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Coming Soon (Maybe) to a TV Near You

Meet the 2016-17 TV season’s new class.

Coming Soon (Maybe) to a TV Near You

Yesterday, we took a look at the TV shows that have been cancelled or renewed. Today, we’re taking a look at the new shows we’ll watching (maybe) during the 2016-17 season. (I say maybe because we all know how fickle Hollywood can be.)

Check out these trailers, and then head to the comments to chat!


American Housewife

A family comedy narrated by Katie, a strong-willed mother, raising her flawed family in a wealthy town filled with perfect wives and their perfect offspring.


A brilliant young attorney, who is also the daughter of a former U.S. president, is blackmailed to head up LA's new Conviction Integrity Unit. She and her team investigate cases where people may have been wrongly convicted.

Downward Dog

A lonely dog navigates the complexity of 21st century relationships.

Imaginary Mary

Alice has her life turned upside-down when she “stupidly” falls for the love of her life Ben—an adorable, quick-witted divorced father with three kids. But when she ignores her fears of commitment and her ability to mother, Imaginary Mary, her childhood invention, comes back to life to express Alice’s deepest fears and add more chaos to the situation.


Notorious follows the professional and personal relationship between a charismatic attorney and a powerhouse television producer as they attempt to control the media, the justice system, and ultimately, each other.


A family with a special-needs child is good at dealing with the challenges it faces and excellent at creating new ones.

Still Star-Crossed

A period drama that picks up where the famous story of Romeo and Juliet leaves off, charting the treachery, palace intrigue, and ill-fated romances of the Montagues and Capulets in the wake of the young lovers' tragic fate.

Time After Time

The adventures of young H.G. Wells and his time machine.



Inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw, the founder of one of the most prolific trial consulting firms of all time.

The Great Indoors

An adventure reporter must adapt to the times when he becomes the boss to a group of millennials in the digital department of the magazine.

Kevin Can Wait

A newly retired police officer looks forward to spending more quality time with his wife and three kids only to discover he faces much tougher challenges at home than he ever did on the streets.


A reimagining of the television series of the same name, following a 20-something MacGyver as he creates a clandestine organization where he uses his knack for solving problems in unconventional ways to help prevent disasters from happening.

Man With A Plan

A dad finds out that parenting is harder than he thought after his wife goes back to work and he's left at home to take care of the kids.

Pure Genius

A young Silicon Valley tech-titan enlists a veteran surgeon with a controversial past in starting a hospital with a cutting-edge, new school approach to medicine.

Training Day

TV follow-up to the 2001 film 'Training Day' about a rookie cop partnered with a corrupt officer.

The CW


A police detective in 2016 discovers that she is able to speak via a ham radio with her estranged father; Frank Sullivan, a detective who died in 1996 and the two must work together to change the history of tragic events to come while also getting the chance to heal their complicated relationship.

No Tomorrow

Evie, a risk-averse quality-control assessor who falls for free-spirited thrill seeker Xavier only to find out he lives his life that way because he believes the apocalypse is coming.

(I couldn’t find a Riverdale trailer, but here’s some info on what’s to come from the show.)


24: Legacy

A military hero who returns to the U.S. with a whole lot trouble following him back. With nowhere else to turn, the man asks CTU to help him save his life while also stopping one of the largest-scale terror attacks on American soil.


A tech billionaire purchases a troubled police precinct in the wake of a loved one's murder, but can this eccentric and enigmatic figure's cutting edge approach fix the broken ways of these blue blooded veterans?

The Exorcist

TV show based on William Blatty's 1971 novel about a priest who performs exorcisms on demonic spirits.

Lethal Weapon

TV show based on the popular Lethal Weapon films in which a slightly unhinged cop is partnered with a veteran detective trying to maintain a low stress level in his life.

Making History

History and pop culture collide as three friends find a way to travel through time.

The Mick

The Mick has a centers on Mackenzie "Mickey" Murphy, a hard-living, foul-mouthed, cigarette-smoking woman who moves to affluent Greenwich, CT to raise the spoiled kids of her wealthy sister who has fled the country to avoid a federal indictment. She quickly learns what the rest of us already know—other people's children are awful.



A young pitcher becomes the first woman to play in the Major Leagues.

Shots Fired

A media storm sets off when an African-American cop kills a white teenager in Tennessee.

Son of Zorn

Animation and live action collide when a cartoon Barbarian dad leaves his war-torn village to reconnect with his moody, non-animated teenage son in suburbia.


Three talented singers, desperate for a new start and with ambitions of stardom, navigate the cut-throat music business on their road to success.


The Good Place

An ordinary woman, through an extraordinary string of events, enters the afterlife where she comes to realize that she hasn't been a very good person.

This is Us

This is Us is about a group of people born on the same day, including Rebecca and Jack, a married couple expecting triplets in Pittsburgh, and Kevin, a handsome television actor growing bored of his fly bachelor lifestyle.


An unlikely trio travels through time to battle unknown criminals in order to protect history as we know it.

(Also in the works for NBC: Emerald City.)

Personally, I’m excited about how time travel is apparently the new black, and I can’t say I’m not going to at least give the new MacGyver a try, for nostalgia’s sake. It’s also interesting how many of these “new” shows are based on movies. (Yes, that’s a little bit of side eye that you see me sending their way.)

Also, as enticing as Still Star-Crossed looks, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bummed it wasn’t a reboot of Star-Crossed.

What say you? Let’s discuss below.

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