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The Club Is Jumpin’, Jumpin’: Staunton Edition

The Staunton, VA chapter stops by with a look inside a new FYA Book Club!

The Club Is Jumpin’, Jumpin’: Staunton Edition

Photo credits: Stonewall Jackson Hotel and Cello's Corner

Welcome to beautiful Staunton -- home of one of the newer FYA Book Club chapters! The Staunton book clubbers are here today to tell us a little more about themselves.

Which club are y’all from?

Staunton, Virginia (find them on Goodreads here)

When did your club get started?

November 2015

Where is your club’s fave hangout?

Normally a local coffee shop but we’ve started to branch out.

What has been your club’s favourite book club pick so far? What did y’all like about it?

The last two seem to be among our tops. Writing style, story line.

Which FYA book club selection has been the most divisive? What separated the people who loved it from the people who hated it?

Not sure we’ve been meeting long enough to hate a book. I have to say we were all a little disappointed by The Royal We, I think we all had great expectations and they fell short. That read was good but it was really long and drawn out, we were all in agreement could have been shorter.

What kind of extracurricular activities has your club participated in?

We’ve frequented a local book fair. Think we might venture out to a movie at some point.

Tell us about the best field trip your club has been on!

The first trip to the book fair was a book club meeting followed up by a lunch, then we decided to just meet at the book fair on the side.

What’s the best part about being in a FYA book club?

Getting to spend time with great women who love to talk about books. Of course, that’s not all we talk about. ☺

Thanks for stopping by, Staunton FYABC! Check out their Goodreads group here.

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