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#YASummerShowdown 2016, Book 2: History Has Its Eyes on YA

History is happening in Showdown and we just happen to be In the greatest book club in the world!

#YASummerShowdown 2016, Book 2: History Has Its Eyes on YA

Previously: Real Mums and Fake Bums

There was a different kind of ham in Showdown over the past two weeks. To the recap!

Puzzle 2: We Solemnly Swear We Are Up to No Good

For Puzzle 2, teams identified books based on their maps in order to decipher a book quote -- as crafted by the Showdown 2015 winner, ATLFYA! The speediest solvers were LONFYA, FYADFW, and KCMO. (Check here to see if you're correct!)

Artifact Hunt

This year, the artifact hunt spans the entire duration of Showdown gameplay, with new items added at the start of each Book. Here's a look at the Book 2 items and submissions!

•  Combine Hamilton and YA in a mashup (#ham4ya)



•  Build an aesthetic photo-set of a YA book (#aesthetic ya)



•  Create a Dubsmash with three distinct speaking roles or a dancing trio (#dubsmash ya 2016)



•  Reveal your team's biggest obsessions in a journal à la Gansey -- an artifact hunt item courtesy of the Showdown 2015 artifact hunt-winning Seeker, PGHFYA! (#YASS PGHFYA)


•  Conduct a 'poison' test, like the one from Throne of Glass (#poison ya)



•  Introduce us to a local librarian (#librarian love)



•  Compose a text convo between any two characters from Carry On (#texts from carry on)


Check out the rest of the artifact hunt submissions here!

Photo Hunt Highlights

Photo hunt bonuses have yet to be applied -- because we have a panel of guest judges! For Book 2's photo hunt bonus, these awesome authors will be judging photo hunt submissions inspired by their own books!


Adi Alsaid (Never Always Sometimes), Jenny Han (Always and Forever, Lara Jean), Ashley Hope Pérez (Out of Darkness), Jennifer E. Smith (Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between), and Siobhan Vivian (The Last Boy and Girl in the World)

The #2016 ya melee winners will be announced in the final recap on Monday, August 8th. In the meantime, check out the melee submissions and the rest of the Book 2 photo hunt submisions!

KCMOFYA examine The Anatomical Shape of a Heart.

FYADFW discovered Beastly Bones.

Meet The Bubble Wrap Boy of KCFYA.

FYADFW's stuffed animal brigade found the (Br)Exit, Pursued by a Bear.

Would Spock approve of SEAFYA's Highly Illogical Behavior?

LRFYA make Love and Profanity sparkle.

Introducing SFFYA's My So-Called Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend. (But how does he lean?)

LRFYA is in The Land of 10,000 Madonnas.

SFFYA is Learning to Swear in America.

Meet The Madwoman Upstairs from PGHFYA.

FYAON visits The Museum of Heartbreak.

Long live The Raven Ravin' King of SFFYA.

KCFYA wants you to Read Between the Lines.

CLTFYA found These Vicious Masks.

PGHFYA's Clarissa Darling has a list of Things I Can't Explain.

LONFYA's interpretation of Wink Poppy Midnight guest stars the actual author herself, April Genevieve Tucholke!

OAKFYA show off their Wolf By Wolf tattoos.

OAKFYA has joined The Young Widows Club.

Scoreboard Update

With two-thirds of the competition in the books, SFFYA still leads the way, followed by LONFYA and KCFYA. Check the scoreboard for the full standings!

Book 3 Preview

What wonders will the final Book bring? The remaining artifact hunt items will soon be released, and any likely Showdown 2016 winner has gotta catch 'em all...

See y'all back here on Monday, August 1st to dish over Book 3!

Next: Gotta Catch 'Em All

Team sign-ups will be open for the entire duration of Showdown; contact [email protected] to join the fun at any time!

Follow the #YASummerShowdown action on the Showdown Hub and Instagram (@forever_young_adult)!

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