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YA Onscreen: Lots Of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Scoop This Week

Plus dirt on GILMORE GIRLS, UnREAL and JANE THE VIRGIN, and OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS heads to the big screen. 

YA Onscreen: Lots Of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Scoop This Week

Welcome back to YA Onscreen! Let's hop to.

With Pretty Little Liars well into its seventh season, lots of news has arisen! Here's an exclusive clip from tonight's ep, here's a spoiler plea from Troian Bellisario (Spencer), and here's a rundown of returning characters

We're also in non-stop Gilmore Girls gossip mode. What does it mean that Jess is part of the revival's main image? What's in store for Lorelai and Rory? And Bunheads and Friday Night Lights' Stacey Oristano gives us some insight into her new character.

In other YA-ish TV news, UnReal's Josh Kelly gives a lengthy debriefing on THAT SCENE last night.

And Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 and Jane the Virgin Season 2 both landed on Netflix this month!

Adorably named Awesomeness Films just acquired rights to adapt Krystal Sutherland's upcoming young adult novel Our Chemical Hearts. Here's a synopsis: 

Sutherland's debut novel, which will hit stores Oct. 4 via G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers, follows Henry Page, a hopeless romantic who's never been in love. Then he meets Grace Town during his first period class, and he knows everything’s about to change. He quickly finds himself falling for Grace, even though she isn't exactly who he pictured as his dream girl. There's obviously something broken about Grace, who walks with a cane and wears oversize boys' clothes, and Henry is determined to fix it.

Reviews have been rolling in for The BFG and they're not bad. "Minor Spielberg" is what we've heard a lot.

This news is a little old but we just found it: Me Before You director Thea Sharrock has been hired to adapt Kiera Cass' The Selection for the big screen. Read the FYA review here, and the synopsis below:

“The Selection” is a 2012 book about America Singer, one of 35 women chosen to compete for a prince’s affections. The protagonist is torn between the opulence of royal life, and a secret relationship she was involved in before the competition started.

That's it for this week! Give us your thoughts downstairs.

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