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If You Don’t Already Ship It, You Should

Get ready to fall hard for Ella, a girl who “watches too many shows, reads too many books, and has too many feelings,” in the webseries I Ship It.

If You Don’t Already Ship It, You Should

Last week, while catching up on my blogroll, I hit the jackpot thanks to Anna at Nerdy Alerty. I have to give her major pants for introducing me to what quickly turned out to be my new favorite thing on the Internet: the short film and subsequent webseries, I Ship It.

Both the short film and webseries, which were written and directed by filmmaker Yulin Kuang (with Rachel Kiley and Julia Prescott joining the writing team for the series), follow similar plots, with a few minor differences. Basically, both are the story of a young woman, fresh off a breakup, who decides to get back at her jerkface of a ex-boyfriend by competing in a nerd rock battle of the bands.

The short film is less than 20 minutes long, so I recommend watching it prior to the series. And, because I love you so, I’ve made that easy for you to do by embedding it below.

SO cute, right? Let me assure you that the series is possibly even more charming and entertaining. (And the art of the opening credits is adorable.)

GIF via yulinkuang.tumblr.com

Here’s the series’ trailer to whet your whistle:

If you’re still on the fence about diving in, however, read on for three specific reasons why I think watching the series is well worth your time.

Nerd Rock

Before watching I Ship It, I was only loosely acquainted with the subgenre of music known as Nerd Rock. I mean, I’d heard of Harry and the Potters, but I never really took the time to delve into their discography.

Unlike the short film, which includes purely Wizard Rock (or music based on the world of Harry Potter), the series’ songs include many other fandoms and nods to a variety of pop culture properties and general fandom status, from Marvel comics to Doctor Who to The Hunger Games to Gilmore Girls.

The song that stood out to me to be the most on-FYA-brand, however, was “A Novel Idea," which features the lyrics “If you’re fond of reading, there’s something you should know. That it can take you wherever you wanna go.”

Small Bites

I discovered and finished the entire I Ship It series in one afternoon. Thanks to short videos—they run between 8 and 13 minutes long—and a 10-episode “season,” you can binge on the show without feeling guilty. (Although, you should never feel guilty about binging a show. We’ve all been there.)

The entire season is currently available to watch on the CW Seed, and, unlike other shows you might watch online on the CW, there are thankfully no horrendously repetitive commercial breaks. (Another check in the pros column, for sure.)


The swoon in the short film is sweet, but the relationships in the series ratchet it from a 6/7 up to a 9. (And yes, I said relationships, plural.) Though their development is a bit rushed thanks to the short timeline of the series, particularly the secondary relationship, they still come across as believable. If you’re a hopeless romantic like I am, don’t be surprised when you fall for all of them.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the main male lead, Riley Neldam, looks a lot like Sam Claflin. And he can sing!

Did you head right to the CW Seed to check out the series? If so, I’ll be here and ready to chat when you’re done. (And if you’re already familiar with the series, WHY DID YOU NOT INTRODUCE ME SOONER?)

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