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YA Onscreen: The A MONSTER CALLS Trailer Is Here!

Plus THE DARKEST MINDS gets a director, Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon take on STORY OF A GIRL, a HAMILTON star goes YA and more!

YA Onscreen: The A MONSTER CALLS Trailer Is Here!

Welcome back to YA Onscreen! Let's hop to. 

The trailer for Patrick Ness' adaptation of his own book A Monster Calls (directed by The Orphanage's J.A. Bayona) is here, and it's beautiful, and it will make you cry. 

Read the FYA review here.

Kung Fu Panda director Jennifer Yuh Nelson is making her live-action debut with an adaptation of the first book in Alexandra Bracken's YA trilogy, Darkest Minds. A little more about the book:

The book is described as combining superhero conventions with tones of coming-of-age stories such as Stand By Me and post-apocalyptic survivor tales like The Walking Dead.

Minds is set after a pandemic kills most of America’s children and teenagers. When some survivors develop various superpowers, they are deemed too dangerous for society, taken from their families and placed inside internment camps.

The first book tells of a 16-year-old with telekinetic powers who escapes her camp and joins a group of teens on the run from the government.

You can read the FYA review here.

We've been closely following the recovery of Maze Runner and Teen Wolf star Dylan O'Brien, who was badly injured on the set of the Maze Runner sequel The Scorch Trials. Looks like he'll be recovered in time to rejoin Teen Wolf Season 6, so that's great news!

Hamilton star Daveed Diggs is joining Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay in the adaptation of R.J. Palacio's YA novel Wonder, directed by Perks of Being a Wallflower's Stephen Chbosky.

Kyra Sedgwick is directing her husband Kevin Bacon in the Lifetime adaptation of Sara Zarr's Story of a Girl. Read the FYA review here.

That's it for this week! Give us your thoughts downstairs.

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