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Make Your Own: Bottle Terrarium

Get crafty, earthy, and help save the planet all in this DIY!

Make Your Own: Bottle Terrarium

You guys. It's HOT here in Texas. And the best way to combat the heat is to treat yourself to a refreshing, bubbly, ice cold fizzy water, right? To fill that need here in Texas, we consume a lot (and I mean A LOT) of Topo Chico.

All these Topo Chico bottles can lead to a lot of waste, though, especially if your city stopped glass recycling recently (I'm looking at you Houston), so today I'm going to walk you through how to take old glass bottles and turn them into adorable terrariums (trust me, it's not quite as easy as Pinterest might lead you to believe!).

Here's all the supplies you will need:

An empty glass (beer bottles are tricky to cut, I like the thickness of the Topo Chico bottles, but do whatever you like best)

A glass cutter (I told you those string-and-lighter pins were unreliable!)

Dremel or sand paper (how fancy do you wanna be?)

Small rocks


Tiny succulent

Ok, it's a bit of a daunting list, I know, but trust me, the results are too cute! You'll be churning 'em out for friends in no time. Here's what we need to do.

First, practice. Getting the glass cutter to score your glass just right takes some practice. Drink a bunch of bubbly water (or beer, or wine) and practice.

Once you've gotten your glass scored with your fancy glass cutter, like this:

Boil some water and grab those safety glasses, things are about to get dangerous!

Put your scored bottle In a deep sink, and place the funnel in the bottle. Slowly pour the boiling water into your glass. As the water comes up to where you scored it, it should POP right apart (This is the dangerous part).

Any imperfection in the glass could make it break wonky, so don't get upset if you don't nail it the first few times! After a ton of practice, we here in our household of crafty people get a good break about 70% of the time (and 30% of the time, it's a complete mess). If it DOESN'T break after filling it with hot water, pour cold water on the sides of the glass while the hot water is still inside the glass... this technique is sure to make that little score pop apart!

Once you get a good bottle, we need to sand the top down to make it not so sharp! This is where regular ol' sand paper is good (again, with eye protection and this time, put a scarf around your nose and mouth too!), or you can be fancy and use a dremel fit with a sanding tool (I like to use this on the thicker glass, and save sand paper for beer bottle and wine glass).

Once we have a lovely, safely sanded bottle, it's time to make it into a home for our little succulent plant!

First, we need to put rocks in the bottom of our bottle. This helps with drainage, so our plants don't get moldy.

I am planning to add a tiny dinosaur into the rocks, you know, just to jazz this thing up a bit! You can see his beady little eye peeking out from in between some of those rocks right now.

After the small rocks, we add some soil and plant our succulent on top. Give him a little water to help him ease into his new home, and then you're set!

How cute is this!? Thank you summer, for making me drink all those lovely bubbly waters. Now I get an awesome planter like this!

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Jill Brumer's photo About the Author: Jill Brumer is originally from South Carolina, but has lived all over the country and world. She is happy to call Texas home now! An avid reader, Sherlock Holmes addict, college professor, former-actor, all-around artsy/crafty person and small business-owner, she keeps pretty busy!