to kill Team Arrow when they’re helpless in front of him, instead depending on his ultimate plan to do the job later. He’s even enlisted the help of Felicity’s ex, Seldon, to get Rubicon back on track. Curtis, Felicity and Noah wage computer war against the baddies (with the occasional break for Donna and Noah to trade nasty barbs) and eventually prevail.

Meanwhile, Malcolm forces a defiant Thea to take HIVE compliance pills. When Ollie shows up to rescue her, she captures him instead. Luckily, Diggle is there to save the day. They escape and later Ollie manages to talk Thea down. While this goes down, Anarky takes Ruvé and daughter hostage, issuing a video challenge to Darhk. Team Arrow joins with Malcolm to take him down, lest he destroy the bubble and kill a bunch of innocents. But they fail—Anarky stabs Ruve and Thea’s arrow sets off a chain reaction that destroys the safe haven. Team Arrow leaves Ruvé to die, but saves the girl.

His safe haven maybe gone, but Darhk (thinking his wife and daughter are dead) decides he’ll kill the world anyway. His first stop? Felicity’s apartment! Danger,  y’all. (Amanda K.)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1x16: Legendary

Feeling like a big ol’ failure, Rip drops the Legends back home, where they’ve been “missing” for 5 months of the timeline. Within days they come back together, calling the Waverider back. Jackson lays it out for Rip, “You’re not ditching us again. When the mission is over, then we can go back to our old lives.”

Savage is running through time and space with Hawkwoman and Hawkman in tow but Kendra has figured out how to send messages through time in the form of a helmet-note so the Legends can locate them in 1940. Savage’s ultimate goal is to become truly immortal, which he can do by 1. Harnessing the Hawk-blood 2. Locating Thanagarian meteorites and 3. Putting himself into three places at once - wait, what? Yes, Savage has been going back in time to convince his former self that this is the plan. All the Legends have to do to save the day is kill Savage three times…Easy-peasy, right? They’ve only been chasing him throughout time without success. Should be a cakewalk.

Epic battle ensues across the timeline where Rory, Sara, and Rip (stealing Kendra’s thunder) finally take out Savage x3. The meteors are still at 99% so the Atom atomizes one, Jackson transmutes another, and Rip flies the third one into the sun. Personally, I would have liked to see Rip go off with his family on his happy ending but Gideon isn’t ready to die so they return. 

Rory gets his goodbye with Snart from another time. The Hawks retire to lesser adventures (hooray!). Rip declares himself the King of Time. Oh, and mysterious Hourman (played by Patrick J. Adams, swooooon) shows up to introduce the Justice Society of America. (Christy

Hero of the Week: Lincoln Campbell, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been foreshadowing (okay, broadcasting) the loss of an agent, and it turns out to be Lincoln Campbell. Lincoln has long been a champion of the Inhumans and an ally to Daisy. He makes the ultimate sacrifice to save not just Daisy, but everyone on the planet. We're gonna miss you, Sparky.

Honorable mentions: The crew of the Waverider, Legends of Tomorrow

Villain of the Week: Zoom, The Flash

Dude. Monologuing, bringing an evil metahuman army to the streets of Central City, and that final act at the end of the episode... Zoom makes Reverse Flash look like a Metahuman of the Week.

Honorable mentions: Fish Mooney, Gotham, Black Siren, The Flash

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Top Titles

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #5, written by Amy Chu and art by Seth Mann and Clay Mann

Poison Ivy finds herself in the position of a mother for the first time, thanks to experiments that fused human and plant DNA. Her "sporelings" were rescued from labs and created by Ivy herself, so she can't help being overprotective by keeping them from the outside world. The girls, who are now equivalent to teenagers, can't resist sneaking out one day to see what the human world is actually like. Going out at night never ends well in Gotham City, though, and the superpowered sporelings soon find themselves in trouble. Ivy's solo series wraps up with the next issue, but the short series has given some insight into what it must be like to be Dr. Pamela Isley. 

DEPT.H #2 by Matt Kindt, with art by Sharlene Kindt

FYA, meet your new favorite sci-fi mystery. From the art, to mysterious disappearances, to giant squids, DEPT. H is equally original as it is creepy. Mia is investigating the sabotage of a deep-sea research vessel, which turns out to be a massive crime scene with a multitude of culpable suspects. In issue two, emotions are high and the water is deep when communication with the surface is lost. Strange sea creatures abound. This one deserves your $3.99. (Christy

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #5 by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, with art by Robert Hack

TGIF fans, do you miss Sabrina, Salem, and the witchy aunts? Well, they’re back and Sabrina is in a world of trouble. Facing the Council of Witches accused of exposing a human to witchcraft, the issue parallels Sabrina’s trial and her father’s trial for the same crime 16 years prior. Apparently these witches take cavorting with humans very seriously. Riverdale’s own Betty and Veronica make an appearance to assist with a necromancy spell (did I mention Harvey is dead?). We all know how well raising the dead goes… (Christy

Pick of the Week

Civil War II #0written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Oliver Coipel

Every good story deserves a sequel, so it's no surprise that this summer's big Marvel crossover event is a second Civil War. This issue is the prequel, introducing us to some of the main players, She-Hulk, War Machine, and Captain Marvel, along with a new Inhuman, Ulysses. She-Hulk presents the case for the entire event in the first few pages, with Captain Marvel talking elsewhere about her current concerns along the same lines: If it prevents future crimes or disasters, should villains be punished before they even commit the offense? While the issue is pricey, the gorgeous art (look at that Shulkie!) and setting the basis of the crossover event makes the cost a little more acceptable.



- Harley Quinn - and possibly the Birds of Prey - are getting their own movie courtesy of Margot Robbie.

- Plans are already in the works at The CW for an EPIC crossover event between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.

- Jennifer Lawrence is down for more X-Men movies as long as Fassbender and McAvoy are back, too.

- Seth Rogen made his own Preacher trailer.

- Riverdale will be making a midseason debut on The CW.

- Did you miss getting books on Free Comic Book Day? Comixology has you covered!

- Alexandra Shipp, who plays Storm in the new X-Men movie, would love to come back for New Mutants. (Did we already know there's a New Mutants movie coming??)

- Ron Perlman and Dolph Lundgren want to be Cable in Deadpool 2.

- The first trailer for NBC's Powerless has leaked, and namedrops Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

- Anthony Mackie (Falcon) is all for a Black Widow movie, and SO ARE WE.


This 1983 commercial for Xavier's school is TOTALLY RAD.



We don't really need more X-Men: Apocalypse trailers, but we ALWAYS need more Oscar Isaac, so here's one more.


What will you do to console yourself over the summer hiatus? How do you think Oliver Queen will react to Kara Danvers? Let's chat!

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